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Making money online can seem like a daunting and overwhelming venture for people new to the industry and even seasoned veterans can use a little more guidance from time to time. Providing you with valued instruction across this entire spectrum is Internet University by Super Affiliate Twins.

The online course serves as the subject of today’s review and we’ll be taking a look at the information being offered, whether or not it’s useful, and how much this guidance is going to cost you.

Going Back to School

Internet University is designed as an ongoing course in how to make money developing and running websites. It goes through many of the different avenues you can take, from email marketing to media buying.

I think it’s a bit of a stretch, but main guy Ryan Gray refers to himself as the Lead Professor at the University. It’s a fun title, to be sure, but I feel it’s a bit of a misnomer.

Ryan has a couple of small issues in his videos (e.g., referring to Africa as a country), but I’m willing to overlook these for the core content described within.

The Classroom Is a Forum

To provide for the simplest and best possible user experience, this online training program is presented in the form of a forum. You can see the different “modules” to the left and all the sub-forums in the main area to the right.

This helps to foster conversation both between the student and the teacher, but also between students. If you have any questions, you can raise them in the appropriate forum thread and get a timely response from Ryan or from someone else in the community.

In terms of modules, it starts with basic website creation and moves on to content gateways, search engine optimization, PPC marketing, mobile marketing, and more/

I think the forum configuration works, since each of the new lessons within each module is published as a “sticky” post in the appropriate forum.

One Lesson at a Time

Each lesson is comprised of a video and a brief write-up. The videos range considerably in length, but you can typically expect to sit down for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. Underneath this, Ryan describes the necessary experience level, knowledge required, and how much you can expect to invest based on the information in the video.

In this first video, for instance, the estimated initial cost is about $10 (the price of a domain for one year). These “investment” costs can increase, of course, as you start to invest in Google AdWords campaigns and so forth.

One of the more interesting modules, at least for me, was the Introduction to Content Gateways. This would relate to sites like those that share video game cheat codes, stream television shows, and offer other kinds of premium content.

With a content gateway, you force site visitors to fill out a CPA offer before they can access that premium content. This can be a great source of revenue when executed effectively. In the video, Ryan describes how to set up the site, where to get the CPA offers, how to set up the gateway widget, and more.

How Much Does It Cost?

When you sign up with Internet University by Super Affiliate Twins, you gain access to everything the online “classroom” has to offer. This runs the full gamut of making money from websites and comes with plenty of added support. The screencast videos are certainly helpful.

To further sweeten the pot, you are also provided with complimentary web hosting at RackSpace for however long you stay enrolled as a student. You also get a free LanderSplit.com account to test the effectiveness of your landing pages.

So, how much does this all cost? What I find interesting is that the subscription price isn’t listed on a per-month or per-year basis. Instead, they say that they’ll charge you $3.22 per day. This makes it sound more affordable, but you have to realize it works out to about $100 a month. Use the exclusive John Chow dot Com coupon in the link below to save 20% off your first month.


53 thoughts on “Learn How to Make Money Online”

  1. Great review John. I was looking at what they have to offer and it appears they are actually going to help beginners start making money! Awesome!!

    1. Michael Kwan is the one that is doing the review.

      1. jtGraphic says:

        I’ve never seen a website have as much of an issue knowing who wrote a post than this one. Maybe he should make their names bigger or something… just sayin…

        1. Michael KWan already got a big name.

      2. Ryan Gray says:

        Yes, this review was conducted by Michael Kawn who is a freelance writer ;).

        1. I’m just talking generally speaking! Let me correct myself: Great review Michael!

  2. Dino Vedo says:

    Interesting site, but I think its more for the new make money people that are just now starting to learn, so i’ll be passing this one up.. 😉

    1. That’s what I said, but these opportunities are awesome. I really wish there was more stuff like this when I was starting, and less opportunities like RICH JERK!

      1. I personally believe that even in our initial stage we have not learn or miss basic lessons.

        So even if you have crossed the level of beginners than you should try this at least for once.

  3. When you click on “order” it says: Internet University Tuition ($99.95 for each month).

    1. Ryan Gray says:

      Which equals out to $3.22 a day. We list it like this because it’s much easier to think about making $3.22 a day to cover the cost of the program. 🙂

      1. No, you are wrong with $3.22 a day it seems cheaper 🙂 pure marketing psychology.

        1. Yes its same like $99.95 not $100.00

          These kind of tricks always work.

        2. SEO Results says:

          My thoughts as well. Everybody is launching online training courses nowadays. What makes this one different from say the Shoemoney System?

      2. Seems to me that Michael now doing lot work for John …

        1. Are they ‘tricks’ or is it just a smart tactic?

  4. Mike Roosa says:

    Sounds like a nice program. Will have to give it a look.

  5. Black Hole says:

    Oh god, another forum

  6. I gotta wonder how long this is going to last. I’ve already seen so many forums like this that made promises & then ended up dead down the line.

    1. d3so says:

      I know what you mean. I’ve joined these forums and they charge less than $100 but still wind up dead because the members pollute it or the content isn’t effectively delivered.
      Unless there’s something truly special about this program I think it’ll end up the same way.
      I wonder, is there some sort of risk-free trial?

    2. Ryan Gray says:

      We’re not going anywhere I promise :).

      1. d3so says:

        The forums I’m reffering to haven’t gone anywhere either they just lost their credibility to some extent and are filled with regurgitated content from legit gurus. But people still buy their stuff no doubt.

        1. It takes plenty of interested members to run a forum. The administrators can only do so much!

  7. Scamy Scam says:

    scamy scam if you didn’t figure it out already moron

    1. Why do you mention that is scam? Do you have any proof? Anyway, is true that you can find that online and for free (not videos, but the same content with different words).

    2. Ryan Gray says:

      I’ve been working online since 1998 and I’m not going anywhere. I promise I’m not running a scam 😉 I am committed to helping people make money online.

      1. d3so says:

        For us that are skeptical, myself included, you should offer a free-one week trial.

        1. It’s usually the skeptics that are too scared to risk anything and then, unfortunately, don’t grow themselves or their businesses. Take a risk every now and then, they do pay off if you make smart choices!

  8. Earning money online is all about taking action and being consistent with the action that you are taking

      1. Exactly, consistency is key. Same with hard work!

  9. Free Picks says:

    Hi Kawn, thanks for the post,

    any one can join the form or only uni students?

    1. Anyone can join the forum, the only condition that you should pay.

      1. Ryan Gray says:

        Correct. Anyone can join Internet University as long as you have an active paid subscription (which we refer to as your ‘tuition’).

  10. financeboy says:

    hoho..yeh. i want to learn make more and more money.

  11. Make it free for your birthday party…

  12. Why pay at all when we can get that information for free?

    1. John Chow says:

      Because you get what you pay for.

      1. I don’t agree with you in that. You can find the information for free. The only difference is that people when pay for a product they “try to learn” more than having it for free.

        1. Some people that I know doesn’t care if tehy are paying for something or not. I believe that it is more on the dedication.

  13. This seems like another program that will benefit entry level web entrepreneurs. I don’t think there will be too much value to be had by more experienced internet marketeers, but if starting from scratch it will prove valuable.

    1. I agree completely. However, the mindset of always looking to learn is a great one to have, so it MIGHT be worth something down the line for experienced marketers too.

  14. A lot of these popping up lately on the scene, what makes this better then the other offers available? 100$/ month is a steep price for a forum subscription, without a free / reduced trial, I doubt they will get many takers and I also think it will be difficult to deliver the content that is expected in this price range. SY

    1. I agree and disagree. The price point may be a little steep, but you don’t know if it’s worth it or not unless you try.

  15. Ryan Gray says:

    Hey guys,

    I want to thank John so much for having a review of our program on his blog! Just to address some of the comments here, I was recently asked by a potential student:

    “What make Internet University different than all the other programs with tons of hype and little value?”

    Here was my reply:

    Based on my experience you must have some capital you’re willing to invest before you can begin seeing success with PPV, PPC, media buying, or other traffic sources that require you to pay by the click, impression, or view. Before I made a dime promoting affiliate offers driving traffic via PPC I sunk in the hole about $5K. This of course cannot be done if you don’t have money to invest. You certainly wouldn’t want to spend $5K of the money you have to live on to attempt this. Before I was successful with media buying I went into the hole nearly $10K and for a while, I was just ‘treading’ water. How was I able to invest this much money? I was making it other ways than buying traffic (SEO).

    Internet University is different than other programs in that we don’t just teach one method to making money online. We focus on both beginner and expert modules. For people who have yet to make money online and don’t have much to invest, we teach them how to make money with website creation, content gateways, SEO, incent marketing, and social media marketing. Once some investment capital is flowing we offer training in PPC, PPV, emailing, media buying, etc.

    Remember growing up? You had to crawl before you could walk, you had to walk before you could run. It’s the same with making money online (or in any business). You must first make $20/day before you make $100/day. You must make $100/day before you make $1,000/a day.

    I hope this helps many of you who have any questions :). Feel free to contact me direct!

  16. i know to make money online you need TONS of money..but i actually make more then 100$ a month off of one blog..with out spending no money…just need to do alot of back end stuff which is free..so there are ways to make money with no money..and I soon plan on showing everybody that with my new blog..coming soon…but yes I made money with out spending one dollar!!!..and google just sent me 100$ to use with adwords…so that inspired me to write a post about making money with google or how to get free money from google

    1. Ryan Gray says:

      My first Internet business was started with less than $100. That’s one of the things we teach. Internet businesses can be started without a lot of funding 🙂

      1. SEO Results says:

        Agreed! The internet is actually the land of opportunity for those wo have limited funds. Here you can craft a business after hours and over weekends, while holding down a day job, without major capital investment. It has enabled many people to become masters of their own destinies.

        1. Exactly. A business can be started with $0 honestly. Go to a library, fire up a blog on wordpress.com or blogger.com and bam. Start making money

  17. Well, we go back to the basic :D. Students have to understand every points till they make money online. Honestly I was blank about IM till I met someone that is experienced then I learn about it from her. This post remind me about that memory. Thank you

    1. Hey Yasagun! I see you everywhere!! 🙂

  18. mudassar says:

    Another great post john.

    I am reading your blog for many months and always get some new and fresh information from you although i also earned money on internet but the way you provide to us are not only comprehensive but easy as well.

    Thank you john once again 🙂

  19. I have to say….I am rather new to the Internet Marketing scene. I spent some time reading all posts and comments here and ALL has been very helpful!! In my sales career, outside the web, I always had a unique approach to my clients. I was ALWAYS brief and to the point. I find that in forums the “brief and to the point” attidude is present some of the time. I hope that everyone can see the value of what they are reading in Blogs, Forums, Websites, Search Engines…..the list goes on and on.

    As I had mentioned earlier, I have found the information on this site VERY informative and useful. Thank you John Chow for bringing the “brief and to the point” posts. I have added your Site to my Favorites List and will be visiting regularly!!

    I wish you well and continued success!!

    Quick question for everyone though: What product or service would EVERY IMer like to see?? Please leave a comment if you have time,or e-mail me…..Thank you in advance.


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