Learn to Make Money from Real Estate Short Sales

Real estate. If you listen to some of the expert analysis in the field, they’ll tell you that the economy is slowly turning itself around. If you listen to other experts, they’ll tell you that the economy is still in the tanker and it’s going to take a lot time before it fully recovers. Whichever set of experts you believe, there is money to be made in this market.

Of course, like navigating your way through the stock market, dabbling in the real estate market can be very volatile and very risky. How can you take advantage of these opportunities without sticking your neck out too far? Well, that’s the idea behind Short Sale Fundamentals, which ordered up today’s review to promote an upcoming event.

What Is Short Sale Fundamentals?

Before we get to the main event that is meant to be the focus of this review, it is perhaps a good idea to get some background information on the site hosting this event.

Short Sale Fundamentals is a site run by 34-year-old Cory Boatright. He has “started, run, or been directly involved with almost forty different companies” and “many of them required good selling skills.” He has now shifted his attention to real estate, particularly in the area of short sales starting in 2004.

And now he’s ready to share his knowledge and experience with you.

The Short Sale Webinar

Boatright will be holding “a very special webinar” on January 18th (at 6PM EST and 9PM EST) where he will be “showing you a brand new system that can help you bring in $3-7K a week.” Not surprisingly, the strategy is related to real estate and short sales.

The webinar itself is free. I can’t vouch for the lessons and insights being discussed in the webinar, since I have not been made privy to this information, but there is a preview of sorts available on the site.

When you register for access to the webinar, you are offered a free copy of Boatright’s “10 Steps for How to Build a Real Estate Buyers List On Steroids” in PDF format. The first three steps are freely seen on the website and, well, they seem a little too obvious. Perhaps the greater insights are found in steps four through ten.

I Get Knocked Down

Beyond the free e-book and online webinar, there are a number of videos related to real estate and short sales that may be of interest to you.

You can gain access to these videos via Shortsaleology.com, but I do have to give you a quick warning. The opt-in page for the videos features background music on autoplay: “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba. Most people know it better as the “I Get Knocked Down” song.

I’m not at all a fan of sites that have background music on autoplay. To make matters worse, there are no music controls on the site whatsoever, so you can’t even mute or stop the music. My biggest advice to Boatright is to get rid of the background music. It’s annoying and will deter more people than it will attract.

The continuous lightbox pop-up form needs some work too. It’s fine to have that show up once, but to have it appear several times in a single session, even after the user clicks on the close button, just annoys and frustrate the end user.

Maybe the Webinar Is Worth It

If you happen to have some time tomorrow and you’re interested in how you can make money from real estate, that webinar sounds like it’s worth checking out. He promises that you “won’t need to talk to realtors or banks” and that you can make a sizable income “with no money down.” Too good to be true? I guess you’ll have to attend to find out.


31 thoughts on “Learn to Make Money from Real Estate Short Sales”

  1. Warren says:

    Land and real estate will always be a solid investment, like they say, they aren’t making any more land…. more people yes, land not so much.

    1. Kirk Taylor says:

      I’m going to differ with you on that. In case you missed it, the real estate market has been for “****” over the last couple of years.

      Real estate is only good if you’ve got the money to now invest and you know what you’re doing, just like anything else in this world.

      1. Hey Michael,

        The experts on the economy are even worse predictors than the weather forecasters.

        I wonder why anyone is listening to them anymore.

        I think that real estate investing is the same gamble as any other investment.

        I can’t ever agree with Warren on this but tend to agree with Kirk.

        If you have enough money to be able to lose without it ruining you then you can eventually win in the game.

        And it doesn’t matter which way the market is going.
        What is for sure is that nothing keeps going up forever as the gospel of house prices forever going up has been proven wrong.

        1. Kirk Taylor says:

          So I take it your not going to jump in on this deal! 🙂

          1. You are right, I absolutely won’t jump on it.
            It may be right for some folks though.

        2. I would agree with your observations Sir. Real Estate really never goes down in value and if you have enough money to loose you can win big at this stuff.

    2. Yes, real estate can be a good investment, but you really better know what you’re doing.

  2. Real estate is my passion also..and I have done many short sales over the years and they are hard to get done..but once done..you have an nice pieces of profit in front of you..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    1. Short sales are even harder to do than they used to be. We sold our house on a short sale about 4 years ago and it was pretty easy, but some are having a real hard time with them now.

      1. Kirk Taylor says:

        What makes a short sale harder than before?

  3. I have always been passionate about going into online Real estate. I think this article is an eye opener. I have learnt a lot here and will be applying this in my new project.

    Thanks for the great insights. I will bookmark for more future visits.

    1. Kirk Taylor says:

      So you’re going to jump into real estate and try this program out? Why not offer us updates on how it works out?

  4. Jay Labs says:

    It seems to me that working with short sales would be too much of a hassle, especially when there are a lot more better and easier options to deal with in this market (for example: bank owned). The way I look at the current market is if its going to get any worse, we are all in trouble, therefore if now is not the time to buy, then when will be the time to buy?

  5. Short Sales seem tough, gonna have to try it though!

  6. dg says:

    Evicting people from their homes for fun and profit! Its the new American dream!

  7. ikki says:

    nice way to earn money

  8. PPC Ian says:

    Seems like a cool webinar. I’m more of a fan of “virtual real estate” for my own portfolio, but certainly understand there’s a lot of money to be made in short sales!

  9. Hellke says:

    The problem with courses/webinars like this is that allthough you can learn some good basics it can be hard to earn money because 90% is about knowing your market and no one will tell you the in and outs of your local market but a local realtor.

    1. Constantine says:

      I agree with you, the people who are going to money are those educating the masses. We see this in other areas, making money online and how to make money trading forex. Worse still, some of these Gurus have not made a dime in what they claim to teach.

  10. Mark says:

    This is one of the areas that I could truly learn a lot more about. I am a novice at real estate short sales. SHortsaleoly…great name!

  11. It’s the Law of Supply and Demand. Real estate properties are not the infinite sort. People multiply, yet land stays. Though there are what we call vertical developments where you can still make more money from a single lot. The secret is target marketing. The value of a property to a buyer depends on whether that location is a viable place for him to survive comfortably. And I tell you, it’s subjective.

  12. fas says:

    Dont you think you need alot of capital in the first place to make it work?

    1. Kirk Taylor says:

      That might be the logical way to approach it. Of course, you could find a backer to put up the money, but you better have a great idea of what your doing before getting started. Great question.

  13. It definitely sounds interesting. I have always wanted to try to flip some properties or do some real estate investing.

    However, I have always been reluctant because there is just so much up front investment and risk you have to assume to do it. Not to mention the mountains of paperwork when buying a home.

    However, as with all businesses, I am sure there is money to be made if you have the time and money to put into it.

  14. GTA 5 says:

    I’m a big fan of online real estate, I have learnt a lot through this great article and I will apply these tips for my project 🙂 Thanks for sharing this good plan John!!

  15. Landon says:

    Flipping properties is just like actively trading stocks. You can make alot of money or you can lose alot of money depending on if you know what you’re doing (and a little bit of luck). And the more risky the approach, the more people will FAIL trying it! If you want to take your chances, your funeral….

    If you want to lower your risk and make serious money in real estate, you can also do the conservative approach:
    1) Buy a house/condo that you can easily afford in a nice neighborhood.
    2) Hold it long term and PAY OFF the mortgage. Rent it out if you have to move.

    When I mean long term, I mean LONG TERM. Like 20-40 years…there’s very little chance you will lose this way.

  16. Real estate is one of the fastest money making tool now. I would really love to invest some money on properties. My friend invested some of her money and now she became a reputed realtor..I really admired her and would do something like her…BTW..your blog is interesting.

  17. DUBturbo says:

    I know very little about real estate short sales but I have always been interested in purchasing investment properties and possibly renting them out. It seems that the economy is still recovering, and real estate prices are slowly climbing back up. Might be a good time to check out a program like this.

    – Andrew

  18. terry says:

    Although I had a fast and successful purchase on short sale. The truth is 7 out of 10 wont make it passed the 3rd party approval. My agent was awarded the 3% on the sale, but i have seen where the agents have to take a reduced rate. Alot to think about when pushing short sales. Great blog.

  19. nintendo 3ds says:

    This post came to me as a surprise. Didn’t quite see anyone talking about the real ‘real estate’ for a while now. All I’ve heard about till now was virtual real estate. Anyways, good post sir. Maybe you might want to educate us on virtual real estate sometime soon

  20. Neon SRT4 says:

    I am really newbie about real estate short sales. I heard many people earn a lot from real estate business.

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