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Viral marketing is the art of getting others to spread your message for free. Whether it’s a tell a friend script or some kind of contest, viral marketing is something every blogger should learn. When done correctly, it’s one of the best ways to generate traffic and sales. Someone who can help you with viral marketing is Glen Allsopp of ViperChill.com.

Who Is Glen Allsopp?

Glen is a 20 year old successful blogger and affiliate marketer but spend as much time as he can genuinely helping people to make a living online. He built the 10th biggest personal development blog online in just 12 months and recently sold it for mid five-figures. Glen has also worked as the social media manager for companies like Land Rover and Hewlett Packard. Right now, Glen is living the Dot Com Lifestyle by traveling the globe and making five-figure monthly income from his affiliate websites.

Clen Allsopp
Glen In The Guardian Newspaper

ViperChill – Great Blog That Makes No Money

Glen’s blog, ViperChill, is unique in two ways. The first is the blog makes no money. Now, you might be asking, “What’s so unique about that? My blog makes no money!” This by choice and not by design. ViperChill has nearly 5,000 RSS readers and each post has over 50 comments in them. The blog gets enough traffic to make thousands per month but Glen has chosen to not monetize it.

Welcome to ViperChill. I’m Glen – one of the few people who makes a living online without doing it by teaching you how to make a living online. Because of that, you’ll find no ads and no affiliate links here. It’s all about the content and helping you as much as possible. As it should be.

The second thing that make ViperChill unique is the size of Glen’s blog posts. Most articles are 2,000 to 3,000 words in length and extremely detailed. Because of the size of the posts, Glen updates ViperChill only one or two times per week. Some of the more noteworthy posts include:

Living In The Cloud

Want to live in the cloud like Glen? You can start by reading all his post from the ViperChill Base. If that doesn’t get your juices flowing and you want more step-by-step instructions, then you can buy Glen’s eBook, Cloud Living (It’s the eBook he made $30,000 with).

Cloud Living includes a 176-page eBook, six video tutorials, a free affiliate website template, 8-page documentation guide and free email support from Glen. Not a bad deal for $37. You can find out more about Cloud Living here.

It’s OK To Make Money

While I don’t have a problem with Glen not monetizing ViperChill, I feel it’s a poor use of resources. I was making money online long before John Chow dot Com came along. The main reason I monetized the blog was to show money can be made by blogging, but another reason was I don’t like seeing sites that could be making a ton of money not making it.

Yes, it sounds good to say you’re not making money off the blog because you want to provide pure information. However, from a business point of view, leaving money on the table isn’t so smart. If Glen doesn’t need any income from ViperChill, I think he can actually increase his brand by monetizing the blog and giving the money away to charity. What sounds better? I don’t make money from this blog or I donate every dollar this blog makes? Whether Glen makes money from ViperChill or not, I’ll still be reading it.

ViperChill : Viral Marketing

32 thoughts on “Learn Viral Marketing with ViperChill”

  1. Diabetis says:

    He is not making money form his blog. Why did he create it on the first place?

    1. The book makes money from the blog traffic

      1. Glen says:

        Hi Zee,

        The eBook does make money, you’re right :). It’s more of something I like to have when people ask me for a whole guide on the subject, as it contains pretty much everything I know.

        Though, it’s quite hard to find, and you’ll only see a link to it in a random post here are there.

        (I’m not against monetising, of course).

    2. Glen says:

      There are a few reasons:

      1) I want people to be able to trust what I say, without thinking I have an alterior motive

      2) I don’t need the money (this sounds egotistical, but it’s true)

      3) I started the site to write about my own experiences (like John, with this site) and it grew from there.

      Not everything is about the $ 🙂

      1. Tod says:

        Hi John,

        Good review, thanks.

        Glen has a point here and I was going to raise it ever before I saw his comment: People naturally trust content more if it is written by someone who won’t profit from it.

        This is why companies pay p.r. companies to pitch their company story to the media — because when people read something written by a journalist in a newspaper, for instance, they’re generally going to trust it more than if that company simply placed an ad in the newspaper.

        I enjoy the content on your site and I’m enjoying the content on Glen’s site — you’re both up-front with whether you’re making money from the site which makes sense.

  2. Glen says:

    Thanks for the review, John! I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong with monetising and it definitely hasn’t held you back here with JohnChow.

    I like the suggestions you make. There definitely is money on the table, but the money I make in other areas is being used on charitable causes. For example, I pay for 2 children in Bangladesh to go to school each month and I hope to be able to do a lot more.

    Thanks again for the review, it’s nice to read about how somebody else looks at the site.

    1. Tod says:

      Glen – which program do you use for the Bangladesh support? I’ve been wanting to do similar…

      1. Glen says:

        Hey Tod.

        I use these guys: http://plan-international.org/what-you-can-do/sponsor-a-child/sponsor

        They’re fantastic. They send you a pack with information about the child, their family, and even a small ‘business card’ so you can have the details of the child on you at all times if you want to contact them (by post).

        1. Tod says:

          Awesome thanks!

          One last question — what did/do you use to keep track of where you commented, so that you can reply to people (like I did) who ask you questions?

          Do you keep a manual list? Or use something like cocomment.com?

  3. Hey Glen, just curious. I read that you sold the PluginID site. Why promote your ebook from that site instead of ViperChill?

    1. nevermind, looks like you’re promoting it on both sites.

    2. Glen Allsopp says:

      Yes, I don’t own PluginID. Part of the book rights went to the new owner. No sales from that site go to me.

  4. Glen seems really enjoy the life. 😀

  5. Ganesh Iyer says:

    Glenn Allsop story is inspiring to me. Selling a blog for five figures is no easy task and requires a great deal of intelligence and perseverance. Thanks posting the story

  6. Pierce says:

    I hate these posts, yet another wonderful post about somebody who makes money, who wants to help the world.

    Oh I dont need it, oh i help 2 kids go to school, look at me im so wonderful.

    Ego.. i think so.

    And yes my ego got the better of me when I wrote this post.

    You know what, I am not going to bother reading this blog any more after 3 years. JC>Deadpooled

  7. so cool i wont to learn it thanks for you

  8. this is an interesting article…you provide more and more resources to move forward in blogging career…john

  9. fas says:

    Is this a sponsored post?

      1. Free Picks says:

        lolz, i should laugh now :p

  10. Melody says:

    There’s probably a level of authenticity readers find on his website hence the reason it doesn’t make money..
    Actually a very awesome marketing tactic, for if he ever planned to profit or sell something on it in the future…there’s already a loyal readership waiting..

  11. I read posts in viperchill…all these posts are amazing…I thank john for providing me information on such great blog

    1. Glen says:

      Thanks, I’m glad you like the posts!

  12. the blog viperchill is amazing with plenty of good quality original contents….he can monetize that and give it to some charity…I go with johns opinion

  13. Mathew Day says:

    Your Viperchill blog looks great. Easy to focus just on your killer content. I’m going to look more into your Cloud Living and might download a copy today. It Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

  14. This blog is amazing, thanks for the share.

    I’m sure he will get enough offers and recognition from the blog that it is still “monetized”

  15. Melvin says:

    I’ve gotta be honest. Viperchill is a blog that always amazes me. The first time I stumbled upon the site was before it was relaunched, meaning the posts are outdated and stuffs.

    When Glen relaunched it, I followed the blog and really learned a lot from him. Its just refreshing to see a blog like that these days.

  16. Cash Genie says:

    I am amazed about the idea of not making money from the blog which is really popular.
    I have came across the similar kind of a blog by a guy call Neil Patel (www.Quicksprout.com)

  17. S Ahsan says:

    Good going Glen. I have seen you in several blogs, you have a good habit of guest posting, i need to follow, its just a crazy busy schedule.. Thanks for the tips mate

  18. Glen is one of my favorite blogger =))

  19. Sharninder says:

    Doesn’t steve pavlina’s blog work in a similar way ? He also doesn’t have too many ads on the website and I’m quite sure doesn’t earn much from the blog per se, but earns from stuff which he gets to do, because of the blog.

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