Learning To Manage Cashflow

Yesterday, Sarah, Ricky, Olivia and I all got together for dinner and to play a game call Cashflow 101. Cashflow 101 teaches you the basics of fundamental investing and how to take control of your personal finances, build a business through proper cash flow management, and learn how to invest with greater confidence in real estate and other businesses.

While money has the power to make you a slave to it …it also has the power to set you free. Cashflow was created to teach people how to become a master of money and elevate their financial IQ. By making this into a game, you can have fun while learning.

The main problem with Cashflow is it’s very basic, but then, that’s why it’s call 101. For anyone who doesn’t understand how money works or flows, Cashflow 101 can be a fun way to learn this stuff. The game took 3 hours to play. Ricky was the first to get out of the “rat race” and onto the “fast track”. He would have won the game too had we read the rules.

4 thoughts on “Learning To Manage Cashflow”

  1. A lot of people in the modern world grow up without any financial discipline. Cashflow 101 essentially helps out and educates those that don’t have that financial discipline, or re-educate those that think they know and help further tain those who know fianncial discipline to look out for other opportunities or to refine their skills.

    Congrats on discovering the game!

  2. Michael Zou says:

    I have a close friend who owns both Cashflow 101 & 201 and the complete Robert T. Kiyosaki set (Rick Dad Poor Dad), including CD’s, videos, reading material, excerise books, and other study materials. He is a loyal Kiyosaki student and encourage all his friends to participate in the Cashflow game. Yet for the past 8 years or so he remains unemployed and poor. I asked myself why a fellow who is so knowledged in personal finance remains poor for so long. The answer is he wants to jump into owning the Golden Goose who will provide him with passive income without building a solid financial foundation. In other words, he doesn’t want to start with “Trading time for dollars” to generate enough cashflow to invest in the Golden Goose. He’s missing the 1st and most essential step in Cashflow 101, which is anybody who has $0 asset must start by receiving a steady amount cash inflow from a stable job before he can invest in the Golden Goose that will lay Golden Eggs(passive income).

  3. Bernard says:

    I do agreed that Cashflow game is very basic. I think it has its suppose. I believe that the targetted audience of the game are those who have very little financial knowledge. Creating a game that becomes too complex for the average layman to understand would be counter-productive.

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