Lessons Learned From Building a $2.5 Million Company

First of all, getting to $2.5 million has not been easy.

When I started out a few years back, I was told that the hardest million is always that first. When you’re doing this for the first time… you don’t know what you don’t know. Well, they weren’t lying. And it’s important that you understand that on YOUR quest to build a big online business, you’re going to make a ton of mistakes.

How fast you get to the first million, will be directly proportional to your willingness to make mistakes, make a fool of yourself, and go into situations where you may not be that comfortable – but you do it anyway. For example. The first event I ever hosted (which I did in early 2012) was like jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool, not knowing how to swim.

It was completely outside of my comfort zone.

But I learned how to put on events through ‘doing’ – not theory. It’s the doing part where you learn your real lessons. Most importantly, the idea of the ‘self made entrepreneur’ is B.S. When I started out, I thought I’d be able to do it all on my own… but I soon realised I couldn’t.

Success Is A Team Sport

No one builds a big company on their own. It’s always a team effort. For me, my most important team members are the people in my MOBE License Rights Program. There’s about 750 of them so far, and we are growing fast. Since I introduced the License Rights program in mid 2011, I tried to take the focus of MOBE from me, to my parnters.

This is not about me: it’s about creating and maintaining the best system I possibly can for my partners. A system that pays them more for their traffic than any other. A system that I never stop improving (the internet landscape changes FAST. If you don’t innovate, you die. Just how many of the gurus from five years back do you see still today? Exactly.)

So far, the MOBE License Rights program has been in a class of it’s own. You can see some of our success stories here. Our system is far from perfect, but, I’ll never stop working at it till we get it as close to perfect as can be.

Make It All About Them

If you ever try to start your own system (a daunting task) then here is my advice. Make it all about them. Not you. I try to celebrate my partners success, and, when they get results, I let everyone know. Why do I do this? Well, what do you think is more powerful? Me telling you how good the MOBE License Program is? Or, your ordinary ‘non-guru’ internet marketer, sitting in front of a video camera, giving a very real and genuine account of their feedback so far?

Of course, it’s the latter.

In the near future, you’ll see me take more a backseat to the business, and, it will become even more about celebrating my top partners. Soon, I’ll be awarding one of our top Platinum Partners with a brand new Chrysler 300 – completely paid for, driving to their house, and the keys handed to them. You can bet I’ll also fly out a film crew and get a whole video case study around it.

The Journey Is Just Beginning

As far as I’m concerned, this is just the beginning for our MOBE License Partners. This year we’re going to take things to the next level. This video is where I explain how we are getting to 20 million by the end of the year.

And, if you are in. If you’re ready to join us. John Chow has a great bonus offer that’s going unti the end of this month, which is today. You are welcome to join us anytime, but I wouldn’t pass up the offer John is making.

Talk soon,



Matt Lloyd is the founder and CEO of My Online Business Empire (MOBE), which crossed $2.5 million in revenue as of three days ago.

15 thoughts on “Lessons Learned From Building a $2.5 Million Company”

  1. Wow! That was very inspiring.

  2. Jean-Michel Mailhot says:

    Wow, the phone calls thing is like the famous boiler rooms from Frank Kern and those other “team” internet marketers that sells crap to their lists.

    The goal isn’t to focus on SELLING the product, it is actually on GIVING VALUE so your customers come back to you…

    1. John Chow says:

      The phone team does not use any high pressure tactics, nor is it a boiler room. You can’t build a long term business that way. The team is responsible for half of MOBE sales. If you’re an internet marketer and you don’t have a phone team, you’re losing half the money you could be making.

  3. Pijush Mitra says:

    Truly an inspired real-lives story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Brian says:

    Very informative. Thanks Matt for the great info on how to really make an online empire!

  5. Sinnary Sam says:

    The MOBE program sounds great, but as I’m a brand new blogger, I think I need to continue to build my following before I can launch such a program.

  6. “Success Is A Team Sport” absolutely. Find a mentor or find a meetup group of Internet Marketers on your same level and that have the same goals and create a mastermind group.

  7. Sanji says:

    Inspiring indeed, 2.5M wow! Now back to work, to get the goal money 😀

  8. Richard Ng says:

    Very inspiring and motivating sharing, thanks Matt.

  9. It’s always fun to read great articles about someone who has succeeded, it inspires me to work harder.

  10. sbellast says:

    I want to be a self made entrepreneur too. It is interesting and informative. Thanks for this article!!!

  11. faisal says:

    The last picture is quite interesting.

  12. alan says:

    great sharing, just like how i did for my boss’ web company

  13. famadorclark says:

    Its a nice to see someone teaching us . keep learning



  14. Another secret not mentioned here is software automation! Make sure you are using the right tools for the job or you will find yourself wasting a lot of time with tedious administration work that takes away from your core business.

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