Let’s Party At The Affiliate Summit

If you haven’t entered my Affiliate Summit contest to win a full conference pass to the show, you still have one week left. To make it even more enticing, I’m going to sweeten the prize.

Not only will the winner receive a full conference pass worth $1,449 but he’ll join me at an exclusive “Under the Stars” summit party at the 2-story, 9,500 square feet Sky Villas on the top floor of the “Fantasy Tower” of the Palms Hotel. This invite only party, which include food, drink, prizes, maybe a piano, and definitely a pool, is being put on by ShareASale and will take place on Sunday February 24. Trade shows are all about networking and there’s no better way to network with who’s who of affiliate marketing than at this party.


I’ve also decided to add a couple of smaller prizes to the contest. Two runner-ups will be given Affiliate Summit floor passes. These $199 passes will get you onto the show floor but not the conference sessions. The runner-ups will also join me at the ShareASale party.

The winners will be announced at the end of this month so get your entry in if you haven’t done so. Good luck!

35 thoughts on “Let’s Party At The Affiliate Summit”

  1. John, you da man! 😈 😀

    1. Steven says:

      You sure is, I’m already in but now it just makes it even sweeter! BTW, where’s my book?! 😯

      1. Steven says:

        Nvm… Book finally came!

    2. Will says:

      make sure you take pics for the people who don’t get to go… which is like all of us lol.

  2. Ankur K says:

    Great! You can get the evil drunk and get the secret formula of success! 😈 😈

    I am comming John!!

  3. Slam Blogger says:

    So glad that you’re going to pay for me to go! 😛

  4. Slam Blogger says:

    Nah, I don’t want to eat with a spammer! 😛
    I would like to go, but there’s no time to write a post….
    Good luck to everyone who’s participating.

    1. Jorge says:

      I don’t have time neither! But I like the pool.

  5. Ankur K says:

    Oh great, Slam blogger is spamming to prove he hates spammers 😆 ❗

  6. AsiaPartTime says:

    I am wondering, hwo come all the major events held in Las Vegas? Is there any other better place to host ? 😡

    1. Mubin says:

      I hear MiddleofNoWhere, Missouriou is moving up with more and more conferences deciding to host there.

    2. Mister Poo says:

      The best conferences and dramas all take place in Europe where we can smell a party too.

      Malta is good for all the online gambling conferences although Paris and Vienna still top the list in class.

      London is more for business and Gibraltar for characters (of shade). ❗
      Mister Poo has never travelled to Vegas – but feels its definitely his kind of town.

  7. Nice addition to the contest prizes, John.

    Good luck to all that take part.

  8. Blogetition says:

    I’ve posted this competition at blogetition.com – The home of online contests and competitions run by blog owners.

    I am just sorry I won’t be in the US for this conference.

  9. John,
    I have been reading your blog for nearly a year. I feel like I know you! HA! I hope we get a chance to meet at the Affiliate Summit or at the “Under the Stars” party!

  10. hmmm this is the only big party that I am hearing about, I might be there too John! well I will be at ASW but the party I must have go just to take a picture of you getting pissy drunk =P

  11. I hear there’s some amazing speakers going. It’s going to be a blast!

  12. Yea, Joel Comm is one of them!

    1. Jorge says:

      Really?! He is good.

  13. dcr says:

    A 2-story Villa on top of a 55-story hotel? Um, are there any “ground floor opportunities”? 😉

  14. Haroon says:

    don’t worry John
    I will catch you at the summit 😆

  15. iBusiness says:

    Nice..it will be just another great party..

  16. I’m sure this party will even be better than the absolut one at the palms John had a while back. Hope I win this ticket!

  17. Haroon says:

    Yea it will be just another John’s great party for sure and i will eagerly waiting to see the picture from this summit.

  18. I am so at the party!

  19. Mike Huang says:

    WOW! An event to die for 🙂


  20. Will says:

    You sure know how to party 😀

    1. Jorge says:

      You can bet! Viva Las Vegas! 😎

  21. I would love to go to this party and the summit. Maybe next year or something near the east coast.

  22. Steven says:

    Let me win please =]

  23. Chip says:

    Nice, but unfortunately, I’m all tied up.

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