Life Without The Internet

I got up this morning around 10:30am and to my shock a horror, the internet was down! I felt lost. I didn’t know what to do. I turn on the TV and found the TV was down as well. No internet and no TV! The world must be coming to an end! Of course it turns out something went wrong at Shaw that knocked out the cable internet and TV service in my area. Still, life without the net is a scary thing to go through.

I really can’t remember what my life was like before the net. It was the internet that allowed me to gain financial freedom. The internet pays for everything I do and every trip I take. I met all my current friends on the internet. If it wasn’t for the net, I would have never developed my relationship with Sarah. Unlike normal females, Sarah makes her home in the US, Canada and China depending on the time of the year. The net allowed me to travel to those places and still be able to run the websites. This would have been impossible if I was tied down to a job.

But today there was no net and I had time to reflect on what a truly wonderful gift the internet has been to all of us. I sat at the computer for almost an hour hoping the net would come back. I deleted the daily spam one by one instead of in group because I know there’ll be no further emails until the net came back. I took some wild guests at what my stats were and wrote it down. I watch my TV flash me its blue screen, hoping it will turn back into a show. Because if the TV comes back, so will the net. I try logging into the wireless networks in my area but all of them use Shaw and were down like me. I thought about taking my laptop and going to Aberdeen Centre to use their free WiFi. Finally, Sarah had enough and demanded we go have lunch.

The net finally came back at 3:00pm. Thank God.

7 thoughts on “Life Without The Internet”

  1. cameron says:

    That’s slightly sad, no offense. If I had the freedom like you to not have to pay too much attention to my sites, I would take full advantage of that!

  2. Mark1 says:

    Well, there must be a load of sadness out there then, ’cause I know quite a lot of people who “soffer” the same symptoms.

    Really I can’t see anything sad in enjoying your job to the point you miss it.

    It is much more sad waking up in the morning and puking at the thought of your job imho.

  3. Vik says:

    John, there is life outside the cyber world. Just visit a strip club in your city (Canada has some nice ones, I know from personal experience)and you’ll forget about the Internet, at least for a while 😉

  4. Vlad says:

    I feel you man, whenever my ISP is down I feel like a part of me is hibernating, until the second DSL goes back up again. Ignore the haters, us web business folk rely on it as much as we rely on the blood that pumps through our veins.

  5. mrrbob says:

    I just make sure to get 2 sources of internet service because like you it is my business so it is worth it. Check into DSL so next time you will not have this problem. You should have made a spur of the moment trip while this was going on. Setting around and waiting will make you crazy.

  6. I get the shakes and then the sweats, and paranoia starts to set in. That’s when the net goes down @ the office. Within a quarter of an hour, I tend to find myself in the nearest Starbucks or Second Cup, wifi card in hand. More than 1 hr w/out the net, I start to get depressed.

    The joys of modern communication.

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