Like Father, Like Son – The Horrible Fact of Life

For those who don’t remember or don’t know, I have written an article a while back called “Why It’s a Good Idea to Quit College & Start a Business”. This article had gotten me more disapproval than approval, but that’s because most are old school and refuse to admit that the world have changed. I didn’t mean for someone who wants to become a doctor to quit college because I sure don’t want someone certified to perform operation on me. But the truth is if you want to learn how to build a website or music production, you don’t need to waste your money and time at college because the internet teaches a lot faster. For a better explanation for why I wrote such an article, watch this video.

Following In Your Father’s Footsteps

In this article, however, I want to talk about a fact in life that I hate. Have you notice that the sons of wealthy corporate owners will grow up to be successful entrepreneurs and the sons of farmers will grow up to be farmers? I hate this not because I dislike wealthy people or look down upon farmers; I hate it because it doesn’t have to be this way.

The reasons a corporate owner’s son grew up to be a successful entrepreneur and the farmer’s son grew up to be a farmer is because of the father. A corporate owner would teach his son the importance of money and how to use it wisely to make more money while the farmer will teach his son how to plant crops. In the best case, the farmer will tell his son to go to college, get a degree, find a job after graduation, save money, buy a house because that’s your biggest asset, pay off debts, and invest in a diversified portfolio of Mutual Funds for the long term.

For those who have any idea about finance and money, understands that the farmer’s son is in big trouble if he follows these advices. Those advices can help the farmer’s son put food on the table, but he will struggle financially the rest of his life.

I hope I’m not confusing anyone, but what I’ve been trying to say is increase your financial knowledge especially in today’s economy. Your knowledge is your greatest asset and increasing your financial knowledge can help you save a lot of money simply because you understand how money works. One of the financial coach I recommend is Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Money = Success

I don’t think anyone would want to disagree with me when I say money equal success. How do I know money equal success? Well, I asked my little nephew who is 8 years old what he wanted to be when he grows up. He said he wanted to be a doctor (probably because that’s what his parents is encouraging him to be). I asked him, “Why do you wanted to be a doctor”? He said, “It’s because I wanted to make lot money”.

I was not surprised, but he said he wanted to be a doctor to make a lot of money rather than to help cure people. My question is does doctor really makes a lot of money? They are middle class, but wanting to become a doctor to make lots of money is outrageously stupid. I was told by my parents to become doctors as well (because that’s what Asian parents like to teach their kids), but if I’m ever a doctor, I will choose to be a doctor because I love science and want to spend my life researching new cures, not because of money. Successful doctors don’t make that much money when compared to established entrepreneurs and even small business owners and they don’t have much free time.

Things That Are Not Taught In School

The corporate owner’s son and the farmer’s son can go to the same school and learn the same thing in school, but the farmer’s son will never be as successful as the corporate owner’s son because the corporate owner will teach his son the things that are not taught in school. Schools only teach academic lessons and rarely does a school teaches students about money. The question is does the school system intentionally not teach it’s students about money or they are too stupid and overlook its importance? I was forced to take gym class in high school, yet, no one even tell me I should learn about finance and money before I graduate.

Somehow I ended up owing more than $6,000 my first year at college and this started to scare me when I realize that I might not be able to pay it off. I got scholarships, but I can’t stop spending like an idiot. This never would have happened if I was taught how to take good care of my money in high school. It seems like the United States wants people to be in debt. It’s sad, but true.
If it wasn’t for paying off my debts, I wouldn’t be looking for financial related information all over the place and ended up becoming an entrepreneur that I am today. I took the hard way out, but it was worth it.

Increasing Financial Knowledge

I encourage people to increase their financial knowledge because that is and will always be your biggest asset until the day you die. Some holier-than-thou people will take this offensive and don’t want to learn more about money because based on them money is the root of all evil, but it’s the ignorance of money that’s the root of all evil. The truth is money makes a lot of things in this world go around, so if you want to live a happy life and get nearly everything you want, increase your financial knowledge.

I should warn you that most of the financial advices online are rubbish that teaches you things like living below your means and save money. This is stupid because living below your means basically means, “I’m not good enough to deserve that, I should settle for something less”. I wonder, do you still want to live below your means? Instead of settling for less, ask your how you can afford that which you wanted. Telling someone to save money is even worse because the government is printing trillions of dollars. I have thousands of dollars saved, but in the form of silver and gold bullion. Purchasing gold and silver is much better than saving cash. The bank might give you interest, but the value of money is going down so fast the interest your bank give you can’t keep up.

If you’re that farmer don’t let you son be like you because in today’s world, it is money and financial knowledge that is king. If this was thousands of years ago when food was more important than money than by all mean teach your son/daughter how to farm, but that’s not the case. Today money is the main mean of exchange and everybody needs to have at least a basic knowledge and awareness of money to even out the playing field between the poor and the rich. But for some reason, this knowledge can’t be found in public schools.

About the Author: 21 years old entrepreneur, Nathan Lee, enjoys blogging about making money online and women. Visit his websites Tycoon Wisdom and Modern Seduction to learn more and download his eBooks completely Free! of charge.

Apart from blogging, Nathan Lee is a professional music composer and his talent is demonstrated through his website Nathan Lee Studio. You can visit his music website by clicking on the link provided.

96 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Son – The Horrible Fact of Life”

  1. d3so says:

    Schools do lack in financial education.
    Nowadays, most children of the wealthy live off the family’s wealth and are spoiled.

    1. Did not understand … what do you want to say here.

      1. D3so,

        It would be hard for schools to teach financial education when the nation’s financial experts do not know what they are talking about at least half the time.

        I don’t know if the majority of the kids of the wealthy are spoiled and live off the family’s wealth but there are some kids of the wealthy who get less pocket money per day than the average.

        If the wealthy parents are smart they aren’t going to spoil their kids. I’ve seen relatively poor parents sacrifice everything for their kids and spoil them rotten.

        Nathan, I wouldn’t blame the ignorance of financial matters on the father whether he’s a farmer or a bank CEO. While early example is very helpful, any person growing up can take an interest in learning about finances.

        Let’s not blame the parents situation for everything.

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          “Any person growing up can take an interest in learning about finances.”

          That’s not true because some people can’t learn on their own. They have to be taught. Most people are followers. I’m happy to have found a different route.

          1. School not the place we learn everything. School is the place for the kids being burden with the education system and stuffed with all the knowledge that humankind been research for more than 2000years. That is why all the small matters like personal finance is not teach there but only to targeted students who take the course.
            Parents themselves have to tell their children how to do this and do that. Most of the shaping happen at home.

        2. d3so says:

          Well, schools can teach basic financial education such as the importance of saving money, investing, percentage rates, financing for houses & automobiles. I had to learn these things on my own.

        3. The program I run at a community college has a requirement where financial literacy is a requirement. And we do just that, teach the basics about money management and finances.

      2. Abhik says:

        Schools nowadays are nothing but a business. Atleast here in India.
        Students don’t get proper guidance and support from schools.

  2. John Chow says:

    I should note that the correct bible quote is not “money is the root of all evil” as many think. It’s “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” I’m not sure how Nathan thinks the ignorance of money can be the root of all evil. Ignorance is the root of racism.

    1. Alex Dumitru says:

      I agree on the ignorance part. And I believe people are the root of evil, not money. You can make money by also doing good, if you want 🙂

      1. And lets not forget that you need money to feed the poor and homeless, important is what you do with your money, not just the mere fact that you have money, SY

      2. I agree with you. People are the root of evil. Money just an item that we need in order to have a fair exchange.

      3. Abhik says:

        That’s true..
        But its pretty harder to stay on the good path..

        btw, check this image

    2. J says:

      I am so glad you wrote the exact quote. I find it ignorant to misquote. I partially agree with you about racism because not all who participate are ignorant.

    3. Nathan Lee says:

      John, I respect you, but “The love of money is the root of all evil.” is so ignorant. What I don’t get is how loving money can be evil. By the way, I thought John Chow was the root of all evil. LOL. I read the bible more than once (my dad made me) and I conclude that it wasn’t written by God.

      There are so many mistake in there and one of them is the love of money is the root of all evil. The correct way to say it is, “the ignorant of money is the root of all evil”. or at least, “The lack of money is the root of all evil.”

      The reason for this is, if people understand where money came from and how it work, they won’t love money anymore. They will use money as their whore and make them more money. I say it again, money is my whore. To make it more clear, beautiful women are my goddess and money is my whore. And I don’t love my whore, I just use it.

      That was a little extreme, I hope you don’t take it as offensive.

      And “Ignorance is the root of racism”. Well, that does make sense in a way, but white millionaires still won’t hang out with me, probably because they think they’re better than me. They’re so ignorant, huh? I’m also worth about 1 million Chinese Yuan. We’re all millions here, so why does the white millions think they’re better than me.

    4. d3so says:

      Have you heard the saying, ignorance is bliss.

      Everyone is racist whether they like it or not.

      1. I agree with you @d3so, even I try not to be racist, me myself is a racist and we just cannot avoid that.

    5. True…but how does the other saying go…”ignorance is bliss” 🙂

    6. Essays says:

      Making money through the right way is important. Now, it is not important, it is more or less.

  3. Samuel says:

    I agree with you Nat! Schools don’t teach creativity! Financial knowledge is a great asset! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      Well, I did learn how to draw very well in high school in my art class. Although I was ahead of the class because I used some trick taught on YouTube to enhance my picture. My teacher thought I was gifted, but I stole the technique and idea from someone else. Tricky huh? The rest of the class was in the dark.

  4. Nomar says:

    A great post. Really loved to read it and so true. Money is power in this age

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      Thank you so much my friend. Actually you are probably my enemy now because you will go out have learn about financial literacy and maybe later you will be the cause of my downfall.

      I wish everyone else, except for a select few, to be financial stupid and give all their money to the ones who financially smart. Wait, I think my wish came true. Isn’t that why America is going broke.

      Everyone is clinging onto job security so hardcore that there are no job left because everyone wants a job.

      Can anyone tell me how many jobs the government can create in a year?

  5. This is totally depends on what do you want and what is the role of study in that.

    If your father have own well build business than you should learn the art of handling such business.

    But for that also you should know how to read and write perfectly and upto that much study is must.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      I agree you must learn to read and write. Come on, man. LOL. Unless you’re born in a third world country and doesn’t go to school I believe most people can write understandable and good grammar English.

      1. Hey John,

        You are right about the quote. Ignorance is not root of racism or any other evil as long as the ignorant don’t take at face value any garbage that is served to them but do research the subject to find the truth.

  6. jezza101 says:

    I found this article depressing for a number of reasons. I guess at 21 the author still has life lessons of a different nature to learn?

    Does success = money. Of course it doesn’t – what kind of society do we live in if people believe this? Success is leading a fulfilled life, enjoying our friends and family, having fun, contributing to society, helping others, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, it makes total sense to look after our money and invest carefully, and these are important lessons. The farmer’s son should of course be educated on how to make the best use of his assets and maximise productivity.

    But if the farmer is happy and fulfilled and raises a family that goes on to contribute to society in a critical way (what exactly are the rest of us going to eat if producing food is “unsuccessful”?!) then why isn’t this a successful life? Seems the perfect life to me.

    Life experience, backed up by study after study, shows that, assuming we have the money to meet a comfortable standard of living, being happy and leading a successful life is not a function of material wealth.

    If you drink champagne every day, what do you do for a treat? Trust me, the trappings of wealth get old quickly and then what…? At some point you need to stop and smell the roses – the best things in life are free!

    I always think this story sums it up best:

    1. I agree completely with you, if somebody really believes that success = money or even worse money = happiness, then I feel really sorry for this person. SY

      1. Nathan Lee says:

        My happiness is having a bunch of beautiful strippers on my lap at the same time, and in my case….Money does equal happiness. Yours different. This article is meant for people who want to take from life as much as possible like me.

        I also helped a few of my friends get out of debt because I’ve made extra money. I took my parents to Vietnam for a month because I got money. We could have stayed longer, but damn was it hot. Also, that stripper slept with me because I have extra money. And because of those things, I’m broke again and have to work full time at the pharmacy. True story.

        But I will bounce back again because I have financial knowledge, or at least I think I do.

        1. ‘And because of those things, I’m broke again and have to work full time at the pharmacy.’ Seems you have still a lot to learn, this story fits in very nicely with the rest of your blog post, it shows your immaturity. And as for your imagination of what happiness is for you, it sounds awfully shallow and poor for me. If you have to buy the attention of a girl (‘that stripper slept with me because I have extra money.’), doesn’t that make you feel cheap? I mean, wouldn’t it feel better if somebody wanted to be with you, because of —- you? SY

          1. Nathan Lee says:

            I was just kidding, man. If it did happen, I would not feel cheap. Why the way, what is immaturity to you? Immaturity to me is very simple, narrow mindedness.

    2. Nathan Lee says:

      I would like to quote John Chow, “I don’t want time or money. What I want is time and money”. Probably not exactly, but close enough.

      “Does success = money. Of course it doesn’t – what kind of society do we live in if people believe this? Success is leading a fulfilled life, enjoying our friends and family, having fun, contributing to society, helping others, etc.” -Jezza

      Okay, but can you live a fulling life without must money. I have a friend who worked all the time. I also worked about 25-30 hours per week. We always talks about the thing we would do and can do if we have a little more money. The truth is after paying his bills, he have little money left.

      We don’t want to drink champagne everyday and I don’t even like champagne, but what I want to do is help my family and friends when they’re in need. A golden heart and cheering up doesn’t help must when they need cash to pay the bills.

      How about I just walk up to him and say, “Hey, cheer up, you’ll just have to work a little more and live below your means to pay the bills.” LOL.

      I hate it when people tells me to live below my means. What does this sentence mean? It means, “Hey Nathan, you’re not good enough and you don’t deserve this. So, just settle for less. This is all you gonna get anyway.” or “That hot chick over there will never like you, why don’t you just settle for that average looking chick over there because you’re not good enough for that hot chick anyway.” LOL.

      See what I mean. And hey Jezza, you’re a Society Zombie. No offense.

  7. Wow,

    You hit the spot on that one, its true that people follow the people in front of them, its just the way of life.. I think we should get out of the stage of saying college if king..because its not. There are other options…

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  8. Nathan, my dear boy. You have a lot to learn and by the sound it, you’re gonna learn it the hard way.

    Money does not = success. I could go on and on about it, but the easiest way to see is by turning on your TV. How many celebrities are in financial trouble? How many just look depressed? Overweight? How many celebrities have died from drug overdoses, because the access to those drugs was made easier by way of money?

    jezz101 NAILED IT!

    I loose just a little bit more faith in this generation every time I hear something like this.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      Dude, you don’t get it. These celebrities are stupid and they are financially uneducated. They don’t understand money, they just get it and spend it. When they run out they wonder where their money went.

      In this article I want to encourage people to increase their financial knowledge, so they don’t end up losing their money.

      Actually, in my state of Colorado, many years ago when I was in middle school, there was a family who won the lottery and after a year they committed suicide because they spend all their money and owe nearly 1 million in debt. I did a current event on this. I totally understand what you meant.

  9. Quote from this blog post: ‘… because I sure don’t want someone certified to perform operation on me.’ Seems the guest blogger left school too early, before he learned to spell and write properly, SY

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      Alright, I admit it. I didn’t prove read this. I just typed it and send. LOL. I thought John would at least read it once and fix some spelling error. But I’m glad you actually understand what I meant. I have always been a sucker when it comes to prove reading stuff. My weakness, your lesson.

      1. It is ‘proof reading’ not ‘prove reading’, for heavens sake, go back to school. Oh, and as for ‘I thought John would at least read it once and fix some spelling error. ‘, why should he? I mean it is your blog post = your responsibility. I start to think that you dropped out of school because you couldn’t cope with responsibilities, accountability and authority. SY

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          Yes, I couldn’t cope with authority. I hate it when others tell me how I should live my life, what I should learn, what food I should eat. LMAO.

          1. Then you better go and build yourself a spaceship and look for a very uninhabited planet! If you stay here on earth you will always have to cope with one form or another of authority. SY

        2. Nathan Lee says:

          Hey Irish, I never said I was smart academically. I did not drop out of school. I was 7th in my class in high school when I graduate. It was at college that I realized I’m going the wrong way. I quit college with a full 4 year scholarship that gets me about $5,000 in reimbursement per year (two semester) if I stayed.

          If you think I’m great think again. One of my colleague was a pharmacist, but he quit to go fight the Vietnam War instead. He said it was a chance of a lifetime. He basically have to live in a village and his wife dumped him.

          I thought what he did was crazier than me. But hey, it’s a chance of a lifetime. “No guts, no glory”. Did I spell that correctly?

  10. Anton Hassan says:

    I don’t totally agree with the whole article. Education is important for most people. Those that are successful without good education are exceptions. I’m not saying that good education guarantees success, but most people with good education are reasonably safe in terms of personal finance.

    Furthermore, I don’t agree that people should follow Robert Kiyosaki’s way. We have to be careful with the decisions we make in life. Not everyone can take daring chances as Mr Kiyosaki. For one thing, he has the right nerve to make daring decisions. He was a military helicopter pilot, hence he is by nature tough to the core. Not everybody can take the same amount of pressure in life as he does. Second thing is that he and his wife do not have children. Having children makes one to live life more carefully, as you would have more at stake than if you would only take care of yourself and your spouse, both being adults.

    We should always learn to know our own capability and capacity before we can adopt other’s way of managing finance or life.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      I like this one. And I agree with you. I think we are two different people because I’m a 21 year old and single. And you probably already have a family that relies solely on you. You don’t necessary have to be a helicopter pilot. I got braver by skydiving a couple of times. I know it’s not the same, but oh well. That’s the closest.

  11. Mark Mason says:

    Very interesting. “Money = Success” and “college education is not important” are clearly the view of a very young person. That’s not a criticism — just an observation.

    Speaking as someone who has some money, I hope you will find that there are things far more important when determining success than money.

    As far as education is concerned, all of those affiliate products that you are selling, the computer that you are using to sell them, and the electricity that you are using to power it and the car you are driving are brought to you by college educated engineers, accountants, scientists, etc.

    Sure, it is possible for a certain percentage of people to make money attending the school of hard knocks, but you cannot have a entire society based on the “ignorant greed” model that you are proposing here.


    1. Nathan Lee says:

      “Sure, it is possible for a certain percentage of people to make money attending the school of hard knocks, but you cannot have a entire society based on the “ignorant greed” model that you are proposing here.”

      I do hope that not many people will follows the ways of Robert Kiyosaki or what I wrote here. But the truth is there are way too many people seeking secure jobs nowadays. And the problem about that is, not many people is creating jobs. In other words, America is not balanced. There’s not enough job for everyone, and if only the education system decided to teach financial literacy, there will be entrepreneurs rising left and right to help create jobs.

      You say, “you cannot have a entire society based on the “ignorant greed” model that you are proposing here.” Okay, but what about the education system creating an entire society of “job seeker”. If everyone is out looking for a job, than where’s the job?

      I think I just checkmated you. LOL.

    2. Mark- very much agreed…

      “Very interesting. “Money = Success” and “college education is not important” are clearly the view of a very young person. That’s not a criticism — just an observation.”

      I probably thought similarly 10 years ago as Nathan does…but going through lifes experiences puts the lens in which you see out of a bit more objectively.

  12. fas says:

    Agreed but you have to continue the tree.!

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      You mean you can’t just cut it off and forget about it?

      1. Abhik says:

        Is that possible? I think not.

  13. Finch says:

    Somewhere in here, I think you’re trying to make a valid point about the importance of being sensible with money.

    Unfortunately, your metaphors of a farmer’s son are completely ridiculous and show little understanding of how the world really works.

    This is just lame.

    I earn more money than all of my friends but that doesn’t mean I’m any happier than them. And I’m willing to bet that there are plenty of “farmer’s sons” out there who are happier than you.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      I actually think most of them all. They’re probably happier than you to.

      1. WTF says:

        “I actually think most of them all. They’re probably happier than you to”

        — WTF does this sentence mean?

        It’s sad to think that you have yet to find anything in your life that makes you happy, other than money lol

  14. Jason says:

    The reason most people end up like their fathers is because they are taught by them.

    People become a product of their environment and adopt the beliefs of those that they associate with.

    If your father had limiting beliefs and did not have the knowledge to be successful, chances are you will repeat that cycle.

    If your father was wealthy and successful in life, then on the same token, you would most likely find it easy for yourself to generate the same type of results.

    This is not to say that people cannot change their belief systems and adopt empowering beliefs! At any time a person can change the way they view themselves and adopt new beliefs that will allow them to take actions that will give them better results.

    One way to do this is by reading books by others that are already successful and observing the types of beliefs that they have and adopting those for yourself.

    If you read enough, eventually you will start to see that you naturally start to change your way of thinking and your confidence in yourself will grow.

  15. Gary Law says:

    I am a college student,so I do know school did not teach too much about finance and money. They teach some unrelated things which I think are useless. Even though they teach something about finance, there are assignments, projects, exames awaiting the students and this again the school does not focus on teaching knowledge to students but Grades.

    John’s idea is correct in nowadays’ society and is very similar to “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      What? I thought I wrote this. LOL. Which is basically a rewrite of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, but thank you for understanding.

      You sound like a young person. Many old people here don’t get it. They have to cling to job security because of their family and I don’t blame them. I would to.

      And did you watch that video in the article and that college guy’s rant? That guy inspired me in a way, and I will learn everyday because knowledge is important, but I’ll learn what I want and need to learn. After high school, no one is going to put me on a learning schedule again.

      I have had enough of people teaching me what they want me to learn rather than what I wanted to learn.

      1. Gary Law says:

        oops ! sorry I overlooked! I know you are Nathan now.

        flexible learining is very important, something work nowadays doesn’t mean it will work someday!

        School did not teach us “Learn How To Learn” but we need to do this ourselves. So after some stages, the teacher is ourselves and the school can be everywhere.

        Add oil Nathan LOL. We have the same idea in learning.
        Never Give Up!

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          You will succeed in a day nearby. Thank you for being open minded.

          “So after some stages, the teacher is ourselves and the school can be everywhere.”

          I like this line, it should become a famous quote. You need to copyright it now before someone steals it.

    1. Excellent write up and very detailed response, highly recommended! SY

      1. d3so says:

        Haha nice response.
        You can be skilled but still suck at life.

  16. Open says:

    I like this guest author Nathan. Those following his advice will turn from potential competitors to obese trailer park drones that click on my ads.

    By all means drop of college and if your father is a farmer just give up now. All hope is gone.

    Thanks Mr. Chow. Amazing how disinformation can contribute to our bottom line. Well done sir.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      Competitors? Competing for what? A job at a job you grow to hate?

    2. Great one, Open! I agree with you completely, the OP felt completely to see that there are more things to be learned in school than ‘only’ facts and science, life skills and responsibility amongst them. BTW, I would like to see how many of the people that make successfully money online are school drop-outs. Not many I guess, Bill Gates went to Harvard and the Google founders met at Stanford, this are people that make real money and they went to school in order to study and to get the base for doing so. SY

      1. Nathan Lee says:

        You are way lost my friend. During their time there wasn’t something called the internet.

        1. OMG! Did you actually read the names??? And, btw, the internet started much earlier then you all think, see: And during the time the founders of Google developed their search engine there was no internet? You must be kidding! Why would they have invented an online search engine if there was no internet to use it on? Back to school and learn some facts, SY

  17. Terry Conti says:

    Hi John, I believe school is necessary up to a certain point. Its all up to you and what you want to do. People are fixated that school will teach you everything, not true.

    There are people today that didn’t go to college and are very successful. Life not school teaches you a lot but you have to dig and learn when it comes to life and money.

    Life will eat you up and consume you like a monster if you don’t know it’s rules and money.

    I totally believe having a business of your own instead of working for someone else is the best, even better having an online business working from where ever you want is the best for me.

    I will learn what I have to and do what I have to to achieve this goal. Good post John.

    Terry Conti

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      It’s street smart vs book smart my friend. It’s good to have both, but nowadays people are just book smart. They’ll get kill on the street, and that reminds me. I haven’t play Street Fighter for a awhile. Gonna go play now.

  18. Stuart says:

    Can’t say I really agree with you. First of all, being a farmer means that you are in business just like any other business you have revenue and expenses you need to balance inventory, decide on investing in new tools.

    Money is success is not true for me either. Success should mean fulfilment. Having money does probably make you successful in business but not life as a whole. If the only success you have is business you will lead a shallow life of lobliness.

    Nathan, find yourself a girlfriend and get a good bunch of mates and try to appreciate their company. This is the easiest way for you to discover that ypur life could be so much better if you stop thinking as business as your life.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      The farmer and corporate owner are just examples my friend. I do have a couple of girls and friends, and we don’t hang out as much as high school because of busy studying (they’re in college, but I quit after learning all the necessary knowledge needed to write songs) and work. I finally understand the true meaning of life after high school. You will too after you graduate highs school my friend. You will too.

  19. Ramona says:

    I am a self taught web designer, actually living from my work online. So yes, you can make it in some areas without a specialized college education. I’m also the only one in my family to have chosen this path. I don’t regret a minute

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      Let me tell you, if I want a website, I will look for the best designer. If he’s good, I don’t care if he have a degree or not. But I want to see his high school diploma though. Up to high school, it was free education that few countries offer. I love free learning.

      There’s a good reason why the government don’t add finance education into the education system. They need you to be money stupid. Yeah, I said it.

  20. Slave Rat says:

    Yet another purposely provoking article written with a cloistered self-centered and self-righteous mindset.


    1. Nathan Lee says:

      Thank you for the compliment. Yawn.

      1. I think it’s not a compliment Nathan.. But take it positive tho..

  21. jij says:

    The people we grow up to become is largely due to the genes we inherit from our parents. External influences of course play a part in our personality development, but this is more prominent during the first 5 developmental years of our lives.

  22. I really wish I had gotten into internet marketing much sooner. I spent college studying, wrestling, and partying. That time would have been much better spent on starting a business and learning web design and internet marketing.

    It pisses me off, but also motivates me to work twice as hard now.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      Internet marketing would be a great place to get you feet wet in the business world nowadays. The overhead is so huge you can do about anything, BUT NOW EVERYTHING.

      Let me tell you, you sound smart and wise now. If I was your high school teacher, you would be rich now. I will teach only you financial knowledge and leave the rest of the students in the dark.

      1. Easily said and Hardly done Nathan.
        Great Move Josh, but the opportunities is not always in internet marketing. Some people find themselves better in other field too. Keep on doing what you do now so that you don’t regret on what you chose in the future.

  23. J says:

    I totally agree you with you about the country wanting people to be in debt. If you look at history and the way things are set up it is absolutely true. I think the ignorance of how to use money is making people slaves to debt.
    It is absolutely what your parent teaches outside of school that matters the most. Real world lessons are not something schools have been taught in decades. I think it is still wise to get a degree as a back up but at the same time work on a business. Balance is key and researching a career field before pursing a degree will lead to success. I read a book written by a former Apprentice winner who successfully did both. He also came out of college debt free.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      Cool, but I would have come out of college debt free too. I got scholarship, but gave them up because college to me is a waste of time. I take the class I need talk to the teacher I need to talk to and I’m out. I just wanted to be a musician and compose songs.

      Here’s my music website:

      I still need to record the vocal (vietnamese and chinese only). Most of the songs I wrote so far are ballad and classical sounding. That was what my classic teacher taught me. LOL. I love him to death. I really meant it, not a joke here.

  24. BTW, compliments to John for allowing Nathan another guest post here, it surely creates a lot of lively discussion plus a nice amount of back links for him! SY

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      I only did it because I thought it was fun to write for other blogs. Blogs don’t give that many back links and usually not for long.

      You want real traffic:

      This will help you. Remember to send them to your capture page though. With most of my guest post I send people to my blog, which is not the best way to capture eMail. But I like it.

      1. Lol, I was congratulating John, not you! He gets the benefits, not you! SY

  25. Great post. But not everything is like what you said. If you say, “decades ago” then I would have said yes. If you really see how things were now, there is more rich people that came from poor family. Being poor makes them jealous of other people’s life. And turn them into a making money genius.
    I admit my father himself asked me to become a doctor (and most parents do so) but I become an engineer rather than a doctor. He himself is a politician and I am a breed of him which I have some of his nature. He himself never tell me to be a politician like him and I never interest to do so. Most parents who cared about their children would know what their children likes and dislikes and thus they always what is the best for their children. This is a case for me. And the case for other would be almost the same. But for those who have to inherit their family business, that would be a different thing. Well, this is human life and there is just too many possibilities. I would have to disagree with your statement that father is the cause of their children life followed theirs. Since father themselves want their children to exceeds them.
    I have meet son of businessman who is working with other people now. And I have meet people like John Chow in which you know how he gets big.
    Maybe you could try to think things more positively. Which I mean everything is all depending on yourself whether to make a difference or to make it the same.

  26. Michael says:

    I totally agree with this article. In high school, I really wasn’t taught anything about money. I wasn’t even taught how to write a check! I also recall going to the bank one day recently and seeing a high school senior asking the teller how to fill out a bank deposit slip! High schools do not teach their students even the simplest of money-management skills, and it’s a real shame.

    High schools should teach their students that there’s other ways to make money besides just having a job. They should also teach students how to invest in the stock market, buy a house, buy a car, buy insurance, etc.

  27. Vee Sweeney says:

    I did actually learn how to balance a checkbook in school in the 8th grade. However, this was the only time that schools mentioned anything about being financially responsible. I learned by life experiences; I made mistakes and learned from them. While I agree that money equals success, I also take away from this article that it is not all about money or at least about being rich. People also need to feel like they have a purpose in life and I really don’t think that a person could be completely happy with having the only purpose of making money

  28. Dan says:

    This is the worst post I have ever read. I can’t believe there’s even a discussion over this. To think money = success is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    money = FINANCIAL success. NOT life success.

    being married for many years = marriage success

    having great kids = parenting success

    having many great friends = friend success

    being a pro hockey player = hockey success

    There are many different things in this world people strive for. You go after money. Okay that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean the person next to you wants that.

    You measure your success by money… but not everyone does so stop being so ignorant and immature.

    1. I agree, Dan (if that is your name) I only wished you would have put your name and website behind it instead of posting as Mr. Anonymous. And, btw, Nathan’s first guest post here was worse, and even more arrogant / ignorant, — believe it or not! SY

  29. Just came across this at Wikipedia, seems so familiar when I look at our young friend Nathan Lee! SY

  30. Money can buy almost anything nowadays.. from love to health. So i think that money means succes.

    1. If you truly believe that money can buy love than you have no idea what love is! And tell all the rich people that die of incurable diseases that money can buy health … Money can’t cure cancer for example, SY

  31. Schools like colleges just teach you how to work for someone else. Which is fine if that is what you want. If you want to be a Doctor, Nurse, Or Lawyer then college is mandatory. But if you want to be an Entrepreneur than you can do without college.

    If people ever read the book Rich dad poor dad a lot of this conversation will come to light. The poor teach there kids to work for someone else while the Rich say be there boss and own the company.

    Very true John the world is a very different place now than it was 20 years ago. Times are changing, and we need to change with them.

  32. Public schools in the US these days are just pathetic. As said here many times before in this post, they may teach book knowledge, but they fail to teach any “life skills”.

    But for many kids, their parents are not teaching them the skills they need either. Self esteem, self reliance, the ability to trust in their own judgment. Many times they even fail to teach them how to perform as marginally responsible adults.

    And part of that problem is caused because of the public education system. The parents have forgotten that many of the best life skills are learned in the home, not in the classroom.

    It’s a vicious circle.

  33. there is a lot i want to say to you. First of you still have a lot to learn. All of the things you have said here are a regurgitation of robert kiyosaki’s books and talks and from what i have gathered, you have really not had time to test them for yourself and see whether his life philosophy is accurate or not. This in itself doesnt bother me because robert kiyosaki is really good at selling a dream(how else would he pay the mortgage) and it is not a wonder that he had gotten you hooked. You will probably be a life customer for his books and attendee to his seminars in you. This means more money for him right? i guess it is mission accomplished. But what bothers me is this “. I read the bible more than once (my dad made me) and I conclude that it wasn’t written by God”- in the comments section. Let me tell you something young man. The fact that you have succeeded in making cash and can afford a few expensive things does not mean that you should be saying things like this about God. He is the one that gave you the ability to make that cash and you should at least be thankful to him. Thinking like this and acting accordingly will end up messing your life. Be thankful to God and acknowledge him in your endeavors.

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