Like The New Theme?

I decided to give the blog a little update. I feel this new WordPress theme is cleaner than the last one I was using. Don’t be shock if you see theh looks changing now and then. I’ll be fooling around with the layout for the next little while.

8 thoughts on “Like The New Theme?”

  1. Dru says: picked the same theme as my blog..albiet heavily modified colors. I like the new look though, very clean. -Dru

  2. Bob Buskirk says:

    very clean look….nice

  3. Carl says:

    Looks much cleaner, but still maintaining the original look. Cool

  4. John Chow says:

    Ya, I am really liking the looks of the new theme. I did two additional tweaks to it. The first is the “Related Post” which shows up to five posts from the blog that are related to this post. Don’t know how well it works however.

    The 2nd tweak I did is to tweak the way it shows the blog title. In Wordpess the title is shows as John Chow dot Com >> Like The New Theme? I flipped it so says Like The New Theme? << John Chow dot Com. It's a small change but Google should like it.

  5. Hi John,

    I love your site!! I was just wondering what theme this is?

  6. John Chow says:

    Hi Saman, the theme is call MistyLook. You can download it here:

  7. John,

    Thanks for the quick reply!!

  8. Matt says:

    Hi John…not sure if you’ll see this one since it’s been several weeks since you posted this but where in the css do you set the thin black line around the top links and the container? Thanks!

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