Linked Orange County Meetup with Lewis Howes

Connecting. Business. People. Those are the three things Linked Orange County is known for. Their mission is to be a hub for thought leadership, entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups with emphasis on helping their members prosper and contributing to the growth of the Orange County economy.

One of the things Linked OC does is bring in a great speaker every month to share with the membership. This month, they brought in my buddy Lewis Howes to talk about how to build an online business empire. Next month, the keynote will be delivered by the one and only Seth Godin.

If you live, work or have interest in doing business in Orange County you should definitely consider joining Link OC. You might even end up in one of my videos!

Linked Orange County

Linked Orange County

Linked Orange County

Linked Orange County

3 thoughts on “Linked Orange County Meetup with Lewis Howes”

  1. sapna says:

    HI John

    This option appears to be a good option, I checked the website with Seth Godin on the home page, but membership with better options is paid one.


    1. I. C. Daniel says:

      Hello Sapna nice to meet you here 🙂

      Don’t be surprised, as you know there’s always the ”premium option” which need to pay few bucks and get the ”gold”.

      I make my own money making guide and I’ll offer as well the ”premium option” :)) , I wonder what I can offer in my guide if most of secret is free on internet. I do have somenthing but need more tips If I may say so.

      I believe you must be smarter and always improve to make more money nowadays.
      Best regards from I. C.Daniel.

    2. faisal says:

      That is usually the case.

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