LipoRidPM to Never Count Sheep Again

John Chow dot Com is not a blog strictly about how to make money online. We’ve seen a number of “rambling” posts from John, for example, as well as posts highlighting his culinary exploits. That said, the vast majority of review requests that come through this way have to do with affiliate marketing, blog designs, and that kind of thing. Such is not the case today.

Strangely, the review today is for a natural sleep aid and fat burner called LipoRidPM. This has to be one of the most off-the-wall requests that I have seen come through John Chow dot Com in quite some time.

The Pitfalls of the Dot Com Lifestyle

Most people like to applaud the advantages of the dot com lifestyle. You are not bound to any single location and you don’t have to have any set working hours. You can work form the comfort of your home, even in your pajamas and bunny slippers if that’s what you’d like to do. Working from home as an online entrepreneur, freelance writer, or any number of other professions sounds awfully appealing, right?

Well, the dot com lifestyle also has its pitfalls. because you feel like you can work at any time of the day, you may feel like you should be working at every hour of the day. This can result in long hours in front of the computer, a lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and a less than stellar night’s sleep. The LipoRidPM natural supplement might not help you with exercise, but they say that it can help you with sleep and weight loss.

She looks pretty peaceful, right? According to the official page, this “natural non-prescription sleep aid” will get you to sleep deeper longer and to lose weight faster. They claim that there are no side effects whatsoever, because LipoRidPM is made from all-natural ingredients.

Stop Counting Sheep and Start Losing Pounds

There are two components to LipoRidPM, attacking both your needs for proper rest and a healthy weight. According to the FAQ, LipoRidPM is “a nighttime sleep aid that suppresses after dinner food cravings, promotes sound restful sleep and round-the-clock fat-burning activity.”

There are several advantages to taking the natural route over prescription drugs. When you take prescription sleep medication, you enter what is known as a medicated sleep and this is not the deep REM sleep that provides the best kind of rest. LipoRidPM is said to lull you into a natural sleep while suppressing your post-dinner appetite. They also remind you that LipoRidPM isn’t just for obese people and it is safe for everyone.

Really? That’s How It Works?

I’m naturally skeptical about a long of things and these “natural supplements” are no exception. It could be because of my background in psychology, but I’m always on the lookout for proper studies that explain how (and whether) certain health supplements (as well as drugs, therapies, and so on) work. Hitting up the How It Works page for LipoRidPM, I find this “helpful” graphic.

So, I order the pills, pick them up from my doorstep, pop a couple before bed, and wake up feeling refreshed. That’s exactly the description I needed! Riiight…

I don’t expect a full medical explanation, but some supporting information would certainly help to legitimize LipoRidPM as a viable sleep aid and not some shady fly-by-night operation. The mass populace trusts the value of gingko, glucosamine sulfate, and other natural supplements, but they’ll want some reassurance about a relatively unknown supplement like LipoRidPM. The writeups on the Why Go Natural and Sleep Science pages are a good start, but I’d just like to see some references for where they got this information.

The Price of a Good Night’s Sleep

So, how much does it cost? If you want to buy LipoRidPM, you are rewarded for buying more. There’s a bulk discount. A single bottle, which is enough for one month, sells for $29.95. If you buy two bottles, you get a third bottle free. This works out to $19.97 a bottle. Alternatively, you can get a five month supply for $89.85 ($17.97/bottle) or a nine month supply for $149.75 ($16.64/bottle).

How do I feel about LipoRidPM? The official website looks like an affiliate landing page to me, but I do appreciate that it is a 100% natural supplement. At the same time, you have to remember that “natural” does not equal “safe”. I would feel much more reassured if this product was tested and certified by a trusted third party, like the FDA or a similar governing body. Without that, I really have no idea what pills I’m popping.