Live at Ad:Tech San Francisco

We’re live at Ad:Tech San Francisco. This is my first time “live blogging.” At this moment, we’re at a keynote roundtable call The Art of Conversation – Building Great Brands in the Digital Age. There are five panelist on the stage plus one moderator. The hall is very big. I estimate there are at least 1,500 people in this room

The Panelists are Tom Asher of Levi, Beth Thomas-Kim of Nestle, Jordan Warren of, Todd Cunningham or MTV Networks and Rick Clancy of Sony. The moderator is Pete Blackshaw of Nielsen Online.

All the panelists agreed they are experiencing the power of the blog. Rick Clancy say Sony is putting a lot more time and resources into their blog. All panelists see blogs as one of the best branding tools for the digital age.

I’m having quite a good laugh at this. Here’s a bunch of big names companies that spend billions each year on all types of advertising to build their brand and they’re saying a few well placed negative blog posts can take their brand down a couple of notches.

We’ll be hitting the showfloor after this session. Look for more updates later.

22 thoughts on “Live at Ad:Tech San Francisco”

  1. DeboHobo says:

    Way too cool…keep us posted! 👿

    1. Beating me by one second 😡 lol but yeah it does look cool…looking forward to updates 🙂

    2. MR. NICE GUY says:

      So Nestle now is a worldwide company that also felt the tremendous success of blogging as part of the growing business communites. Better for Nestle to consider bloggers for their adverts.

  2. So does that mean they’ll be sucking up to you to ensure you don’t damage their brand with a “well placed” blog post 😈

  3. Zac Johnson says:

    Good stuff. Did you manage to get a free pass, or actually pay to attend this one?

    1. John Chow says:

      Pay to attend a trade show? You’re joking, right?

      1. Zac Johnson says:

        haha, that’s what I figured. I never saw (looked) into a pass for the actual ad:tech shows, I usually just hit up the exhibits.

    2. Tyler Ingram says:

      People pay to attend trade shows?

      1. Thiago Prado says:

        regular people pay to attend but John Chow is not in this category, he is a celebrity in the blog world.
        Have you a celebrity pay to be in an event. Most of the time is the other way around… lol

    3. Paolo U says:

      Trade shows are just free! You can go if you want.

  4. Infogle says:

    if companies are thinking that blogs can actually damage or make their products then it so nice that blogs are getting bigger and bigger day by day.. isn’t it ?

    1. Sha says:

      Absolutely. Blogs will take over the world as we know it.

      1. No. They will take over aspects of internet marketing and become more powerful then they are now.

        Means; More Blogs, More Advertisers Wanting To Advertise On Top Blogs.

  5. Chris R says:

    Coca-cola needs a hip blog 😛

  6. Ashley says:

    John – do they have you on any panels? Are you speaking at all?

  7. KNau says:

    Of course they still haven’t realized blogs that are nothing but bullshit promotions fail.

  8. Hey John,

    Did the tradeshow pay for you flight down as well? Is this why you were in coach, as opposed to first class?

    – Dave

  9. Wade says:

    It is great advertising to invite people like John to attend. Of course it is free, they are getting probably about 20,000 eyes just off John Chow’s site.

    Shudogg Dot Com – Make Money Online Blogging

  10. Sha says:

    It’s crazy how far blogs have come. Before, they were just used to update people on your daily life, but now…

  11. Chetan says:

    Keep up updated John 🙂
    Good to hear about blogging being one of the best tools of the digital world.

  12. Chetan says:

    Btw the one in the pic extreme bottom left looks like Shoemoney, isnt it?

  13. web design says:

    Anyone can attend these trade shows?

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