Live Chat With Shoemoney On Thursday 1PM Central

Put this on your calendar. On Thursday January 13, 2PM Central (non PST), Jeremy Schoemaker is going to doing a live video chat about the ShoeMoney System.

The number of emails and calls I’ve been getting from people telling me how they can’t wait for the ShoeMoney System going live on the 26th, has been mind-boggling…

We’re going to do a LIVE Chat tomorrow, share more details about what’s inside the ShoeMoney System and answer all of your questions. Trust me, you’re going to be sorry if you miss this one…

Live Chat with Jeremy Schoemaker
Thursday January 14, 2pm CT, 3pm EST

IMPORTANT: We can only support 300 users in the room, so please signup now to reserve your spot. Don’t miss out on Jeremy’s announcement at the end of the live call. See you there!

Reserve Your Spot For Live Shoemoney Call

29 thoughts on “Live Chat With Shoemoney On Thursday 1PM Central”

  1. chester says:

    Hey I just signed up for it. I wonder if he’ll reveal secrets that I’ll be able to use right away. Looking forward to it.

    1. Can’t wait, you excited to?

      1. Custom Essay says:

        Yes, pretty much excited to hair something about money in this time of recession.

    2. Nobody reveals the real secrets.

  2. Looks interesting, I will have to do the time conversions to see if I will be awake.

    1. If you are registered than I think you should miss this opportunity.

      Wake up … and keep ready your questions to ask Jeremy.

  3. I already signed up! Should be interesting!

  4. Nick says:

    I already signed up, John! Shoe is a great man!

  5. Signed up, interested to learn from Shoemoney.

  6. S Ahsan says:

    I was the first person :), i left several messages in the chat 😉

  7. Will the 300 people just be lurkers in the chat? Or will 300 faces be shown to each of the video chat participants?

    1. John Chow says:

      I guess you’ll find out tomorrow!

      1. Can’t wait, will you or Shoemoney be running it John?

  8. Let me sign in for chat

  9. I am sure 300 quota is full with 2 to 3 Hours of this announcement.

    Now we would love to see next session of chat and should give chances to them who applied.

    1. No biggie if you missed the chat, just listen to the recording.

  10. That is really nice move and intelligent thinking to interact with your readers. The best way to broad this kind of news is using your own channel of friends.

  11. Might miss the start as I have a doctors appt.

  12. Steve Rose) says:

    Sorry i missed this. Will it be in your newsletter?

  13. Hey John. Just FYI you have int the title that it starts at 1pm central but 2pm central in the body text.

  14. Too bad that my internet bandwidth surely can not keep a live video so i pass it.

  15. Travel iN says:

    Already sign in so when we can have live chat with you John

  16. Kate says:

    I wonder how it is going or if they had it yet today. I wish I could be part of this chat.

  17. chester says:

    I found it really useful information. It’s too bad that my internet connection was horrible. I made it up to him talking about eBay arbitrage. Has anyone had any success with what he’s shared?

  18. Ya I missed it due to my broken wrist, how did it go?

  19. I also missed the live chat with Shoemoney. Are there any transcripts or podcasts or videos doing the rounds?

  20. MIssed the live call, I’ll have to listen to the recorded version.

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