Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Real Life Case Study

Another San Diego Chiropractor SEO story by dk.

S.E.O. means search engine optimization, which technically is just stuff you do on your site to make a search engine like it. In reality, all most people care about is how well your site does in google for your main terms. The thing that makes the most difference for this, is not stuff on your site, but relevant links from other sites with lots of relevant links. Relevant means that the site linking to your site, is about the topic your site is about.

This is about real SEO, the way google wants you to do it. Doing SEO like this, I can always beat link building gimicks.

Google gives a huge bonus for exact match domains. An exact match is a domain name that is identical to what the user is searching for. For example, if you were trying to rank well for poker tournament t-shirt model you would want to have pokertournamenttshirtmodel.com. That would be an exact match.

Recently Shoemoney did an interview on Andy Jenkins blog about SEO. Shoe brought up my main chiropractic site, which I worked so hard to rank for chiropractic in San Diego. (Yes Andy, it is from an ENOM template from 1999.) LOL Jeremy sets a great example of kick ass SEO, he does stuff in real life that makes people want to write about it.

Obviously in today’s social media world, we use the major La Jolla chiropractic Review Sites which work really well for us, but social media has very little SEO value.

A few years ago I purchased a domain name, sandiegochiropractic.com and figured it would come in handy. I threw up some really basic content, and for years it ranked in the top 10 for the term San Diego Chiropractic. The funny thing is that it ranked in the top 10 and sometimes in the top 3, with 0 links going to it. That shows you how much google likes an exact match!

Then when I moved over to hostgator, I forgot to move the content of the sandiegochiropractic.com site. The site obviously dropped completely out of the index. The oddity was an experimental business/local SEO experiment still linked to the site, and was kicking butt.

I am not linking to it, because I am hoping after google sees this post, they will remove this oddity local listing from the index.

This local listing used to show up number one in googles local index, and in fact is so powerful that it still shows up even though I have verified the business, and told google that it no longer exists.

The reason it is so powerful in googles mind is simply because of the physical address I used. What I had done was made a map of the top 20 or so google local listings for San Diego and saw what they had in common. Their exact geographic center was the City Hall of San Diego, or possibly the downtown post office, since they are really close to each other. I found an inexpensive address I could use right next to them, and established a business there.

The business didn’t work, so I closed it down really quickly, but boy did google, and as of the writing of this boy does google like this listing.

So a few weeks ago I decided to try something new at SanDiegoChiropractic.com

At that point, the site had 0 links to it, except for the weird powerful local listing.

I know Matt Cutts at google does not encourage people to link between their own sites, because it is something you can manipulate, so I have never done it. If I do, I use a nofollow link, which tells google not to care about the link.

So a few weeks ago, I put some content on the site to see what happened, and to promote a new project.

Sure enough, as soon as I put the content up, google started listing the site again. This time it was not in the top 10, but more like number 20 or so. This was even with the local super listing connected to SanDiegoChiropractic.com

Then I wanted to get some links.

Bloggers are always my sweet spot for getting links. Bloggers actually write posts and link. Some guy who has a site selling walrus skins is not going to be linking out very often.

A great group that I wanted to get to meet were a community of women bloggers in San Diego.

So I threw a little party at my chiropractic office, with great sushi and award winning wine from my buddy who owns Falkner Winery, and my buddy who sells funny tshirts invited them, and we had some fun.

Then the women wrote some blogs as a natural consequence and we got some links from a military mom, the san diego momma, a surferwife, bloggoneit, and even a local blogger who had seen one of my marketing videos. I want you guys to click on these links and see the blogs. We have everything from a Page Rank 4, San Diego specific blog which will have massive SEO value, to sites on blogger, blogspot or wordpress.I even went out of my way to help SemperFiMomma off of blogspot, and into her own domain name. Long term this will have better SEO value.

Google needs to penalize some sites, while making others better. I just think of what would indicate quality. A blogger or wordpress.com blog I would think, would not appear to have as much value to google. If google sees a lot of the same thing, it looks unnatural. If you study them, the links from these sites are vary varied, in anchor text, where on the page they are, the site design, the platform and almost everything else. In common they all have a San Diego center to them. As a result, I would expect them to look good to google.

Now the site is moving up through google, and is currently listed in the 11th spot.

If John is nice enough to link to the site, it might even move up some more.

Just a little real life, on the fly SEO if you want to watch it happening.

The big takeaway on this, is simply do stuff in real life that makes bloggers want to write about and link to you.

150 thoughts on “Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Real Life Case Study”

  1. Interesting, but how did you find people to invite to your party?

    1. Really? I will assume you are not kidding. Everybody likes to go to a party. Really this simple. If you want local people to come, find the bloggers in your area who blog on the subject, or something kinda close. These bloggers blog on San Diego topics, and rarely on health related stuff.

      If you are in something really niche, like purchasing islands for investments, even if there are no bloggers in your area who blog on this, there will be someone who blogs on travel, or on investments in your area.

      If it is a totally niche area, then you won’t need too many links, and they don’t even have to be that relevant to rank well.

      Then if you just want to totally crush it, go to the conference that has a topic most similar to what you want to rank for, and find all the people in that community who blog, and invite them to a party, dinner, or maybe even a poker tournament 😉

      1. I like the party and now begin to search my local blog mate from my niche.But my niche is blogging-all the things about blogging.So it will be huge party to arrange.Hey why not search for a big big place first.Ok,lets start lol.best of luck to me.

        1. Yep, it’s easy to get people to go to a party.

          Who could refuse that invitation! It’s the best way to network and get to know people in a relaxed manner.

          In such an environment, you can relax and talk about other things that are funny and interesting. The business interest evolves naturally from that.

          1. PPC Ian says:

            I agree! I really like this idea, it has me doing some serious thinking. I never thought about the party idea before and would definitely like to apply it to some of my sites.

        2. That is how I did my first linkbait. In those days there really were very few San Diego blogs, and only one other chiropractic blog I could find, so I just did it for bloggers. It is worth studying what happened. Textbook example.

          1. So number of blog would have increase after your initiative?I think so.

      2. Handbags says:

        Sounds like a fun and smart idea DK 🙂 I could have a Fashion Handbag party. Everyone brings their fashion bags, we listen to music, have dinner and talk about Fashion and Handbags. I will have to do that someday in the near future!

    2. d3so says:

      Isn’t Google devaluing exact match domain names?

      1. Make Money says:

        Ehhh…a lot of people say yeah but then a lot say no as well. It is really dependent on the domain and tactics used to make it rank. I think people that are doing mostly comment spam on exact matches are the ones not getting anywhere lately.

  2. Zach Crawley says:

    Google recently said in one of their webmaster videos that they were going to lower the value of “exact match” keyword domains.

    1. I think they already did. A year ago, when I had some content on the sandiegochiropractic.com domain, it ranked in the top 10 with no links. This time it is taking more links. But honestly so far I have very few links, and they are not that well ranked sites, and it is already moving up through google. So maybe not as powerful as they used to be, but still killerly powerful.

      1. In fact I just googled things like Wichita Plastic Surgery, or Burbank Dental and saw exact matches winning. Often the exact matches are owned by domainers, and are worth much more to a site developer than they are to the domainer. I bought sandiegochiropractic.com about 2 years ago for $500.

        1. Handbags says:

          I’m really good at finding domain names that are good. I should buy a few really good ones and then sell them! I always have great luck finding high quality ones. I could earn some nice extra cash by doing this.

      2. Handbags says:

        Glad your sites are still doing great! How many links do you think you need? Or do you check your competition and just make sure to have more than them?

        1. I simply keep getting more links until my site is doing what I want it to do in google. My buddy Stefan Juhl who first taught me kept saying, “a bit more” until we would achieve the objective. LOL

    2. Make Money says:

      Lowering is relative though. They had so much weight on it to begin with that even with it being lowered the EMD’s are totally worth having.

    1. It’s a guest post 😉

  3. Really cool way to increase your SEO. You have hit the nail in the head linking blogging to social life.

  4. Deepak yadav says:

    Yea google gives more priority to those exact match the domains. I am thinkin to start a website with my name but it is already taken.

    1. Deepak, if you are trying to rank for your name, the doman name is for sale. I would think they would sell it to you for $50 or so. There is no way they are making much money off of the site they have up now, unless there is some really famous Deepak Yadav I don’t know of.

    2. Handbags says:

      I made a site with my name. And people are already searching my name to find me. Cool huh? 🙂

      1. Make Money says:

        very cool. Now find a way to monetize it!

  5. The blogging world is vast and amazing. As a relative newbie, it amazes me constantly the credence people of a certain demographic will give to the opinion of another in that same demographic. That being said, the “hmm, that sounds interesting” factor never hurts either. Excellent article on your experiences. Always great food for thought as well as an expert perspective that can’t be matched!

    PS – the sushi *was* rad… 😉

    1. What is so funny from my perspective, is that companies are impressed, or pay me for my SEO or linkbaiting. The truth is that it is usually the basics, friends and food, to accomplish this.

    2. Thanks Maegan. The sushi was delicious. The blogging world is truly diverse and full of many kind people such as yourself. You are right there is always something else to learn and DK is a pretty good person to learn from.

  6. You know what you’re doing, DK!
    And you’re a swell guy — and chiropractor — to boot.
    I learned a lot at your wine/sushi/rave party!
    Best of all? You share what you know.

    1. It was a party wasn’t it? DK was a great host and you ladies were a blast to hang out with!

        1. Handbags says:

          Cameron Diaz is pretty hot. I actually know a guy on Facebook that has a sister that looks like her. It’s neat how people can look like other people. My husband told me yesterday he saw a girl that looked like me. Maybe everyone has a twin in the world?

  7. As DK said you should be able to host a party in any niche. You may have to get a bit imaginative but you should be able to pull it of. The biggest key though to hosting a great party is great guests! All the ladies we invited were wonderful and I got to know most of them on twitter by getting to know them.

    I got to know most of them all personally by reading their blogs, keeping track of their tweets, and interacting with them on a daily basis. I let them get to know me both as a businessman, but most importantly as a person.

    Remember links from google are important but making friends is even more important!

    1. Tim really hits it on the head. It was super easy because Tim was already friends with them on twitter. All it takes to make a friend on twitter is to retweet what someone says, send them an occasional DM, ask them questions etc.

      Tim, can you tell them more about how you use twitter to make friends?

      1. I sure can. On twitter it’s so easy to make friends. Start by checking out the person that you are following’s bio. Usually they will have a link to their blog. Click on their blog and read the blog. If you find something that you have a genuine interest in feel free to tweet at them and compliment them on it.

        Once the conversation and dialogue starts find out what they care about. I also think it is great to help your new friends retweet their blogs and content. If you help them out they are going to more than likely want to return the favor. Even if they don’t keep helping them for the sake of helping them! They may now want to befriend you but others might!

        1. Handbags says:

          I agree it can benefit to retweet others stuff. It makes people happy and excited. And it makes people like you! And the saying goes, if you want a friend, be a friend! So I agree with you when you said to comment on their blog and compliment them. People love compliments. It makes everyone feel good and smile!

          1. Yep Handbags you nailed it. If you are friendly you will attract friends. Sincere compliments go a long way!

        2. Yeh Tim, it is really that easy. If you just studied what tim said in his comment and followed it, then followed what I wrote in my blog, I bet you could eventually beat almost anyone in SEO, unless they were a super famous celebrity.

          That is because google has apparently as a core philosophy to follow real links, written by real people that are relevant, as a much higher value than crap links that were obviously done just for linkings sake. In fact I would assume, but don’t know, that links from a very active blog page like this one has become, would have more importance than links from an obviously dead page.

  8. Julia says:

    lol,The picture is Nice

    1. Yeh, John Chow showed up at my poker tournament at Affiliate Summit wearing that, and I just about laughed my ass off.

  9. is there google algorithm changed for recent search engine ranking,

  10. Excellent article and thanks for the mention/link! The party was a huge hit … great information, delicious wine & food, fabulous company! I took away a lot from it and have started really thinking about improving the SEO on my blog. Thanks again! I still need to come in for my adjustment and chat with you about the wine thing! Stay tuned …

    1. Glad you learned a lot SEO wise Nicole and even more importantly I am glad that you had a great time. The company was amazing. It was a really fun night.

  11. I’ve been reading that Matt Cutts keeps announcing a change is coming soon about Exact Match Domains (EMD) and reducing the “boost” EMD give to a site. Will be interesting to see how sites will respond once that’s incorporated into the algo…

    I’m always interested in what d.k. is up to…thanks for sharing.

  12. Seobricks says:

    Great ideas for building natural backlinks for our website. I’m thinking of using your ideas for building some links for my new seo projects.

  13. lender5 says:

    Hmm.. using exact match domains is nice trick, however from my experience it really works. Maybe a problem is, when you have then too many domains with similar content. However, nice post!

  14. Louie Sison says:

    Thanks for this interesting finding, John. I’ve been following your posts lately. I hope I can be like you someday.

    By the way, nice picture huh! 🙂

  15. Mr.Ven says:

    A quick question: How long it took to reach the 11th position in Google SERP ? from the day it got indexed.

  16. venkatesh says:

    ya interesting news, but people will get much knowledge from them.
    inviting people to know something means very useful

  17. venkatesh says:

    wow interesting news, but people will get much knowledge from them.
    inviting people to know something means very useful

  18. @DK Nice article on local SEO. But, I want to touch a bit on exact match domain names. Exact match domain names are always nice to own–feels good, but in and of themselves are not as powerful as they once were. In my opinion what matters to the search engines is the age of the domain name, the amount of time the current owner has owned it, the amount of quality and unique backlinks it has and TRUST. But, that’s just for SEO. I believe that many exact match domain names (you know the ones the average Joe can still afford) simply do not make for a good brand and BRAND is VERY important to Google and even more importantly… your potential customers. San Diego Chiropractic is obviously a good exact match domain name and also a very doable brand. On the contrary, a domain name like affordablesandiegochiropracter.com doesn’t quite work for me… the domain name alone, I mean. They’d still have to sell me on TRUST. You should check out the article I wrote on TRUST for Rich Gorman (DirectResponse.net). Later!

    1. @Eric Can you drop a link here to the article you wrote? I think that will add to the discussion. It is crazy though if you take a look at the number and quality of the links to sandiegochiropractic.com, and I think you are aware of many of them, LOL, you will see it is ranking surprisingly well for so few links? Your thoughts?

      1. DK, they best way to see what’s going on is to use OpenSiteExplorer.com and check the links of some of your competitors. You may simply have bette,r more unique links right now and also you cannot forget about Freshness. Freshness is definitely a ranking factor not to be underestimated. And again, your exact match domain name is one that works well for type in traffic, rankability and branding. With regard to the article, you can read it http://directresponse.net/veteran-seo-reveals-the-secret/.

        1. Interesting about freshness Eric. I did not know that was a huge factor but I suppose it makes sense. As for the number of links I find it really surprising that even in competitive niches sometimes how few links it will actually take to get near the top. A lot of competitors simply don’t create backlinks at all.

          Or if they do create links they get illegal or spam type links. Eric why do you think they do not do their research as to what google wants?

  19. ary says:

    nice article.I think need more details yeah mate!

  20. That is a bit complex. The site had been indexed by google a few years back when I put the initial content on it. Then when I forgot to move the content over, it no longer showed up in google. At that point is it still considered being “indexed”? I am not sure.

    So obviously google was still aware the site existed, since that local listing had sandiegochiropractic.com in the listing.

    Then when I put the content back on, sandiegochiropractic.com showed up within maybe 24 hours? I have noticed that as I get a link, or make some little change, google seems to update it within about 24 hours. If I remember right, a few weeks ago when I put content back on it again, I put a link to the site on twitter.

    I remember Matt Cutts making a joke about “losing all that content on twitter” without it being indexed/or saved. I think this was on his blog where he said it. That comment, and some other experiments I have done lead me to believe that google keeps a close eye on twitter. I don’t think a twitter link gives much value to increase rankings. On the other hand, google loves to show what is “fresh”, (remembering Matts blog on Minty Fresh listings”, so I am guessing google uses twitter to see what is fresh. Remember, much of facebook is hidden where google can not get access to it, but almost all of twitter is publicly accessible.

    Google used to really use blogs to keep track of what is fresh, hot and new. I bet that now they use twitter a ton for that.

    If all of what I have in this comment is true, then that means twitter is a good place to put a link that you want google to take a look at, (follow over and index) especially if you have a twitter profile like mine, @purposeinc that appears to be important.

    1. This is for @Mr.Ven

    2. Handbags says:

      I didn’t know that about Twitter DK. Sounds like it could be true. Whenever I write a new article, I post the title and link on my Twitter Account. From what your saying, this should help me right?

  21. Kevin Kimes says:

    Going to bed, no time to read all of this yet. This seems “perfect” because I want to help my parents’ small plumbing company get more search traffic, and they are also in San Diego County! Small business, check, same locality, check. Definitely checking this out in depth tomorrow.

    1. Cool Kevin, if you want to spring for the food and wine this time, we can invite the same people to the party! LOL

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        Hmm. Now I’m wondering how a plumbing company with 2 employees (my parents), and an office which is in their garage, could pull off a party like this. 🙂

        The larger regional competitors have multiple mini-site networks with lots of “unique”, but junk, content. It’s the kind of content that nobody ever reads except the search bots, and is only found when doing backlink searches.

        Fortunately they don’t need even half the amount of traffic as those big competitors (size comparison: 1 truck versus 10-30 trucks). Though it’s too bad you can’t be number 1 in SERPs for just a few hours a day, heheh.

  22. Mohd Mubarak says:

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important thing which needs to be remembered if you are targeting to get a good rank on the search engine. This article guides you to get to know the tips and tricks of SEO which can help you make a good rank in search results done over any search engine.

  23. Joel says:

    Is exact domain still getting that priority from google? I heard from many SEO’er that it is history with the new algorithm.

    1. John recently posted an article on that saying that Google has decreased priority of Exact Match Domain

      1. Techabouts says:

        Yup.John had earlier posted about Exact Match Domain

    2. Handbags says:

      I have a question too. Are you allowed to have exact match domain names that use product names? Or can people get sued from using these domain names?

      1. I will leave the answer to this to the attorneys. From my understanding some brands can be trademarked that are not part of the English language, like say Google. On the other hand, if the name is English words like American Coal, you can not trademark that since it was already in the English language. Any attorney’s want to comment?

  24. Not sure why when I submit my post comment is mostly not showing, Could the href tags be used in the text correct?

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  25. Binto Davis says:

    Really cool way to increase your SEO. You have hit the nail in the head linking blogging to social life. I’m thinking of using your ideas for building some links for my new seo projects.

  26. epicurus says:

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    yes the blogging world is quite cool……so just can get help if you are willing to help them…..!!

  27. Kavya Hari says:

    Primarily, blogger are writing an article and getting their link from out side 🙂 Worthy case study on here 🙂

  28. spexfred says:

    I have a blog that has never appeared on any google search. I n fact, it hasn’t even appeared on the blog search. I know the blog is functional. I used the keywords “spexfred” which is the blog user name and ” and this is life” which is the blog title but still nothing happened. Could someone please tell me how to get it on the google search. I highly doubt that its because its not an exact match: there cant be many spexfreds out there? help, please

    1. Post a link to your blog here, and let’s see if the group can figure out why? Honestly just posting a link to it here, may be enough to get google to notice it.

      1. Like Dr. Klein said post a link of your blog. It may help the google spiders to come find it. Also to get indexed you might want to submit your blog to a site like clipmarks.com or even digg.com

    2. Clay Burt says:

      Have you submitted it to Google and Bing/Yahoo? Search for “submit domain name to google” and the same for Bing/Yahoo. That way they will send their spiders. If you have links from other sites it generally gets picked up anyway so do the basics and it will show up…

  29. David says:

    Pretty interesting story. Now we officially have a new way to getting backlinks, lol!

  30. Interesting case study. I’ll be watching to see if the site continues to move up in the ranks.

  31. raghuraj says:


  32. Dk,
    I like reading about personal SEO stories. I am learning almost daily the best methods for using SEO on my own blog. My blog is four months old but I am getting traffic from search engines daily, finally.

    If I do start another blog I will pick a domain name that matches my content.

    1. Handbags says:

      After you pick the domain name that matches your content there are also other great SEO things you can do such as: when you upload or use an image, name it your keyword, so people can find your image when they search images. Make sure to add great keywords in your Meta Tags. You can use Google Keyword Tool to find the best keywords to use that get a good amount of traffic monthly! Also use your keyword in your articles you write, this way people can find you when they search Google. Also make sure to check out your competitions backlinks by using Backlink Watch.

    2. Thanks. I only study SEO from a few sources.
      1. What Matt Cutts says. – I personally have found him to be very honest.
      2. What my own sites do.
      3. What I see other peoples sites do.

      I tend not to go by what people say their sites are doing, but instead go by what I can see. What is cool about this case study, is that you can check all the details yourself and over the next months literally watch what is happening.

      1. Getting advice directly from Matt Cutts is probably the best SEO advice out there. DK makes another good point when he says to look at what your site is doing and to look at your competitors sites.

  33. fas says:

    Very interesting case study there John.

  34. adilengineer says:

    WOW!!. Blogging and bloggers could be very helpful as well as useful. How can we know the website we have made up has an exact match in Google search engine.

    1. Just figure out what you want to rank well for. If you are trying to sell Delaware Real Estate, then DelawareRealEstate.com is probably a good match.

      Just ask yourself what they will be searching for.

      In English, it is often a Descriptive Adjective followed by a noun.


      or things like that.

      For me, domains of two words is actually easier to sell stuff than one word domains.

  35. adilengineer says:

    I could use blogging as well. How can we verify that new URL we submit is not already submitted. Also i would love to fancy my chances in making a website for myself.

    1. Just type in the domain name into the upper right hand corner here and click go. http://www.enom.com/Default.aspx?

      Also, the domain name is the part just before the .com or .net or .co, and the extension at the end including the .com, .biz. or whatever.

      So JohnChow.com is the domain name, that is what you want to register. http://www.JohnChow.com/stop-spamming-me.php is the URL.

      You register a domain name, and the url is what shows up in the browser.

  36. Jacob says:

    Interesting points that you’ve made, but a few flaws. And not even a flaw, but outdated information. EMDs don’t carry as much weight as they used to. It used to be that a EMD guaranteed high ranking. With the recent panda update, that’s not so much the case. The reason is because Google equated them to spam and therefore require other things. While EMDs are cool, in the long run, I advocate for getting an easy to remember and branded domain. That’ll help people remember you and make them come back. Return visitors like to comment and link to. So, that’s the only flaw I found. Otherwise, good info.

    1. Glad you liked it Jacob. The theory of what panda is doing may be that.

      In actual fact as of this second, this particular domain is ranking #11 with 2.2 million results with about 5 links going to it. Like I said, it used to rank in the top 10 with no links.

    2. PPC Ian says:

      While EMDs don’t have the power they once did, I still do see some of my sites rank on domain name alone (no links), post-panda. DK’s advice is still very real, but you are right too that EMD has had less and lessvalue over time for SEO on Google (although still certainly helps). Yahoo/Bing is a whole other story. My advice: go for the EMD if you can afford it.

      1. Clay Burt says:

        Absolutely agree – it also makes it crystal clear what you are doing/selling on the site and is easy to remember…

        1. Make Money says:

          Yup. I can see why they would discredit them slightly to keep people from completely capitalizing on them but at the same time anyone with a EMD and decent SEO skills can dominate.

  37. Hi, thanks for the article. This is easily one of the most useful articles I’ve read this year. In other words the content of the article is all positive and it is a great start of people would get a chance to read this. This will help me a lot.


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  38. Dan Lew says:

    The thing that people still don’t get is the quality sites that keep posting awesome content are the sites that get the most traffic and to those inside pages and posts, you might be able to rank well from a domain name but the bucks stops there, better off creating long term killer content that keeps driving traffic from the search engines from as many angles as possible., forget about a short term fix , get a killer BRANDABLE domain and work on creating keyword rich posts that drive awesome traffic through search engines.

    1. And Dan, you definitely do write very, very, very high quality content. I have read your stuff for years.

    2. Dan great points. Great content and a lot of content on the inner pages of domains is usually a sure fire way to get search engine traffic and links from people that feel the content is useful.

  39. Hotdogman says:

    Great tips- I am working on a small law office site right now and I am in the process of getting the Google local stuff set up as I read this. We have already gone to work on link building but I am meeting with the lawyers today and I’m going to suggest the blogger party idea to them.

    1. Right on HDM! With your outgoing personality, it would be a sure hit.

  40. ashkar says:

    Nice… For past few days I was searching to gain more traffic in to my blog. I already heard about SEO. But now only understood about this. I heard wordpress blogs are more friendly with search engine. Any fact in it?

    1. Matt Cutts a long time ago suggested to me to use wordpress.org blogs. It sure has worked out well for me.

      1. Make Money says:

        I don’t know whether I should believe half the stuff he says or what. I swear sometimes that he might be the largest source of miss-information for Google lol

  41. Silva says:

    Being new to SEO I like to read that i ma doing some stuff right. Link building takes time but is effective. Local listings is quick and also effective. Any more tips?

  42. Bloggoneit says:

    Hosting Twitter parties can be as complicated or as uncomplicated as the host wants. One tweet from @sogeshirts and one uncomplicated party later, I’m recreating myself as we speak, focusing on a niche that has a lot of room to grow.

    Great article, DK. I am forever in your debt…

    1. Oh you are so welcome. The best part as @sogeshirts said was that we had so much fun doing it. It really was very little effort, and we all had such a fun time. I loved meeting all of you. That is my favorite is when I can do business, but it feels like I am just screwing around!

    2. That is wonderful Cathie. I am thrilled that you found your niche. Also I agree the party was simple and it just seemed like friends that got together and not strangers. Honestly that party was better than most parties I’ve been to with my own friends and family.

  43. Cool starry, brah. It’s a good case study, and really drives home the importance of not-just-promoting-online. In the long run, I think one could do any amount of spamming one’s sites, or grey-hat promotional methods until the end of time, but the best results will always be achieved when building a real brand, with a real business, by doing real things, and getting real people to talk about them. That’s “marketing”, tried and true.

    1. We just had a long talk about this at http://www.ninthlink.com/

      There will always be those who try to scam the consumer, but ultimately they will most likely end up busted one way or another.

      It feels good to be able to write about exactly what you are doing, where 100,000 people can read about it, and be o.k. with others finding out.

      There is a lot of longevity in that.

  44. Sefderp says:

    You have to wonder how some sites even survive online. If I can’t find a business online, odds are, I’m not going to show up. And no matter how much online advertising you do, it’s not going to sink in, since I don’t click online ads. You’re so right that search engines are a website’s best friend.

  45. krzyjj says:

    What a great article! I have heard a lot about Google trying to change there analysis of websites in order to change the ranking, but some of your tips and tricks here show how to get around that. I always the only way to build up a good listing position is to have a ton of links, but you have proved otherwise. Thanks for this insightful information as it will really come in handy!

    1. Make Money says:

      They are always going for more organic results. Can’t say I blame them. They want to keep their business afloat I guess haha!

  46. sagar09211 says:

    Really cool way to increase your SEO. You have hit the nail in the head linking blogging to social life.

  47. This party was a success on so many levels.
    Sushi/wine – amazing.
    Meeting other bloggers in my area was in itself a great opportunity to not only put faces with the articles but to network.
    But DK gave us advice, lessons, AND the know how to use it properly. This night was such an incredible value to me on so many levels.

    1. Thank you, thank you. I loved meeting you guys. I think one part that made it really special, and I have taught on this a lot in the past, is putting together people who would not have otherwise gotten together, but who really are interested in each other.

      I think that is why my poker tournaments at pubcon and affiliate summit, and my high end internet entrepreneur event thinktank goes off so well is that it brings together people with common needs and interests, and gets them interacting.

      1. You’re like a pimp, but in a really awesome way that benefits everyone! LOL

        AND Thanks for your insight and helping me to see the light in making semperfimomma.com MY domain. I noticed when I switched over my google page rank went back to 0, but I know that in time that will pick up again. ( I was 2 when with blogspot ) I’ve also started utilizing google analytics, which I’m still new to but catching on. I love that it shows me the keywords that are helping those find my site. Now I know what works, and how to find new ones to drive readers to my site.
        I greatly appreciate that you put this info into plain english for me. You’re like the SEO for dummies guru.
        And this past weekend, in a moment of clarity, I finally realized what I want to do with my blog. I have an actual purpose. Crazy right? LOL Really looking forward to putting my new learned skills to the test.

        1. hahaha on calling DK a pimp. He is a knowledge pimp that is for sure. So glad Laura that you had fun and that is great that you are using google analytics. The knowledge of knowing those traffic pulling keywords is huge. In addition you can find all those related keywords to the keywords you are already getting traffic from and try to rank for those as well.

          That is fantastic that you found what you want to do with your blog. As always let me know when your posts are up. I loved the post today about military kids needing to be recognized.

  48. Dr. J says:


    as always…you provide great content in a way to consume that makes me think I am just reading a fun story.

    love the party with the bloggers…

    what do you think the best way is to get to the top of the local listings map?

    have a great day


    1. My answer sucks, but I find it to be true. Still it seems like they mostly care about where the office is. If I were to open a new office, I would check to where the center of the offices are that are listed on the google local map and open there.

      David Mimh is the real expert on this, http://www.davidmihm.com/blog/ and he identifies lots of other important factors, but it seems like location is the biggest one.

  49. SurferWife says:

    Poor DK has tried so hard to get me to purchase a better domain name. And here I sit in all of my blonde idiotness with the lame ass Surferwife23 nonsense.

    If someone wants to find me, they google SurferWife and up I come.

    Ok, retarded question, but how do I find my page rank?

    1. This plugin for firefox, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/live-pagerank/ or anyone like it will cause a little bar to show up, showing you page rank.

      See when you get links to your site like the cool one I just did, it only helps blogspot make more money. 🙂

      I am ready to help!

      One thing I did, was make my site purposeincorporated.com which I used for years. Then when I was able to get purposeinc.com I switched over. From what I understand if you do it right (I can help when the time comes), you get to keep all the value of the links.

      1. P.S., also go to http://en.gravatar.com/ and get a gravatar set up. Then you can have a cool little pic by your name when you comment 😉

  50. Nice article , and lol , your T-shirt made me laugh .

  51. fazal mayar says:

    Cool stuff…seo is really important but you can generate good traffic without it

  52. PPC Ian says:

    Great post! I like the idea about throwing a party to get links from local bloggers.

  53. Tom says:

    Awesome study here DK. I just had a silly EMD reach #1, however the niche is not too competitive, so it only took around 15 links to get there. Another way you could get some related links is advertise on other Chiropractic blogs and ask them for a blog write up with your advertisement.

  54. kiks says:

    John thanks for this great guest post and great idea I have noticed this happening on many listings.

  55. Dave says:

    Nice writeup John!

  56. Donna says:

    Great tips! And I need to do something with my name domain I bought quite some time back. 🙂

  57. Certainly a domain name with is an exact match with the keyword that you want to rank, will make your site rank well for this keyword but there are a lot chances that this domain name is taken by someone else.

  58. Great infoJohn,
    Thank you for sharing it

  59. LadyUmbrella says:

    Great post and really agree, doing something in real life that sparks peoples interest and compels them to blog about it is one of the most effective ways of getting good organic and natural SEO and backlinks…

  60. SEO is crucial to a blog’s success.

    1. It’s “crucial” to any websites success that are relying on search engine’s for traffic!

  61. Kent says:

    Maybe Im just so tired right now that I couldnt keep up, but I have absolutely not idea what you were talking about. HAHA.

    The most important thing I got from your post is to buy a kicka$$ domain name, and ask John Chow to link to me. Lol. Jk. Good Post

    1. That alone may not be a bad strategy 🙂

  62. Onsite SEO is also important as it is many times neglected.

    1. Agreed! It is under-rated and I like that since your competitors are focusing on offsite seo whereas, you can focus on both. Then again I don’t like relying mainly on search engines for my traffic!

      1. @Nicholas I can’t agree more. With google you have to wait for them to search for you. It is much funner to go after them. I always look at google users as bonus customers, but you can never count on them. But then again on the other hand you can never count on customers from anywhere! Thank god for email lists. 🙂

  63. John
    I love ur expression in the pic 🙂
    And ur Tshirt is amazing.. 🙂

  64. Brock says:

    Best. Shirt. EVER! Ha!
    Very interesting article, by the way. The power of Google 😉

  65. Roy says:

    Don’t have time to finish all the comments. But I am very interested to know how much does a party like this cost to gain these “natural” links. 🙂

    1. My friend Ray, who owns Falkner Winery, http://www.falknerwinery.com/, donated the award winning wine. Maybe $100 of staff time. $200 of sushi, or maybe more? Can’t remember. Plus dessert from Trader Joes.

      I could have gone way cheaper, but I just love great food, and wanted everyone to have a great time, more than just talk.

      I have done similar stuff for free, or even made people pay to come.

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  68. And I am completely agree with you! I really like this idea,thanks again..

  69. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) target paid listings. In general, the earlier (or higher on the page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

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  71. I am speech less to say something about it..so keep such sharing…

  72. Is the – My name is John Chow – t-shirt for sell? I’d get one.

    1. John Chow says:

      No, I never thought about selling them. Didn’t think anyone but a John Chow would wear it. lol

      1. I’d wear it. LOL

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