Long Tail Keyword Tools for Effective Research

The user search pattern is changing rapidly and it’s important you stay ahead of the trend. Google has made it no secret they are tweaking their search algorithm to meet the demands of users. For example, you’ve probably noticed the following changes so far…

The search pattern is becoming more long tail, meaning searches consisting of more than 2+ phrases. Latent semantic indexing is playing a bigger role in search by closely relating keywords together. Next, people are becoming more precise in the way they search, narrowing down their requirements. With a more targeted search, users are able to find the precise information they are looking for. Anyway, now that you know how the search pattern is changing, it’s important to perform the right keyword research. This means utilizing some of the tools you have available for research. So far, I’ve narrowed it down to “4” awesome tools you can start to utilize right now.

Let’s get started…

Google Keyword Planner

An awesome FREE tool provided by Google to narrow down your research. This tool has worked magic for me but you need to know how to utilize it correctly. For example, it’s very easy to get caught up using keywords NOT targeted to your blog. Many people end up using broad keywords, but the objective is to find “long-tail” keywords through Google Planner. Even though this tool will provide you with related keywords, it’s better utilized for long-tail search. Here are some common things to pay attention to…

First, always start with your target keyword when performing a search. Next, look for keywords with more than 3+ words as they’re effective long-tail words. Make sure, whatever keywords you choose, they are relevant to your purpose. You don’t want to rank for a keyword that doesn’t lead to relevant content. Many people say it’s important to have main keyword in search phrase but with the introduction of LSI, this is becoming less priority. You’ll learn how to find LSI keywords in the next step.

Google Search

One of the best FREE tool for finding LSI (latent semantic indexing) or related keywords. I’ve been using the Google search bar to generate a handful of awesome related keywords for my content. What many bloggers need to pay attention to is the drop-down and bottom of the search results page. For example, when I begin to perform a search, Google will drop-down closely related search terms perfect to incorporate into my content. Next, once the search generates results, I can skim to the bottom and find a section “Search Closely Related To”, where they’ll list relevant keywords. Next,

You should go through each one, narrowing them down further, making sure the keywords you choose will be perfect for your content. Relevancy is very important and you should focus on 3+ word phrases to incorporate the long-tail aspect too.


An amazing cost effective solution for anyone who has some cash to invest in keyword tool and has be gaining enormous popularity quickly. What makes this tool so effective?

First, it does all the work for you and all that’s required is your URL. The tool will automatically provide you with a breakdown of the right keywords for you by analyzing your content and pages. For example, it provides you with long-tail and LSI keywords best for you so you can make the tweaks necessary to benefit your rankings. Another awesome benefit is you can narrow down the type of keywords you want to add to your content.

The options include…

  • LSI
  • Long Tail
  • The tool will add a score next to each one

This is a very affordable solution, with prices starting at $9.95/mo


The buzz has gone down over the last several months regarding this tool but it’s still very effective for keyword research. It’s an affordable tool starting at $19/mo, with a $97 setup fee, but the features are awesome. You can start with the FREE trial to make sure it provides you with the right features you need to take your content to the next level.

Long Tail Pro provides you with a list of popular but related keywords you can utilize within your content. It’ll provide data on the following: keyword popularity, keyword competitiveness, DA rank, PA rank, etc.

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7 thoughts on “Long Tail Keyword Tools for Effective Research”

  1. Hi Rizvan,

    Using the Google search bar is my fave – and quickest – way to simply find good, dependable long tail keywords related to my niche. Good money. Literally. Because when you get serious about search terms long tail style you can corner keywords that the big boys are not trying to nail down. That’s where the money is. That’s where the paying traffic is, via Google. Nail down enough of these related long tail terms and you will be golden.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Rizvan,

    I personally use LongTail Pro, I’ve been using it for several years and got in under the lifetime license. So I don’t have to pay a monthly fee, which is awesome, as I hate subscriptions.

    I use it to help me find Longtail keywords for my blog posts. While I admit that I don’t use it everyday.

    What I like to do is set aside a specific day and find keywords that I can use for my blog. Then I’ll take all those keywords and put them on a Google Document. Then when I write a new blog post, I’ve already got a nice stash of keywords that I can start using without having to spend time finding new ones.

    As a new blogger, I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to rank for those longtail keywords. If you write enough blog posts, eventually, you’ll start to see the traffic and income coming in.

    Thanks for sharing these tools with us, have a great one 🙂


  3. Truly pleasant post, Your article is extraordinary instructional exercise for any blogger or site proprietor to use various tool o investigate on long tail Keyword. This is extremely tedious process for each blogger or site proprietor to pursuit and actualize right long tail keyword, your article has included some additional learning about use of tools to discover long tail Keyword on my site or blog.

    Much appreciated and Please continue posting such sort of instructive post.

  4. Amani says:

    Thanks For Sharing.

  5. Nick Raineri says:

    Thanks for sharing the helpful tools Rizvan, nice post!

  6. Jack says:

    Long tail keywords are beneficial for SEO because it’s a customer centric words and these type of words generates a huge traffic.

  7. A true helping hand for beginners, i mostly use google keyword planner and google search to find out best keywords that rank quickly. Once long tail keywords are ranked, it is very simple to rank the original keyword.
    Bundle of thanks for this great reading.

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