Low Traffic Blogs Can Make Money Too

If you are reading this review, then there is a good chance that you have at least some interest in how to make money online. You want to get to the point where you are earning a consistent Internet income, allowing you to really enjoy the dot com lifestyle and get away from the 9-to-5 rat race.

Many people have similar ambitions and they see professional blogging as one way to achieve these goals. The thing is that most people assume that if you want to make money blogging, you need to have tons of traffic. That may not necessarily be true, because the training course from Bloggers Creed outlines a system where you can generate sales using only a small number of fans and low traffic.

Be a Six-Figure Pro Blogger

Bloggers Creed consists of a series of training videos that will walk you, step by step, through the process of building, maintaining and running your money-making blogs. They use a trademark system for creating what they call Blog Assets and the key here is that you don’t need to generate a lot of traffic in order to make a lot of money.


In fact, Bloggers Creed is saying that this system will “shake the current bloggers culture” and that it is a “completely new approach to running or starting a blogging business.” It is designed to be suitable for both new bloggers and people who are already a little more experienced when it comes to professional blogging. This system has been able to generate Bloggers Creed founder Ansel Gough a six-figure income for many years.

So, how does it work?

Platform Blogs and Harvest Blogs

At the heart of the Bloggers Creed approach are two key elements. You hae what they call platform blogs and then you have what they call harvest blogs.


The discussion of this concept starts with a few free videos that outline what you can expect and these are illustrated through a series of real-life examples. The videos are transparent and don’t play up the hype factor.

What you’ll learn is that your “platform” blog is going to be your main blog. This is where you will actively post new articles and build up a community for your fans and subscribers. It’ll cover a broader niche market.

The “harvest” blogs, on the other hand, are going to be several secondary blogs that you’ll also be running. The idea is that you can use the harvest blogs, which cover a more specific niche within your main “platform” blog niche, to generate sales directly. The harvest blogs can also help to build up the main traffic to the primary platform blog too. Because of this, the harvest blogs themselves don’t have to have too much traffic individually.

One Month Training Course

The actual training course itself is powered by the familiar WordPress platform. So, after you’ve signed up, you simply log into the system using your username and password. This grants you access to the four weeks of lessons and materials.


In each of the four weeks, you’ll be provided access to that portion of the video training series, as well as any relevant resources or exercises to help you learn how to use the Bloggers Creed system. Step by step, you’ll learn how to set up a small number of harvest blogs to create fresh targeted traffic, create fans, and turn those fans into customers to generate almost immediate cash flow.

The first week, titled “The Creed,” is mostly introductory materials that will teach you about the system and how it works. From there, you’ll proceed to Week 2: The Harvest, Week 3: The Following and Week 4: The Blog Effect.


Of course, if you’re a total keener, you could get through all four weeks of material in less time than that, but it is recommended that you follow that general timeframe. It will help with your understanding and application of the material and it will also give time for your blogs to start generating traffic (and income).

Making Money with Minimal Traffic

Many professionals will tell you that the only way you’re going to make money blogging is if you have a lot of traffic coming through your site. While it is certainly true that having more traffic could give you more opportunities, it may not necessarily make you any more money. It’s about having the right kind of traffic, funneled in the right kind of way.

If you want to learn how you can build up and launch your own system of Blog Assets, then get started with the video series from Bloggers Creed today.

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  1. I. C. Daniel says:

    Agree with you. Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  2. ZK says:

    Very well designed landing page, looks like a great training program for bloggers.

    1. Ansel Gough says:

      Thanks ZK. I appreciate the feedback.

  3. Ryan Kaufman says:

    hey Michael,

    I’ve read your review not just because I’m interested to make money online, but also because I want to get the most out of my business model.

    Running a site / or blog without testing conversion is nothing; I mean, you could make lots of money and little or no profit. We’re into this for ROI, isn’t it?

    Posts like yours inspire me to achieve maximum conversion from my traffic and affiliate offers.

    Going to check out those juicy vids next!

    Thank you for the great value you’ve stumbled upon with today’s article!

  4. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    it looks tempting but I don’t know if it will works.
    I think you still need a lot of traffic to your main blog.

    But thanks for the share Michael.

    See you on top.



    1. Ansel Gough says:

      Hi Erwin,

      Thanks for your feedback. The more traffic the better, providing it’s quality traffic – however you can still convert a small amount of traffic and then cycle that same traffic through your blogs, affiliate products, your own products, etc.

      I’ve been doing this full time for 11 years now, and I’ve been able to pull in more cash flow than others with who have much higher traffic.

      Thanks for reading.
      Ansel – BloggersCreed.com

      1. Shalabh says:

        Quite True Ansel. I think it all depends on effective conversion rates and better use of funnelling your visitors into more productive output.

        After Content is King, this is the best advice I got in a while !

        Thanks !

  5. Thank you for this post,
    Have a small audience and deliver high value information is better than a big list with no real value.

  6. Alex says:

    A very interesting post John. I have signed up for Bloggers Creed and look forward to seeing the videos!

    1. Ansel Gough says:

      Thanks Alex – welcome to BloggersCreed.com

      Looking forward to seeing some of your Harvest Blogs.


  7. Norm says:

    It will be interesting to see your idea of what a harvest blog is.

    Look forward to seeing your videos

    1. Ansel Gough says:

      Thanks Norm. We have examples of a harvest blog on the video. Basically it’s a blog that is designed to sell a product…. it uses “pre-set posts” to achieve this.

      Ansel – BloggersCreed.com

  8. Charles says:

    This bloggers creed looks like something I need to look at right away. I am getting traffic to my blogs, but it is not quality traffic. Can this help me overcome this?

    1. Ansel Gough says:

      Hi Charles,

      Yes, you are in a great position to make it work. We have other customers who have had a similar problem. Usually it’s a matter of putting together your preset posts to convert the traffic into sales.

      Ansel – BloggersCreed.com

  9. Wadud says:

    Hey Everyone,

    Seems like this is a well thought out program, but something occurred to me…
    Isn’t Blogging With John Chow good enough?

    In all seriousness, I’m sure this program is helpful.

    Thanks for the info

  10. Rohit sharma says:

    This is something interesting for me , i completely noob

  11. Sunday says:

    Hi Michael,
    The Bloggers Creed seems like a very helpful concept. Making money with minimal traffic should be a system one readily wants to checkout. I just love the clarity of the review and hopeful that this course will provide subscribers with the promised opportunities to become a pro blogger with low traffic!

    1. Ansel Gough says:

      Thanks Michael. I appreciate the feedback.

      Ansel – BloggersCreed.com

  12. This can really be handy for blogs with low traffic…

    Is something I can recommend to other bloggers struggling to make ends means from their blogs.

    Thanks for sharing Michael.

    1. Ansel Gough says:

      You’re welcome Jackson. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, you can recommend it to other bloggers. We work with a lot of bloggers and even pro bloggers.

      Ansel – BloggersCreed.com

  13. William says:

    The Blogger Creed should really be awesome. I was attracted by the title “low traffic” and it seems this course is going to reveal more on this. I am taking a shot at it 😀

    1. Ansel Gough says:

      You won’t be disappointed William 🙂

      Ansel – BloggersCreed.com

  14. Gene Walters says:

    Very interesting stuff. Good information, for those trying to make money blogging. It can be a relatively easy endeavor if you have the right knowledge.

  15. faisal says:

    Yes, traffic is not the sole criteria always, depends on many other things too.

  16. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article! If only I had read about this when my blog wasn’t receiving a lot of traffic!

    1. Ansel Gough says:

      You’re welcome. Thanks for the feedback Alvin.

      Ansel – BloggersCreed.com

  17. culture says:

    looks like a great training program for bloggers.

  18. Your point about having the right kind of traffic funneled the right way is well taken. I would much rather have 20 visitors per day really interested in my product and close to the buying stage, than 100 visitors not interested at all.

    Great post!

    1. Ansel Gough says:

      Thanks Joseph. Your example is spot on. For example, we’ve had an affiliate send 3,000 visitors to one of our Harvest Blogs and they only received 1 sale. Yet one of our other affiliates send only a few hundred people and sold thousands of dollars worth of the same product. Traffic quality makes a huge difference! We like to call it “Money Traffic” – it’s the traffic that converts into actual sales and cash flow for your blog. We’re releasing a blog post on this topic soon.

      Ansel – BloggersCreed.com

  19. tips moon says:

    thank you for your important post about low traffic blogs can make make money . It’s very useful to us.

  20. Alan Hong says:

    Great post! Of course blogs with low traffic can make money. I think it really comes down to the quality of your content or what you’re writing.

  21. Yep, this bloggers creed looks like something I need to look at right away. I am getting traffic to my blogs, but it is not quality traffic. Can this help me overcome this…

    1. Ansel Gough says:

      Yes, we have an entire module on “Traffic Channels” – which shows you how to bring in quality traffic that converts, not just any kind of traffic. We also show you how to “cycle your traffic” using Harvest Blogs.

      Ansel – BloggersCreed.com

  22. Boyzee says:

    Thanks for the good advices!!!

  23. Liton Biswas says:

    Hey Michael,
    How many traffics are minimal?

    1. Ansel Gough says:

      It depends on your offer and product.

      Ansel – BloggersCreed.com

  24. Julian Dura says:

    Believe it or not unlike the Brits in The ideal Exotic Marigold Hotel, who want to leave England I would adore to retire to England. I love that country!

  25. All this info was very helpful, I have start using these methods

  26. Shirley says:

    I would love to blog but I have no idea what to blog about? I don’t have a particular passion about any topic so how can I blog and become a authority. The only thing I have a passion about is to learn and make money online so I can quit my current job. It sounds to me if I bought the bloggers creed I would have to have a niche.

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