Lunch At The Cheesecake Factory Woodland Hills

I was at a Joel Bauer Passion 2 Profit event over the weekend (l’ll have a review of that BS soon) and had an opportunity to have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I can’t believe I haven’t eaten at Cheesecake Factory before. Maybe it’s because of their name – I’m not much into cheesecakes. However, cheesecakes are just the start of what the restaurant chain offers.

The Cheesecake Factory did start out with nothing but cheesecakes. Today, it’s a restaurant empire with 157 locations across the United States. We dined in the Woodland Hills, California restaurant.

Cheesecake Factory Restaurants are very big. Most of the California locations have outdoor patios so you can enjoy dining in the sun, which is what we did. The menu is very colorful and offers sponsored advertising as well as food. I give the Cheesecake Factory props for maximizing their revenue. Selling advertising on their menus is something most restaurant don’t do.

Cheesecake Factory Grilled Shrimp and Bacon Club

I order the grilled shrimp and bacon club for lunch. It was made from charbroiled shrimps, bacon, lettuce and tomato with the Cheesecake Factory special dressing. The club is normally served with french fries or a green salad, but I upgraded to a Caesar salad.

Overall, it was one of the best club sandwiches I ever had. The Cheesecake Factory menu offers so many items that I will have to go there a few more times to try out some of the other dishes. If they’re anything as good as the grilled shrimp and bacon club, then I’m going to be a customer for life.

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12 thoughts on “Lunch At The Cheesecake Factory Woodland Hills”

  1. Swimwear Man says:

    I have been there while I went to Lincolnshire couple of months back..!It’s truly awesome..!!!

  2. John, I have dined there before in Bellevue and the menu is huge. I still haven’t tried the cheesecake though!

  3. Shane E. Vadnais says:

    John, you where a block from my house! Their food is very good as are their Mojitos! If you’re ever back in the area and want a free lunch hit me up. I follow you on twitter, I receive your newsletters and I read your blog regularly and would love to meet you in person. Find me on twitter @shanevadnais

  4. Shalu Sharma says:

    The food looks amazing, almost heavenly. I am not in the USA so I am not aware of this restaurant but looking at the dish in the photo, it is amazing, very mouthwatering. Thank you for showing this to us.

  5. Nikki Jones says:

    lol – so the Passion 2 Profit wasn’t much good then?

  6. fas says:

    Can you show an advertisement of the ad they carried?

    1. John Chow says:

      No, I didn’t take a pic of the menu. 🙁 But I did recall Coke taking a full page on the drink menu.

  7. That was fun! I love cheescake factory. I have to watch it though because their dishes are pretty heavy. The monte cristo I had kept me full for the rest of the day. And I can’t wait to see the review of Joel. What a bunch of croc.

  8. Debra Faris says:

    I had the eggs Benedict and it was mmm.. yummy, but the company was better:) What a great life… great food shared with great friends, life just keeps getting better.

    1. That looked good too Debra. I’m craving some now.

  9. Sam Micheal says:

    Could you tell me where is the exact location location for Cheesecake Factory please ?

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