Lunch With Ed Lau

Me eating Ed eating

Ed Lau over at the.[ED]ition has posted the interview he did with me over lunch at a local Richmond eatery. I had a seafood noodle with ice milk tea while Ed had some fried noodle with ice lemon tea. Ed started his blog on November 6 and has already knocked down 37 blog posts and nearly 20,000 page views.

Ed’s line of questioning is way different than any other interviews I’ve done. This is because I know Ed personally. We talked about blogging, the state of the Internet and my recent banning from Digg. You can read the full interview here.

One thing I want to clear up about the interview. While I did in fact provoke a serial killer (his name was Terry Driver), I did not kill any baby pandas in a rock fight. However, I’m pretty sure I injured a few humans.

17 thoughts on “Lunch With Ed Lau”

  1. Interesting interview to read, although i cant say there was any juicy information it definitly was humouristic and i enjoy’d reading it. I didnt add Ed’s blog to my RSS subscriptions just yet, but maybe in some time. You’r giving him a good push by mentioning him here. 🙂 I’l have to get an interview from you when i release my weblog (if i ever do..). All out.

  2. Michael Kwan says:

    If I’m not mistaken, that looks like Kam Do.

  3. John Chow says:

    Michael – You are not mistaken.

  4. Rex says:

    Azn’s and noodles. Who would have thought..

  5. Gdog says:

    Kam Do is the bomb…that’s what I was thinking too! So Ed is drinking an iced lemon tea…

  6. Mayo says:

    What happened with Terry Driver?? What’s the story John?? 🙁

  7. Carl says:

    I need to do a blog about KAM DO!

    Me, John, and Ed would be there, making a ton of noise, and drinking ice milk teas while they were closing up! We’d be the last ones there, while they were cashing out for the day at 3am 😀

  8. Ed says:

    Those were the days. People would look at us funny since there was this thunderstorm of freakin’ noise that would come from our table.

  9. John Chow says:

    Carl – That wasn’t Kam Do, that was Golden. Kam Do closes at 10PM.

  10. Sonia says:

    Ed – and then the fish said: “Good bye, my love, goodbye” and lambs got silenced.

  11. Michael Kwan says:

    Who would have ever thought that Kam Do could be the ideal interview location? 🙂

  12. Carl says:

    Oh yeah GOLDEN! Man it’s been so long I don’t even remember!

    Golden is better than Kam Do, but Kam Do has the BEST baked pork chop in the WORLD.

    A neat little fact (of my life anyway) Kam Do was the very first restaurant I ate at in Richmond, EVER. It was the second time I met Andrea, and I ate there while she went to class at Kwantlen. That was 9 years ago!!!

  13. Carl says:


  14. Ed says:

    Dude, Golden has gone…uh…further downhill since you left. There are so many health code violations now you really don’t wanna go…although it probably wasn’t that healthy when we went either.

    Then again…it never killed us!

  15. John Chow says:

    Then again…it never killed us!

    I bet you they’ve tried!

  16. John Chow says:

    Mayo – One of these days, I will blog about the story of me and Terry Driver.

  17. David Mackey says:

    Provoking a serial killer…

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