Lunch with NeverblueAds

Samantha Brachat (standing next to me) and Mitali Tayal (standing next to Greg) from NeverblueAds came to Vancouver today for lunch. We went to the Cactus Club Cafe on Number 3 Road in Richmond.

It’s been a long time since I’ve dined at the Cactus Club. I used to eat there every week during my LAN party days. Since then, the restaurant chain has hired Iron Chef Rob Feenie as their chief food guy. Rob has been tweaking and revamping the Cactus menu and the results are impressive. Under Rob’s leadership, Cactus Club has won Vancouver Magazine’s Best Casual Restaurant award for the first time ever.

NeverblueAds is a Victoria based affiliate network. They have many exclusive affiliate offers to help you make money online. NeverblueAds is a sponsor of this blog and the upcoming Top Affiliate Challenge reality show. We discussed possible Neverblue offers that my team can use during the show. We’re all very excited about our involvement in the Top Affiliate Challenge and we’re sure your knowledge of affiliate marketing will increase from watching the show.

It was really nice to meet up with NeverblueAds again. I hope to see Samantha in Lincoln, Nebraska next month for the Top Affiliate Challenge. If you haven’t done so, I highly recommend you add NeverblueAds to your list of revenue sources. Then you can run the same offers we’ll be running on the Top Affiliate Challenge.

What Was For Lunch?

It wouldn’t be John Chow dot Com if I didn’t post what we had for lunch. We all shared the first three starter dishes. I had The Burger and Sarah had the Jambalaya Rice Bowl. The Burger is remake of the Feenie Burger back when Rob owned Feenie’s Restaurant. They taste pretty much the same, except The Burger cost less. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Hugo Santos says:

    Another lunch topic? lol
    anyway, you are one of the lucky ones that gets to keep in touch with affiliates companies 🙂
    99% of us don’t even get a contact from our account manager…

    1. It’s always easy to get hungry coming to! I think it’s smart for affiliate companies to make an effort to network with top bloggers. A+ for smarts!


    2. You can always email your affiliate manager and initiate contact on your part.

      1. Abdul says:

        Aha .. 💡 … nice idea

      2. Hugo Santos says:

        that’s the work philosophy. If we need some email them, and they will do the best to help us… at least some will do…

  2. TAC looks like it’s gonna be a blast. They just announced the contestants. I wonder what it’s going to be like!

  3. I am so excited to be one of the contestants on Top Affiliate Challenge. Naturally we don’t know which teams we’ll be on yet, but it will be an amazing learning experience and profitable too!

    The thing I really love about this competition is that everyone gets to watch for free. No big DVD set sold or anything like that – just watch and learn. So be sure to visit the site starting July 1 to see how we all do.

    Ronda Del Boccio, the Story lady
    and the only WOMAN on the show!
    and a blind person too!

  4. bob says:

    you forgot to invite bob. Im very upset about this. I love food.

  5. Michael Kwan says:

    No foie gras in that burger?

    1. John Chow says:

      Nope, I asked. Adding Foie Gras would put that burger out of the Cactus Club price range. That and those damn Foie Gras protesters are making it tough for restaurants serving Foie Gras.

      1. Michael Kwan says:

        That was the whole point of the Feenie Burger! Do they let you add the short ribs?

        1. John Chow says:

          No, it’s just a basic burger. The same as you would get if you order a basic Feenie Burger without the extras.

          1. Thiago Prado says:

            is it the same burger you can get in any fast food restaurant or better?
            by the way, you should have an emoticon take look hungry. :mrgreen:

  6. Man, those green beans look srsly over cooked.

    1. gm says:

      When cooked this way there is an amazing light sweet taste from the carmelized sugars inside the beans. Cooked too little and there is no sweetness, too much and they are burned. These look just right.

      1. I just had some at a restaurant on Friday that didn’t look quite as done as these and they were pretty tasty.

  7. soares says:

    John Chow hello Ijust want to ask you something…do you know if NeverblueADS accept portuguese blogs?If not talk to them(your a influent person) to make possible i think that it would be profitable to them and of course to us portuguese bloggers.
    Best Regards
    Soares – Winonline

  8. I definitely don’t like that second dish 😛

    1. Abdul says:

      I didnt live the ifrst one either, although number 3 is awesome

  9. Thiago Prado says:

    Unbelievable how good your pictures are in the article involving food. do you go to the kitchen to take the pictures?

    1. tyna says:

      I noticed the good photo too,i think this one the best so far.I am thinking it was taken after lunch.

  10. Nice pic of you guys…too bad I couldn’t make it today 😉

  11. Johnny Boy says:

    That looks good! I want some!

  12. tyna says:

    John how far is it from Toronto to Vancouver? I be coming to Toronto maybe we can have lunch with the family.

    1. John Chow says:

      Vancouver is on the west coast. About 4.5 hour flight from Toronto. However, I will be in Toronto in August.

      1. tyna says:

        Looks like we might come to Vancouver in july, well it all depends on my convincing powers.I will let you know.

  13. VeRonda says:

    Good article… what I think is interesting is that you’re so mindful of everything in terms of bringing info. back to the site… I guess hence the successful blog, huh? It’s just a really good habit to make every lunch, every event matter so that it’s relevant for the blog.

  14. wisdom says:

    Potato skins look good, I haven’t had any of those in quite some time…

  15. Chessmaster says:

    Food, John has always posted about food Hugo.

  16. matt says:

    Good food, good friends, good times. Let me just reach in through my monitor and grab a bit. What do you say? yes…. MMMM good!


  17. Two weeks ago, I came out of the building next to the new Cactus Club in downtown Vancouver and noticed they were busy putting in the final touches before grand opening. I asked someone coming out of Cactus Club when was the opening night, he said Friday. Taking a second look at the guy, I recognized him to be Rob Feenie. I just said thanks. No biggie.

  18. I have had my moments of frustration with Neverblueads. First no response to the emails or phone calls. I had to constantly call my AM to place my pixel code. When I got no response, I called the receptionist and had her personally tell him that one of his affiliates is trying to reach him. Finally, Got my campaign started, which surprisingly tanks after certain amount of leads. Can’t generate more than $25/day, no matter what I do. Similar campaign generates over $300 @ azoogle.

    My last resort is to test other offers on Neerblueads. If they perform the same, I’m moving to MarketLeverage and sticking with Azoogle.

  19. Abdul says:

    Nice meal overall, Hope you had fun with them!

  20. Mike Huang says:

    Oh hey, finally more food pics 🙂 I’ve actually been waiting for more pics lol.


  21. Julius says:

    you forgot to invite me. I’m very upset about this. Hehe…just kidding! 😆

  22. Binary Ant says:

    Nice guys these from NBA, I have talked to them twice or three by phone and email. They make a good work.

    I agree with a comment above. Here is Spain it is lunch time and I got hungry with these food pictures…

  23. that’s nice food John! 😀

  24. I have been with Never Blue for about 5 months. Craig Richey is my affiliate manager on Never Blue, he’s awesome. I recommend that you ask for him, he will help you out, tell you the best offers to run, and what works well for paid search, free traffic etc.

    1. Thanks Motion. Jaeson is my AM. I don’t know him well enough so I can’t pass judgment but I have had hard time getting him on the Phone. I have to put up more offers to see how neverblueads turns out for me. I like Neverblueads sicne they way more offers than Azoogle I want to run. But Azoogle is better for me since I have a good AM.

  25. Geiger says:

    You tricked me! I wanted to hear more about NeverBlue Ads. I really think they could grow to be the number 1 or 2 affiliate network in the business.

    1. OCGolfCourse says:

      I think it would be hard to kick off Commission Junction 🙂 You’d be surprised how many sites there are out of the “make money online” niche.

      1. Geiger says:

        I totally agree that they have the most business. NeverBlue though seems to be the most trustworthy network out there. Also their interface seems to be top-notch and improving faster than anybody elses. CJ is very stagnant and just lost their biggest company Ebay. CJ’s reporting is also very lax.

  26. Flimjo says:

    Those potato skins/fries things look delicious.

  27. Again a Delicious POst by John Chow!! 😀

  28. Thor Schrock says:

    Hey John.. I got 2 calls from sponsors today who requested you as a guru and had a list of contestants they wanted on a team. LOL… Whats this about working a little in the morning and then taking the day off? Don’t let Shoemoney smoke you again!

  29. I think it is about time JC had a contest giving away some of the delicious food that he photographs! It always makes me feel starving…! Perhaps some vouchers for a restaurant?

  30. John – if you liked the Cactus Club in Richmond – you shoud check out thier new location on Burrard and Pender – the location is amazing!

  31. The beans do look like they may have been overcooked. And holy calories in the burger, Batman.

  32. Forumistan says:

    What a great lunch ! 🙂 next time, invite me, please 🙂

  33. Austin says:

    That burger makes me very hungry. Looks great!

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