Make $100 With A Citibank Saving Account

Greg over at the reality TV blog sent me the heads up on a promotion Citibank is running in their search for new customers. Right now, if you sign up for a Citibank direct ultimate saving account, Citibank will give you $100 of cold hard cash.

$100 offer is only available for first-time Citibank deposit account customers, and will be paid only once to any individual. Persons who currently have or at any time have had a deposit account at Citibank (or any of its predecessor banks) are not eligible. To receive this offer you must apply for and open a new Ultimate Savings Account by 5/31/2007. $100 will be credited to your Ultimate Savings Account within 90 days from the end of the statement period in which your account was opened. Accounts must be in good standing at the time of the $100 credit.

All accounts are subject to approval. Customer must be a citizen or resident alien of the United States (U.S.) with a valid U.S. taxpayer identification number. The amount of any bonus payment will be reported to the IRS as interest earned in the year credited. Persons under 18 years of age are not eligible. Offer may be modified or withdrawn at any time without notice and is not transferable.

The ultimate saving accounts looks like a good place to park your money while you await the next million dollar deal to come along. Deposits are FDIC insured up to $100,000 and there is no monthly fee or minimum balance required to earn the 4.65% interest.

Too bad I’m not a citizen of the United States or I’ll open an account right away. If you’ve never been a Citibank customers, they’ll give you $100 to try them out. Getting $100 to open a bank account is good deal but it’s not as good as the deal my TD Bank ran a few months back. They gave anyone who was not a TD customer a brand new iPod Nano for opening account.

I think the banks have more money than they know what to do with.

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  1. I always love these posts…but it seems like i will get locked into something and suffer. whats ur thoughts?

    1. John Chow says:

      Normally, when someone offers $100 you always wonder what’s the catch. However, banks spending $100 to get a new customer is nothing new.

      As far as I can tell, there is no catch. You just need to open an account. The only catch I can see if you have to be brand new customer who has never used Citibank before.

      1. Mubin says:

        Theres always a catch john… You should know that, being the root of all evil with your blog about making money online with the internet…

        Just thought I’d stuff some keywords in there for the hell of it.

      2. What about Citibank credit card holders who’ve never opened a savings account with them at all? Are they disqualified from the ultimate savings account promotion?

        1. thats sounds a good deal

    2. Kumiko says:

      Banks don’t do catches and there’s lots of regulations to stop them even trying. They want you to be a LOYAL customer – not someone who is there because they were tricked.

  2. Martin says:

    I would have also liked to setup an account, but I’m also not a US citizen.

  3. Wolf Stone says:

    Darn it…if only i was a U.S. citizen !!

  4. This is a problem I could really help the banks with!

    “I think the banks have more money than they know what to do with.”

  5. Roberta says:

    Keybank (where I work) was giving away
    ipod nanos, too….they even give employees referral bonuses for getting other people to sign on.

    1. ya the same was done by TD bank in canada

  6. I’m pretty sure you have to deposit a certain amount of money or that you have to keep the account open (and active) for a while. Scotia Bank offered something similar with a free airline ticket across Canada. Better off reading the fine prints!

    1. that’s right

      you also have to earn enough cash a month to open an account with citi

      1. Minimum income requirements…if I’m not mistaken, I think that only applies to credit card applications.

  7. Shawn Knight says:

    Free money just for opening an account… cant go wrong there πŸ™‚

  8. Funny isn’t it?

    Well, I am sure John earns referral fees from Citibank.

    1. Jack says:

      yes. and that’s great isn’t it? i wish this blog was mine πŸ™‚

    2. John Chow says:

      It would be nice to earn a referral fee, but that’s a direct link.

  9. David Mackey says:

    Pretty sweet…Now do they have an affiliate program for this offer?

  10. Thanks for the link. I signed up and will be sending in my paperwork tomorrow.

    I contacted a chat rep and she said it was free with no account minimums or fees. Depositing a $1 and getting $101+ out in 90 days. That’s awesome….and evil:grin:!

    1. That’s good to know, Kris, thanks for sharing that bit of info. πŸ™‚

  11. Open an account with my company and I’ll get you a 7% 3year CD. 😯

    You can get even better deals. The key here is that there are CD brokers. CD Brokers usually work with larger amounts such as $100K, but some may take smaller amounts. The CD brokers pool all the funds and repackage them back to the individual in the form of high yield instruments.

  12. Shaun Carter says:

    This sucks… I signed up for one last month and only get $50 πŸ™

    1. They did say applications would still be subjected to approval. Maybe you didn’t have all the requirements, Shaun?

  13. Citibank sucks. Sign up for this deal, and expect telemarketer calls from Citi every two weeks from now until eternity inviting you to get a Citi credit card.

    Chase is no better… If you really want a credit card or savings account with no scum, look into credit unions in your area. Of the three credit unions I’ve been a member of in my life, I’ve never received a telemarketing call from any of them, trying to drag their customers further into debt.

  14. Overall, this looks like a totally legit promotion. The follow-up calls from Citibank telemarketers could be an issue for some though, but you can always say “no thanks, Mr telemarketer sir. Talk to you tomorrow? Perfect. Bye!” 😈

  15. Nothing is free in this life. If you get $100 from one place, that’s because some else is paying for it.

    “FREE” does not mean no cost. It merely signifies WHO is NOT paying.


    1. Interesting way of putting it — makes sense, too.

  16. ricdes says:

    Some friends work in a bank here in Switzerland. They’r apprentices. They aren’t earning alot but they always get some things for every worke they’ve done. Last time it was a brand new Wii.

  17. Interesting oppurtunity, but this one is not for me…

  18. Don says:

    Citibank….yuk! They’d have to pay me more than $100 to use them!

    Make it a cool grand with no strings attached and I might think about it 😈

    ➑ Don

  19. Wow, what a great deal! too bad I already have a Citibank. But my relatives…

    1. Yeah, it’s something you can definitely let your family in on.

  20. I wouldn’t mind a few freebies to cover all the interest charges I used to pay!

  21. Seems like a pretty good deal (if you don’t let the telemarketers get to you). The fine print may not have any unreasonable conditions, but it must include a minimum time frame wherein you have to maintain a certain amount of money.

  22. Sarthak K says:

    Wow, I wish I was in US to take on this offer πŸ˜₯ Anyways, one of these days…

  23. Wahlau.NET says:

    Good to be in US

    Anyway I have an account there b4

  24. Good luck if you’re kinda young and live in Arizona — my driver’s license expires on my 65th birthday in 2030 and the website won’t accept that as a valid expiration date. πŸ‘Ώ

  25. Chicago 2016 says:

    $100 is still better than a toaster, but doesn’t Citibank also give out iPods?

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