Make $25 by Signing Up for Kontera ContentLink


My friends at Kontera are running a limited time offer for new publishers. If you sign up before the new year and reach 50,000 impressions during your first month, they’ll give you an additional $25.

Kontera ContentLink allows you to make money from advertising without giving up any current advertising spots. Their technology reads your post and turns certain words into an ad. The highlighted words are double underline and an ad pops up when you hover over it. You are allowed to run Kontera ContentLink on the same page as Google AdSense. It does not violate the AdSense TOS.

For advertising networks, the biggest problem isn’t getting people to sign up, it’s getting them to install the ad codes. It amazes me the number of people who sign up for TTZ Media (or Kontera) and then don’t install the ad codes. That’s like ordering a nice dinner and then not eating it. It makes no sense but that’s what happens. Very few people follow up and follow through.

Kontera is hoping the $25 bonus will get people to not only sign up but also to install the ad code. You have 30 days from the date you’re approved to generate the 50,000 impression so if you don’t install the codes right away, you may not make it. Kontera is a consistent money maker on this blog and I highly recommend them.

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66 thoughts on “Make $25 by Signing Up for Kontera ContentLink”

  1. says:

    I use Kontera and have been very happy with them.

    1. This looks like incentive for me to finally join.

      1. I signed up a month ago, but I’d rather wait a bit longer before I say anything.

    2. Shaun Carter says:

      I also have been happy with Kontera on my blog. It is my top earner every month as well.

    3. Me too. I like Kontera. Easy extra income.

  2. Nice offer but how many blogs reach 50,000 hits a month?

    1. I’ll bet there are more out there than you would think. That’s only 1,667 pageviews per day. My best day so far has been 1,141 page views, so it’s not out of the question.

  3. Steve! says:

    My blog doesn’t qualify… 😥

  4. sir jorge says:

    50,000 hits?

    I get that, but not uniques…

    1. John Chow says:

      The 50,000 is based on ad impressions. As long as 50,000 pages load with the Kontera ads, you’re good. It’s not 50,000 uniques.

      1. John, Please Check your ReviewMe account! tnx

    2. I think that would mean page views because every time someone views a post there will be Kontera links showing up.

    1. How is this not spam? It makes no sense.

      1. Its a trackback 😉

        Which means, in his post he must have mentioned this thread, so hence, the trackback and not spam

        1. Shaun Carter says:

          Actually it’s not a trackback… it’s spam.

  5. Cigar Jack says:

    I signed up for Kontera but didn’t implement the ads because I fear annoying too many readers. I know I hate those ads myself.

    1. Most people that “hate” ads are webmasters. From my own experience Mr Average Joe Reader doesn’t care. Kontera has been very good for me.

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        I couldn’t agree more with you. And Kontera ads are very non-intrusive to boot. They’re basically the same as a hyperlink. I’m much more annoyed by those flashy skyscrapers that blink real fast.

  6. Reach 50,000 impressions during your first month that sounds not easy for small blog.

    Beware of blog contest scams. Here is a List of Blog Contest Scammers :mrgreen:

  7. Stephen says:

    I won $25.00 on a scratch and win. That was way easier 😆

  8. But John, Paid reviews can’t entertain Kontera links – it will be injustice to advertisers. PPP had sent such notice to bloggers long back.

    1. John Chow says:

      That is PPP’s policy. It’s not the policy of other review services.

  9. Gary R. Hess says:

    I’ve been running Kontera on a site for a while now, and while it started out paying well ($15/day about), after about a month it went down to around $6/day all while receiving the same amount of traffic.

    I like the overall feel of Kontera, but it just doesn’t pay that well for the amount of people it ticks off.

  10. Talking about impressions?

  11. 50,000 impressions? Count me out.

  12. I signed up with them a while back and never heard anything from them. Now I tried to sign up again and I was in the system.

    It could be that Kontera is not getting their emails through spam filters or not sending them out to tell people they have been approved.

    1. Matthew says:

      Just send them an email. I had a similar problem with Chitika and it was resolved quickly after emailing support.

  13. trmanco says:

    If only Non- English websites could be qualified, I bet they would get a handful of good publishers …

    1. And a boat load of bad publishers. 😛

  14. I use it with my 30+ blogs/sites and 50,000 impressions are not much!

    1. Steve! says:

      Well SORRY. Not everyone can garner 50 000 hits/month 🙄 😛

      1. Mad Ape says:

        It is not hits, it is impressions. Come on dude get your terminology correct.

        The Mad Ape

  15. Awesomeology says:

    Wish I could take advantage of this offer! I’ve been getting over 300,000 pageviews per month but I already use Kontera. Oh, well.

    1. Matthew says:

      Would an extra $25 really make an impact on your income if you are already doing 300k page views a month?

  16. hts says:

    get once on the frontpage of digg and you’ll get more than enough impressions to sign up with kontera 🙂

  17. I might give them a go.

  18. Nice offer but 50, 000 impression a moth will eliminate a lot of bloggers.

  19. You can choose whether or not your post shows Kontera Links

  20. Nice, but how many blogs have 50,000 visitors?

  21. Jacob says:

    Like Famous Quotes said…I think that 50,000 in one month is going to be difficult. I would suggest giving people two months, but I guess Kontera doesn’t really want to give that much money out, only hope that people actually install the code.

  22. Mike Huang says:

    John John John…you still gotta realize that not everyone gets as much visitors as you. That is why some of us sign up and never install the codes. Why bother when there is no clicks…


  23. I thought Google is penalizing heavily all blogs that are using text-link ads? I read this some time ago, I think.. why would you want to use Kontera if your Pagerank is zeroed, meaning your site won’t appear on the Google search engine results?

    1. Matthew says:

      They only penalize those that pass PR. Kontera does not pass PR.

      1. What do you mean by those thas pass PR (PageRank?)?

        1. Matthew says:

          Yes.. PR = Pagerank.
          Penalties are given for those selling text links on their site such as in the sidebar like the ones from text link

  24. Contest Beat says:

    I’ve always thought Vibrant Media was the one to go with

  25. vpl says:

    Kontera is better than Vibrant Media.

  26. In the 12 months I’ve been with Kontera I’ve almost hit the 1,000 click mark. Problem is, the CPC is so damn low it’s hardly worth it. My 12 month average CPC is $0.05. I’m guessing that’s why a lot of people don’t install the code, or remove it very quickly. At this rate it will take me another 14 months to reach their $100 payout level.

    I have to wonder is $0.05 worth sending someone away from your site?

    For Kontera to be viable for me they need to drastically improve their CPC as well as reduce their payout level.

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      I’ve often wondered what influences which keywords in your website are highlighted for Kontera. On my blog my average CPC is always at least 10 cents and lately has been around 25 cents per click. The irony here is that Kontera has overtaken my Adsense earnings recently and I haven’t changed a thing with Kontera.

    2. Mad Ape says:

      That has been a sore spot of the entire PPC industry. Its Achilles Heel so-to-speak. PPP has realized this. With PPP, you get a guaranteed conversion and the website owner does not give up any space or lose the visitor due to a click-through.

      The Mad ape

  27. meet says:

    Does the visitor needs to click to get publisher revenue 🙄

    Or its just a CPM ad ?

  28. Well if Kontera is paying 5-10 cents per click, you can count me in! Google seems to only want to drop a couple of pennies for clicks from my site.

    1. Mad Ape says:

      better keywords, better content, better seo plus other techniques leads to higher paying ads on your site.

      It is the evil Google way!

      The Mad Ape

  29. says:

    Sounds great :mrgreen: , I already joined on kontera yah of course great side income –

  30. I signed up using John’s link. For good measure, I threw in Joel Comm’s name. I seem to remember Joel Comm saying if you mention him, you will get in even if you dont have much traffic.

  31. Useful information. But unlike adsense Kontera should give sanction for each blog separatey. and I could not find a link to submit additional site and referral link. Can I put adcode to my other sites without thier prior sanction.

  32. I signed up yesterday and I see some content links already.

  33. Sheriff says:

    Ok. John,

    I just started to join. Thank you for referring me.

  34. Carl says:

    When I try and sign up the page is continuously loading and nothing comes up. 🙁 I will keep trying.

  35. i used it before. and its a good system

  36. Thanks John for this great offer, I’m going to sign up through your link, and register one of my blogs. Before implementing anything, I’m going to check out your posts about Kontera earnings etc.

  37. Sounds good, buuuut… we’re not quite at 50,000 visitors, yet. 😯 But soon. 😉

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