Make a Wish Foundation 24 hr Online Fundraiser

Two nights ago, I was a Vancouver Tweetup to network with local Twitter users. There I met Anthony Caridi of Anthony had a great vision. His goal was to run an online social media campaign to raise funding for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Make a Wish is a great organization that grants a child’s wish every 40 minutes. Most of these children are very ill and many are suffering from life threatening illnesses. Their stories are both heart warming and gut wrenching at the same time (read some recent wishes here). Being a parent myself, Make a Wish is a charity close to my heart.

I’ve started the ball rolling with a $20 donation. I ask you to do the same and use your social network to spread the word. The goal is not to have a few big companies cut big checks. The goal is for all of us just to donate $20 and invite a friend. Through the power of our online social networks, blogs and Twitter accounts we hope to prove that a whole bunch of little contributions by a large community can make a huge difference. Click through below to learn more:

Wish It Forward

29 thoughts on “Make a Wish Foundation 24 hr Online Fundraiser”

  1. Hi, i think its better to learn how to earn money than ask for money, charities are a good biz.

    1. LOL charities use the money for a good cause, that’s the entire business model.

      1. You should not count charity as business.

        1. I’m confused what you mean there…

          1. The whole bit about earning money and not asking for it. I know thats strange because its a non profit organization…

          2. Exactly, that’s my point. If you’re a charity, that’s the business model ZK.

          3. Salesfist says:

            you make a valid point…

    2. LOL on the make money and not ask for money…hey, it’s charity 🙂

      1. That’s what I said too, haha.

  2. d3so says:

    Make a Wish is my number 1 charity of choice. I support it.

    1. That’s awesome d3so. It’s always nice hearing about people supporting charities!

      1. I’d be interested in hearing the level of support you provide d3so…monetary or emotional support?

  3. Stefan says:

    I wish I could. Currently I am trying to save for some decent hosting for my site as I currently use free hosting.

    1. So for which one you will go for …

      Go for Hostgator

  4. Addy Kho says:

    Time to do something good

  5. Anthony is smart to think like that.

  6. Jordy says:

    Nice idea but I am a little concerned! Actually I am very concerned.

    If I am to make a donation to the “Make a Wish” organization, why use the “Wish It Forward” website?

    Donations should be directed straight to “Make a Wish,” not this other place.

    1. John Chow says:

      Because the funds are being raised for Make-A-Wish Foundation® of British Columbia and Yukon. Donating at goes to the general funds.

      1. And who warranties that “Wish It Forward” uses the donations as intended? I can’t find any endorsement from “Make a wish” for them? For example there are not here on the partner web site: How do we know they are legal? SY

        1. It’s actually John’s business and that’s how he makes his money online.

      2. MakeAWish takes no cut on money raised correct?

  7. PPC Ian says:

    Thanks for sharing – what an awesome idea! Charity is important and it’s important to make time to give back even during our hectic online marketing lives!

    1. I would say if you;re making a profit online, your business model should a lot some amount to a charitable organization…

  8. Patrick says:

    I know this charity for quite a long time now. They already helped so many people because of their projects. I hope they will continue doing it no matter what.

    1. Which of the two sites stated are you reffering to? SY

  9. Great incentive! I will be sure to pass it along on Facebook today.

  10. Great cause and the foundation does amazing things for people.

  11. One of my favorite foundations, John thanks for notifying me.

  12. I try to donate a few thousand dollars to these guys a year.

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