Make Money On The Internet – SEO Vs. PPC

There are two ways in increase search engine traffic to your blog – SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (pay per click). There are two schools of thoughts between the camps. The SEO group say SEO is the only way to go while PPC guys think SEO results take too long and the target is always moving.

Having dealt with both SEO and PPC I can understand both side of the argument. PPC is predictable and measurable. You can get data within a few hours of setting up the PPC campaign. By comparison, SEO tries to take a guess at what Google wants and deliver those requirements. Results are often hit or miss and could take months to see. Is it any wonder why most Internet marketers prefer PPC to SEO when trying to make money on the Internet? However, even if you’re a die hard PPC member, you shouldn’t ignore the power of SEO.

How Much Are You Losing By Not Doing SEO?

As I have stated, I have friends who do nothing but PPC and don’t brother with SEO. They rather bid on the term “make money online” than try to show up on Google’s SERP. If you look at the numbers, that can be a very expensive undertaking.

According to my Google AdWords control panel you would need to bid $1.75 to $2.62 per click in order to get into the top 3 sponsored ads spot of the Google SERP page for the term make money online. Using a really evil make money online promotion, I managed to get into the organic results for free. I am current ranked number four across most of the Google data centers. Let’s look at how much money that saves me.

Early stats shows the key phrase is sending me 84 visitors per day. Over a 30 days month, it would mean 2,520 visitors if the average stays the same (I think it will increase as more data centers update). If I were to try to achieve this same result using PPC, it would cost me $4,410 to over $6,600 per month.

My PPC friends would respond to the above by saying, “So what? We’ll still make money on it.” That maybe true, but I for one would rather pocket the saving and make money on it. 😈

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  1. And for budding bloggers like myself that is more money than I can handle at the moment. SEO is the only way for up and coming bloggers unless you have money at your disposal. Maybe one day I will try to get in on the PPC market but for now SEO is the only way I can get established

    1. IndoDX says:

      For met too ^_*
      Because Limited Money… in this time SEO is the perfect one for me

      1. Jonix says:

        SEO is the best chouice for the webmaster with low money. Every site (even if the webmaster has good money to advertise) should begin with SEO.

        By the way one important thing, on a big traffic term like “make money online”, the TOP10 ads position is also good, and even the TOP20. And the difference between the top3 and top18 is huge. Many times, advertisers spend their money in a very bad way. They lack inovation, knowledge and bit of imagination/investigation.

  2. Skitzzo says:

    John, I don’t think any SEO would tell you not to bother with PPC. Pay per click is simply one more potential source of traffic for your site. However, as you mentioned, you also should not do ONLY PPC. SEO will help you gain rankings that will bring you traffic for free as long as you retain those rankings. Also, SEO can build off itself. As you gain more rankings you tend to get more links which will improve your rankings which will… you get the point. So, my suggestion would be to use both PPC and SEO to completely dominate your chosen keywords.

    Also, if you’d like help improving your rankings, you might want to check out this ReviewMe Offer

  3. Eddie and I were just on a call the other night with Roy H. Williams (Google him) and he said that the cost of running an AdWords campaign is now higher than it is to use traditional media such as radio, and I’m starting to agree. If you want decent traffic from AdWords for a commercial purpose you’re paying out of your ass for clicks.

    I know you can buy long tail keywords and 5 cent clicks but very rarely do these convert. I still love PPC but as John said you NEED to get your SEO down. For example, comes up on the first page of Google for all of our terms. And these are INCREDIBLY COMPETITIVE terms such as “email marketing software”. The traffic we get from that is just rediculous – and free, so a combination of PPC and SEO via organic growth is the best way to go.

    Just my 2 cents πŸ™‚

  4. Leroy Brown says:

    I’m still amazed that you ranked so fast for that phrase – some people spend months or years gunning for it!
    You’ve come up with some really evil ideas, that’s for sure.. outthinking everyone else and collecting the big checks to go along with it. Keep at it, so we all have something to aim for ;

  5. TJantunen says:

    You did very good job with promoting that phrase.

    1. Jane May says:

      To be ranked like that on Google…he did an amazing job!

  6. Jack says:

    Throw me in the SEO crowd. I am a die hard when it comes to this showdown.

    It is quite amazing that you managed to dominate those keywords so fast, now the challenge is coming up with my own to dominate.

    1. Jane May says:

      Same here. It just makes sense to put in some educated effort and not have to pay out of pocket expenses for the same results.

  7. Josh Rives says:

    Another instance of time winning over money. Besides who clicks adsense anyways. The more educated visitor who would enjoy this site, probably doesn’t click adsense

    1. Hey Josh. I remember reading something that mentioned the stats of people who click adWords based on their education.. I can’t remember exactly what it was but teenagers clicked the most, followed by those who only graduated high school. Those with an MBA rarely clicked AdWords ads. Interesting hey?

      1. Josh Rives says:

        I would think a lot of older people would too. 60+ who are just now getting on the internet. Those stats are very interesting, but I can definitely believe it.

      2. Jane May says:

        They must have been a little more web savvy to know if it looks different than the rest of the text, it’s probably some type of advertising (posts or aff.) or something like that.

  8. santosh p says:

    Dont tell me you never spent on Pay per click?

    What were those I LOVE DARREN… ads.

    u too spend a lil 😈

    1. John Chow says:

      I do both. Actually, I’m a very big PPCer. 😈 It’s fast and predictable and as long as I can make money on it, why stop?

      1. Jane May says:

        You do have a pretty diversified approach in marketing and revenue generating methods. That’s one of the main reasons I like your site so much!

  9. Zaib Kaleem says:

    I agree with Mitchell, a combination is the best way. At the minimum every site should have proper on page SEO. This will cover 90% of SEO stuff. If you don’t want to go extra mile then complement basic SEO with PPC. I wouldn’t just jump straight to PPC.

  10. Gary Lee says:

    if you’re going to compare yourself with PPC people, you should also mention that in order to properly SEO your site, you have to write legitimate content as opposed to PPC marketers who don’t have to build anything but an effiicent sales process on their landing page. So at the end of the day, you could be saving more money, but not making as much and they could be spending more, but making MUCH MUCH more so that their profits most likely will exceed yours. There’s always costs and benefits to both sides.

  11. You’ve assumed that the same number of people who click on the ads, click on the search results. I’m not sure that’s true (and I’m not even sure which would be greater, although I’d guess it would be the search results).

    Also, I would guess that someone who clicks on an ad to get to your page is more likely to click on an ad on your page. But then again, maybe you’re just interested in readers, not in making money online. πŸ˜†

  12. ketyung says:

    If you have very profitable products or services to sell, and you want quick result, then PPC is the best. For example, a product that will make at least $100.00 of profit, then spend on PPC about $1.00++ per click should be not that expensive. It there is at least 1 sold after averagely every 100 clicks, then should be fine πŸ˜€ . For SEO, ummmm, it’s more like long-term promotion for your site, whereas PPC is considered short term

  13. An interesting article, although you must admit that if your blog were not so popular, getting your current rank for ‘make money online’ would not have been so easy!

    1. Skitzzo says:

      Oh certainly not nearly as easy. Getting all those reviews with the proper anchor text is golden. However, changing the title, and linking to your own pages with the desired terms as anchor text will do a lot as well.

    2. James says:

      If it were not popular and he still got others to do it, it would be interesting to know how well it worked.

  14. hejustlaughs says:

    You really are the root of all evil … hehe. πŸ‘Ώ

    PPC is not a good option when you have enemies, they’ll burn your money outright. I’m thinking you have quite a couple since since the whole digg fiasco.

    1. Skitzzo says:

      While Click Fraud can be a problem, there are ways to track it and combat it. There are even service that help do this for you.

  15. Very nice piece of SEO writing. Make sure to type “make money online” another 400 times and you’ll keep getting closer to the top of “making money online” on Google. Very clever writing.

    1. Skitzzo says:

      Um, you do realize he’s already #2 or 3 for that term right?

  16. Hurts my brain – when are you publishing your book?

    1. Jane May says:

      Hahaha…it’s probably in the works as I write! Bet you!!

  17. ketyung says:

    Btw, should bloggers use PPC? If you have no product or service to sell. Unless u’re using cheaper PPC such as those like MIVA to attract others to click on your text links ads or adsense to make profit πŸ˜€

  18. I don’t know what SEO/PPC people you have been talking to. Anybody who says one is better than the other is an idiot. It is important to have both. You have to remember most people have no idea why Google puts things where they do. A lot of people still think that Google ranks things by web traffic. Ranking high on either gives you a certain amount of authority. Ranking on both more than doubles your authority. Why do you think Coke and Pepsi advertise on anything that can take paint or glue. Brand recognition is very important. You need to get in peoples minds. When somebody thinks of your websites topic they should think of you.

    1. ketyung says:

      Ummm… Google ranks thing by web traffic? Thanks, 1st time I heard, any article or write-up to show me about that ? πŸ˜€

  19. ____________________________

    hmmm … you really Must do BOTH SEO and SEM (PPC) ❗
    And you must do them differently for EACH of the Four Major Search Engines – Google Yahoo MSN
    ASK and keep detailed tracking stats.

    They all attract an audience of different search habits and search sophistication πŸ˜‰

    Also, it helps to do DIRECTORY submissions to RELATED, high quality directories – not for just the backlinks – but for the prosepective customers that find them on Search Engines for queries

  20. Dave says:

    As John says, the rich get richer. He’s an expert at leveraging his popularity to become even more popular.

    I think serious PPC campaigns only work when you have a site that sells a product. That way you can measure your ROI.

    1. ketyung says:

      I agree if only that you sell profitable products and service then u use PPC.

  21. Make Money On The Internet – SEO Vs. PPC ? Good article, going for other searches now? I would have changed On The Internet to Online πŸ˜‰

  22. Franck S says:

    I have also some sites on many first pages, however I think that you should do both.

    You came to that position very quickly, it’s amazing.

  23. Like any method both have their advantages and disadvantages, personaly I would opt for a mix of both methods, if done in the right way I am sure this would make for the best of both worlds. That is if you have some money and want fast results. 😯

  24. That is an interesting angle. I firmly believe that going the SEO route is the way to go. I don’t like the idea of having to pay for it. However, it will be a serious challenge for me to get top SERP for “retirement planning”. However, I am number six for “Retirement Project”! Number 1 for “My Retirement Project“, but I don’t think I am getting a good click through on that yet.

  25. so are the google ads relevant to this search term?

  26. Never thought of it that way John, makes good sense.

  27. John T. says:

    Too bad firefox doesn’t come with Adblock plus installed by default πŸ˜‰

  28. Desibaba says:

    Yaa Its Truth SEO take Time….But PPC Give us Insatnt Traffic…
    But SEO is Natural Traffic + Hard work
    PPC is Buyed Traffic + Fast & Easy Traffic.

    SEO add our site in Google index
    PPC not add our site

    PPC effect is Only Specific Ad Camapning
    SEO is in all SEARCH Engine.

    SEO is Easy Not. Give Money to SEO comapny.
    They not Work Much..
    Do it u r self.
    SEO is Fack.U need 2 Optmize u r Site Only Few Things.
    Uniq Content
    Title Only……….

  29. jhon says:

    i want 2 sell

  30. NoLibelMike says:

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