Make Money Online – Batch 76

Time for another batch of Make Money Online review. This promotion has been so successful that I’ve lost count on the number of blogs that have copied it. As a matter of fact, if you post a review, then chances are good that some of these blogs will email or comment on your blog asking you to review them. They use my review batches as a never ending source to find new reviews. Pretty evil, huh?

Here are the 10 reviews of batch 76.

How To Split An Atom
Money Making Ideas
KC Lau’s Financial Planning
Evil Apprentice Francis Simisim
Random Good Stuff
Rory Walker
My Blog World
Chrisboo’s Online Adventures
You Make Money

How To Do A Review And Make Money Online

To do a Make Money Online review, all you have to do is Link to this blog’s home page with the anchor text “make money online” and link to this post showing the rules of the review. Here is an example of what I want:

John Chow dot Com is blog that helps you make money online. If you do a review of his blog, he’ll link to you so his readers can check you out.

I will link to anyone who reviews my blog. Just make sure it’s a real review and not tossed in with another post. I no longer link to those. This is a very good way get a free backlink from a PR6 blog and one of the most popular blogs on the Internet.

31 thoughts on “Make Money Online – Batch 76”

  1. you forgot the ‘e’ in online.. title and link. :mrgreen:

  2. Rea Maor says:

    I wonder john,
    I see so many “Making Money”, “Money Making”, “%VAR MONEY %VAR2”
    they are actually competing YOU, I’m not saying they stand a chance,
    but still, try are also trying to pull some Long Tail search engine results
    for the terms “Money” and “making” and “Please review my site, please oh please”
    doesn’t it bother you ?

    1. Yes, when I started the name a couple of years ago, there weren’t so many blogs like this out there! I didn’t quite know what to do with it!

      But since August last year, I’ve been really focusing hard on my blog to position! But sometimes it’s like a boat tossing in the ocean, I tack this way with winds, then I tack that way, it’s really difficult to stay focused sometimes …


  3. SEO Blog says:

    Nice batch. I already know that the batch with my link inside will become my favourite! 🙂

    1. Wahlau.NET says:

      still waiting for mine..i think he got 100 on the list already

  4. John,

    Good things are always worth duplicating.
    Almost at 100 yet?

    What about the top 100 best reviews of John Chow dot com?


    1. Probably just a few of your personal favorites — we’d be happy to take some of those shirts off your hands (if you still have any to give away). 😎

  5. Ankur says:

    John, a MORE 😈 Idea. Patent this idea 😉

  6. Darn, I’m not yet on this excellent list. I’m beginning to think he missed my review completely.

    Plus, I’m not competing with him 😉

    Review: John Chow on Making Money Online

    I check my review and the link are ok.
    What is funny is the “review of his blog” url does not work in Firefox(not finished) but work in IE. 😀

  7. blogdinero says:

    Hey John, a lot of people now use this idea, whas you the first you taken from other blogger?

  8. Jay says:

    Yes, I’ve added myself to the line of those copying this particular sort of linkbait. Oh, the depths to which we’ll sink to get traffic!


    1. That’s what makes John so special… people follow him 😈

      1. Rea Maor says:

        Or even better,
        they DoFollow him 😆

        1. Haha nice play on words there, RM!

  9. hmm, 100 is in sight

    would you reward those who feature in the pack 100 just to mark the occassion?

    1. ohh that would be cool.. people could time there reviews to try and make it in the 100.. and then John could throw a party for them or something 😉 .. you know with balloons falling from the sky or something..

  10. 😎 Diabolical – I love this tactic. What’s the difference between the direct approach and everyone “pretending” not to do the same damn thing by not asking for links?

    Except one is a lot faster and has not only worked well for you, but Jason Calacanis and about 1000 others who have just asked very directly.

    They are all PR6 and 7s now with no penalties, filters, or supplemental results.

    The downside: scammers with no real content will get nothing out of this tactic. Real content gets rewarded in many ways 🙂

    Good job John.

  11. As long as it is not a “dance” party with any form of karaoke as we know what the experience is already like right? Sorry John. We love u 😀

  12. nice batch…anyone wants do to a link exchange with me…just drop a comment on my blog…maybe we can I can do 1 link/day:)

  13. Ankur says:

    Another note john, why dont you target more than one key-phrase on each review? Thats more 😈

  14. 😈 lol! thanks JohnChow for the linkback

  15. You need another anchor John! What a list, and it keeps growing!

    ➡ Don

  16. TimToTango says:

    So I just got a note that I will be in the 79th batch.
    My live goal is almost reached! 😉

    Anyway, all backlinks are welcome.
    You want one as well, dear reader?
    Check out my site BlogReviewBlog to get a free review and link.

  17. Mariano says:

    Excelente articulo !

  18. Nomar says:

    Again, great reviews… really good job

  19. John,

    Are you still reading all of these?

    1. Lol good question…I’m not but if I were posting them on my site I’m sure I would at least skim them.

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  21. astrid_ebiz says:

    That’s encouraging. But I’m a bit blur. How do I link to you and you link to me?

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