Make Money Online – Batch 45

Another day, another batch of Make Money Online reviews. For the five people who don’t know what this is, it’s the best piece of linkbait ever created. It works because it provides a win-win situation for me and the reviewer. This maybe batch 45, but I already have completed reviews up to batch 48 and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Here are the 10 reviews from batch 45. Enjoy!

Get On The Make Money Online Train

To do a review of John Chow dot Com, just Link to this blogโ€™s home page with the anchor text โ€œmake money onlineโ€ and link to the post showing the rules of the review. Here’s an example:

John Chow dot Com is a blog that helps you make money online. He will link to you if you do a review of his blog.

I link to anyone who reviews my blog. The link will send you some traffic and gets you a linkback from the 142nd most popular blog on the Internet. This helps your Technorati and search engine rankings.

26 thoughts on “Make Money Online – Batch 45”

  1. Eastwood says:

    Very informative reviews John!
    I’ll try to link to your blog soon

  2. Dave says:

    It’s true, this really is the most brilliant linkbait ever done! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t wait til my blog has enough traffic to employ this little technique!

    1. NO kidding, I give out speed links to my top commentators every week, but there aren’t many links coming in…

      1. Dave says:

        Going to talk to my partner about exchanging reviews with other similar blogs on a weekly basis. I think that might be a good method to use until there is enough of a reader base to do the linkbait offer that John is using right now:)

  3. Thanks for the link back John. I am a big fan of yours.

  4. Alex says:

    Hey John, when do you plan to give away that Mini TV USB? After batch 50, 100, 500…?

    1. I thought that was already out long long ago?

      1. Alex says:

        If it’s gone, I don’t know how I missed it? I follow every post and I didn’t hear it’s out, strange ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  5. Shawn Knight says:

    Ive actually grown fond of these posts, as it gives me a fresh set of sites to check out. I’ve already found quite a few that I like thanks to these posts…

    1. Dave says:

      See, it really is win-win for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. ketyung says:

    Hi John;

    Thanks for the link, I was just so impatient haha ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. sami says:

    You get links, they get links. What’s the point of these posts for the readers?

    1. To discover new and interesting blogs, folks. It aren’t so often one goes to look at the unventured blogs. This gives them some exposure to a large community.

      1. Alex says:

        Get used to it, John will never run out of batches…

        1. Dave says:

          Yes, just because someone isn’t as popular or well trafficked as John Chow, doesn’t mean they don’t have intelligent things to say that are worth reading. This is a great program that helps John get higher in technorati and helps lesser known bloggers get exposure.

  8. Rob says:

    Thanks for the link John! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep churning out the posts.


  9. Not as cool as batch 40 of course ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Dave says:

      Batch 38 > Batch 40, Stuart :mrgreen:

  10. Evel says:

    I can tell you it works.

    My blog tripled its traffic the day I did this.

    Kinda freaked me out at first, but I recovered.

  11. Mubin says:

    Hey, how come some of these people have 2 links?

    1. Ask nicely from the man himself, and you should receive.. in time.

      1. Alex says:

        That’s because John asks for ‘make money online’ as anchor text, so you can choose your own anchor text in return โ—

  12. Ma2T says:

    Well it sure does seem to be working.

    John, you are now in #2 position for your desired keyword. Nice work!

  13. John another batch your the Man! Keep up the good work your doing a great service for fellow bloggers

  14. Matt Jones says:

    A couple of those reviews are actualy pretty good, keep it up! (its not like your not going to :p)

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