Make Money Online – Batch 51

Welcome to batch 51 of the Make Money Online reviews. Here you will be able to explore 10 new blogs that reviewed John Chow dot Com. Some did a great job, while others did it just for the backlink. You should be able to tell who did what. Right now, I am backlogged all the way to batch 54 and the reviews keep coming in. It’s pretty crazy.

Here are the 10 reviews from batch 51.

Make Money Online By Reviewing This Blog

If you want to review John Chow dot Com, then Link to this blog’s home page with the anchor text “make money online” and link to this post showing the rules of the review. Here is an example of what I want:

John Chow dot Com is blog that helps you make money online. If you do a review of his blog, he’ll link to it and send you a ton of traffic.

I will link to anyone who reviews my blog. Just make sure it’s a real review and not tossed in with another post. I no longer link to those. The link will send you traffic and help improve your search engine and Technorati ranking. John Chow dot Com is the 132nd most popular blog on the Internet.

30 thoughts on “Make Money Online – Batch 51”

  1. Dave says:

    You’re up to 132 on Technorati, John.

    It won’t be long now 🙂

    1. KidBlogger says:

      yea john!:) but why did your rankings go down?

      1. Dave says:

        John was an Evil ‘sploiter! Technorati fixed the issue and knocked him down to 150

        He’s rising back up though.

        1. Jonix says:

          One month more and john is again at the top

    2. ilker says:

      Congrats John!

      Almost there.. :mrgreen:

  2. Yeah! Thanks for linking me John Chow. I love reading your blog, so when I started blogging over break I said ‘hey why not do a review for him’ It will not only help him, but me as well.

    1. KidBlogger says:

      so? how’s your traffic? :mrgreen:

      1. Jonix says:

        yeah, did you get traffic, is what you expected? or is like the top commentators where traffic is very low.

        1. Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. I don’t really know how to read google analytics. But I think I only received about 30-40 more unique visitors. Still better than nothing considering I just started about 2 weeks ago. Plus having a link on Johnchow has increased my technorati ranking from like 1.3 million to about 800 thousand.

  3. I’ll be doing my review within this next week!

  4. Batch 40 ruled 🙂

    1. ilker says:

      This is the best batch. Ever! 😀

      1. Jonix says:

        hmmm…i don’t see much of difference from the rest

  5. KidBlogger says:

    Wow JC! you have alot of reviews now!:)

  6. Gath says:

    Just make sure it’s a real review and not tossed in with another post.

    I can understand why you’ve tightened this up. Some of these ‘reviews’ are pretty weak.

    1. Jonix says:

      i must agree, but gath, free is free, some of that reviews is like a “link exchange”. If you think, this reviews is like a BIG “link exchange”.

      1. David says:

        Apparently “Seriously” is a complete sentence that makes perfect sense in this scenario…

  7. ilker says:

    Wooohooo! I’m on the list! 😀

  8. Dave says:

    Thanks for the link to GoBackpacking John! By the way, I added a larger review at the following address (for good measure):


    1. Nick says:

      Dave, would you mind coming back in a week at letting us know how much traffic you got from your link vs. people reading your comments in another post?

      I am in a travel niche as well, and I think I’m in batch 52 or 53. At only a month old, I feel like I’m still writing for myself, although feedburner insists that I have 8 RSS subscribers.

      1. Dave says:

        Sure Nick, though I haven’t been commenting much on this blog (mostly just reading).

        By the way, make that 9 RSS readers – I just picked up your feed, as I intend to hit Australia January 08!

        FYI – It has taken me 10 weeks to hit the 40 subscriber mark.

  9. Alex says:

    I can’t seem to remember when my review was published here, time goes by fast 😡

    1. Alex says:

      …and so do these batches!

      1. Dave says:

        I still remember mine…batch 38!

  10. Amanda says:

    more great sites this is great!

    1. Jonix says:

      it’s the “greatness” of the world 😉

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