Make Money Online – Batch 61

Here is batch 61 of the Make Money Online review. This is the first batch to take advantage of the new PR6 back link. Well maybe not since not all the Google data centers have updated my PageRank yet. However, I’m pretty sure Batch 62 and onwards will be with the new PR. Speaking of batch 62, I already have six reviews for it. Four more and we’ll be at batch 63.

Here are the 10 reviews of batch 61.

Make Money Online By Reviewing This Blog

If you want to review John Chow dot Com, then Link to this blog’s home page with the anchor text “make money online” and link to this post showing the rules of the review. Here is an example of what I want:

John Chow dot Com is blog that helps you make money online. If you review of his blog, he’ll link to it and send you a ton of traffic.

I will link to anyone who reviews my blog. Just make sure it’s a real review and not tossed in with another post. The link will send you traffic and help improve your search engine and Technorati ranking.

44 thoughts on “Make Money Online – Batch 61”

  1. There are 61 by now, how many more do you plan to do?
    i think being in 60 is really helping me with SEO

    1. Kumiko says:

      I don’t think he’ll ever stop! Maybe just change the anchor text and get to number one with another set of keywords…I recommend “pictures of food”…that’s a hot keyword! 🙂

      1. yes, you are right, all of we could start also something between us, but Does not google takes into account the relevance of the site where your links appears?
        I mean a flowers blog no matter how important it is making a link to a cars site, have no relevance, maybe google with check that in the future, they have the technology, it is the same they use for adsense.

        1. Shaun Carter says:

          Well for John’s blog, making money online and pictures of food would both be related to the content on this site. Although I haven’t seen a food review in a while…

      2. Dave says:

        Yeah, John has no reason to stop, and probably won’t until the reviews stop coming. Tho the review updates seem to be coming with less frequency these days.

  2. PSP Skins says:

    Sounds good to me.

  3. Eric says:

    Why would he ever stop? This is money in the bank for John. The more people that link back to his site, the more valuable advertising space on the site will become, and the more money he’ll be able to charge for text link ads. This is really a quite brilliant system, John has worked his way up to number 2 for ‘make money online’ on Google, and at the same time, he is giving back by listing those who review him. Genius.

    1. esofthub says:

      I agree with Eric; it’s money in the bank. Why would why John stop this lucrative marketing program?

    2. Yes you are right, and as Kumiko says, maybe he just need to start all over again with another anchor text.

      1. Eric says:

        Yeah! Another anchor text!

        Anchor Text

  4. True, if only my site were as popular so I could run the same linkback promotion. As it is, I took a page from John’s playbook and decided to run a $50 giveaway. Check it out here:

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      Thanks for offering the giveaway, I just signed up!

      1. Steve Yu says:

        Another evil John Chow’s idea. Not bad. 😐

  5. Yeah, being in your 60 has certainly had an impact on my site. Maybe if I had waited a couple of days or so, I could’ve been on 61… 👿

    1. Maybe you should do a new review, and if John is in the mood, he can post about you again 🙂

      1. Coming out in Batch 60 and writing a new one might be too soon, no? I could try again in a few weeks; then I won’t seem too…desperate LOL. Thanks for the insight though, LOS, appreciate it.

  6. Sorin says:

    I just made a review about this blog and hope it is worth it 😉

    1. Will you blog about that? It must be interesting to see what benefits did it bring to you.

  7. pearl says:

    I am in! i have so much to learn from him…

    hope to be on his list of links! 🙂

  8. Sorin, Yes, it should be worth, but you won’t get as much traffic as you think. But there will be traffic. I think I got a small bump on the day it came out!

    Don’t know if any converted to regular readers, though.

    1. I got almost no traffic, but I think is more a matter of pagerank that traffic from this blog.

  9. well, i will definitely do a review for your site, can’t get a better deal than this

  10. Louiss says:

    If you all think about to get more traffic and pr6 link, quickly review our boss blog. He make more money, we make more traffic. This is fair deal.

  11. hi louiss, will check out that site as well

  12. Alex says:

    I will review your blog 🙂

  13. pearl says:

    definitely will review your site John – its a wonderful deal!!

  14. Roger Lopez says:

    Well i’ve already link your blog in two of my blogs.. i did as an experiment ’cause people who read my blogs spoke spanish… however i’m try

    Very interesting blog


    Roger Lopez Rodriguez 😆

  15. Guess I am old school, I have not quite gotten into the blog scene yet. I will have to give wordpress a try one of these days. It seems what people are gravitating to nowadays.


    1. WordPress is the best thing since sliced bread, IMHO. I just made the leap from Blogger to WordPress and what a difference – so much more functionality and the plus of control over your site. Getting it set up was a breeze as well.

      1. Dave says:

        The flexibility you have with wordpress is awesome, my partner isn’t a huge fan of this platform, but I love it!

  16. About Technorati I saw immediately results, from 104.000 to 88000, that is really a jump!

    1. Yes, it’s incredible. Nevertheless, it must have been a coincidence.

  17. Steve Yu says:

    waiting for another giveaway contest from John. Like to win some prize. 😀

  18. Louiss says:

    He is superd, if he still working on the contest, this will boom the blogsphere! 😀

  19. Wow these reviews just keep rollin’ in. I can’t believe how many you’ve been able to get John. I bet you’ll be number 1 for make money online before too long!

    1. Dave says:

      He already IS number one, and has been for a while iirc

  20. John! you did it! you are in top one! in google with

    “make money online” search string, but in, I could not find you in the first 3 pages (I stop looking for you at that level).


    1. Dave says:

      Yahoo has different algorithms and has probably weighted all this incoming links differently. Therefore he is not ranked on Yahoo.

      Google is the big one anyway.

  21. Andrew says:

    I’m glad to finally be in one of John Chow’s money making batches. While I don’t expect a huge influx of clicked traffic due to the fact that there are 9 other links surrounding my link I’m sure the link will help my SE ranking.

  22. Eric says:

    You guys have it all wrong! You don’t have to have a high PR to get rich, you just have to read Good For Your Wallet!!!

    1. Dave says:

      That’s quite the claim to be making, I hope you can back it up.

  23. That “journey to one million dollars” website seems pretty useless. Just ANOTHER site about making money, and attempting to make money on the web. Not really a unique site or idea. 😐

    -Sam from

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