Make Money Online – Batch 78

I guess I should use this time to catch up on all the backlog of Make Money Online reviews. The review promotion will be starting up again once I get back from Computex Taipei. In the mean time, I’m going to use this time to clear out all the outstanding reviews. By the time I’m back in Vancouver, I will be starting a new review promotion with a new set of rules. More info soon.

Here are the 10 reviews from Batch 78.

Four more batches and I’ll be all caught up. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Make Money Online – Batch 78”

  1. Famefire says:

    Dear Mr. John Chow,
    It is very nice to see you today at the number one page of google with keywords “make money online”. 4 days back I was surprised you to see at number 4 page and at the bottom. So I have to come back to your blog, where I came to know the reason. Anyway, again you are at the top. I wish you the number one position always.

    I will be waiting for other rules and would like to write a post for you. Can I participate in your site review for the post “Make Money Online with John Chow Dot Com”?


  2. Famefire says:

    Dear Sir,

    You are at Taipei and you are posting your thought, ideas, ramblings and experience. I can see you are more active then Jane May. Yes it is true that she has a lot of works to do and she is quite busy person. But in spite of all these she is a good blogger. So far she has made two posts and has written them well. Being far away from your home, you are writing for your reader, it shows your great love towards them. 😛 Really you can not keep yourself away from John Chow Dot Com. I admire your habit and would try to follow it in my own very life. Best of luck for your journey at Taipei.

  3. Turk Hit Box says:

    BTW, I just installed my agloco viewbar, and ads wont show up.

    1. i tried to download it but AGLOCO site seems to be down…that shows how much the AGLOCO people are committed to this program.

  4. SEO Blog says:

    🙁 again nothing about my review.

    1. just wait and it’ll come, patience is a virtue

    2. Wahlau.NET says:

      hehe..I am still waiting for mine too.

      it is also good to see that this make money online is back due to some google gliches

  5. jaya says:

    my blog have not been reviewed by john chow.I have reviewed his blog. 😳

  6. Thanks John,

    Appreciate all the John Chow readers and their loyalty.

    Be sure and make a few comments and feel free to let me know if it’s your first time reading and visiting.

    John Chow’s readers much success!

    Keep an eye out for a contest from me shortly.

  7. Ankur says:

    Though the link thing may not be as effective as it was before, dont forget ‘any link is a good link. Like ‘any publicity is good publicity’

  8. Glad to see the reviews are still coming. Even with the new rules, I’m sure you’ll have no problems getting more people to do the reviews, John.

    1. I agree. This will continue if you let it.

  9. John I don’t think these submissions you get, to get a link back will ever stop. Truly you area genius :smile:.

  10. bharadwaj says:

    At evil, 👿

    thanks for the link. i saw a good number of visitors from your page in my logs.. thanks!!

    if possible, can you please change the anchor text to “bharadwaj”

  11. Tania says:

    Thank you for linking me. That was a good experiment for a newbie – I really appreciate it. Too bad I just don’t have a clear idea about what to do with the traffic I get. My child has been sick so I have not been doing much with my blog and I may have to change the whole concept about it anyway. Safe travels!

  12. Are these batches really bringing any traffic, for whoever reviews you?

  13. I am glad this promotion is over…it was getting tiring.

  14. kaiwah says:

    Are you still accepting review?

  15. kelly says:

    Can you explain how this review works? I am confused. It can be any site? I can ask my boss if he can give some money to for my blog or the site.

    thank you john


  16. Debby says:


    I haven’t heard of you before today, but I will bookmark your site and keep checking back and keep learning. I am learning more and more every single day about blogging.


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