Make Money Online – Batch 85

Time for a weekend edition of the make money on the Internet review. I figure if I keep at my one batch per day schedule, I’ll be caught up in 100 years. Actually, it’ll take longer because at one per day, I wouldn’t be making any dent in the huge backlog. I may need to step it up to two per day soon.

Here are the 10 reviews from Batch 85.

How To Do A Make Money Review

To do a review of this blog and get a free linkback, all you have to do write your review, link to the review rules page and link to this blog’s home page using any of the following anchor text:

  • make money
  • make money at home
  • making money
  • make money from home
  • make money online
  • make money on the internet

Here’s an example of what I want.

John Chow dot Com is a blog that helps you make money. If you review his blog, he’ll link to it and send you a lot of traffic.

You are also free to link to any articles I’ve written as part of the review. The post must be a review of this blog. You can not mix it with any other posts or reviews. And no, you may not combine a review with a 24″ LCD contest entry.

Posting a review will get you a linkback from the 64th most popular blog on the Internet, according to Technorati. The link will send you traffic and improve your search engine and Technorati rankings.

18 thoughts on “Make Money Online – Batch 85”

  1. simon says:

    Wow, it’s batch 85 already. If i do a review now, when my link in batch 88 or 89?

    1. Eastwood says:

      I did a review a couple of days ago, and I’ll be on batch 88.

      so erm… I guess if you do one now you’ll be around batch 90?

    2. MrGPT says:

      I submitted mine about four days ago and I am in the next batch (86).

  2. Rea Maor says:

    Thank you John.

  3. Artem says:

    Please, tell me John, are there any requirements to blog’s popularity, PR, quantity of visitors? 😉
    Thank you.

  4. MK says:

    Woo, free links to check out ^^

  5. Alex says:

    I will visit that blogs 😉

  6. Crazy you’re getting over 10 new links a day.

  7. Money D. says:

    Thanks for the link John! This will help our blog greatly as Big Brother 8 begins soon!

  8. Linky Love says:

    BoKai BoKai Chow Lao Shi!

    Can I monetize your John Chow pen (earnings shared equally, since nobody started bargaining there yet 😈 )

  9. MrGPT says:

    One more til it’s me! 😀

  10. tips says:

    Can anyone help me? I made a review on my blog, and what should I do with it now?

    1. Linky Love says:

      Contact Mr. Chow, sit back and relax 🙂

  11. Just wait until the blogmaster (John Chow) reviews your’s sites.

  12. john, i want to be part of the make moeny online programme, but my site is about videos and I dont want to post a non-video post.

    can i link to your pages required in my blogroll at the sidebar instead?

  13. Scam says:

    Hi John.

    Does the review have to be a seperate entity or can it be nicely incorporated into a post about something else?

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