Make Money Online: Traffic + Conversion = Money

By far one of the most asked questions I get is about Internet traffic, and how to get it.

Traffic has been drilled into our heads as the lifeblood of the Internet. We are told nothing happens without traffic, and while that is true, it is only half the story. Getting the traffic is one thing. Converting the traffic into sales is another.

Traffic does not equal money. Traffic plus conversion equals money. Unfortunately, too many new Internet marketers concentrate all their efforts on traffic, and almost nothing on conversion. As a result, they make no money online. Don’t make that mistake.

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23 thoughts on “Make Money Online: Traffic + Conversion = Money”

  1. ioan pongrat says:

    I thank you sir John Chow dot Com ..

  2. Madboy cool says:

    That is so true Mr. Chow. I made that mistake when I start. It is so true, people do forget about conversion part.

    1. Gilbert ng says:

      conversion? how to do conversion.

      1. kksilvery says:

        Hi Gilbert,
        Even i want to find what conversion is. If i learn the proper definition i can understand this post a lil better.

        1. Kenny LeOng says:

          To simply explain it. If you run a retail shop. You need ewalk in customers. They are know as traffic in IM. Your sales people doing the sales talk is the process in coverting them into buying customers. Hence, conversion in IM means sending good sales letters to your lists. Those who buys are your conversions.

  3. 4 years ago, I got one of your ebook (Oh, actually, I don’t know how many eBook you have) and I started discovering it like I got a new wife.
    At that time, I was struggling with so many choices to start making money online as the information I got from Internet was barely trustworthy and had so many bias.
    After your eBook, I was still struggling but it came to a new high level as I was not struggling between CPC, CPM, Youtube, Blogging, CPA…etc but Website only. Seem like I had got my target to reach.
    After 1 month, I totally forgot about your ebook but I think it already gave me the motivation. I started my very first website. I started writing about my personal life, the software I like, some useful tips…etc. As soon as I realized that I now got over 1000 unique visitors/day, I started placing some Ads and earned like 100 bucks/month. With 18 yo boys, that was more than enough because people in my country could not earn more than 200$/month on average.
    I used that money to start my own domain, hosting and transfer all “free blog” to a new one. Another 6 months had gone and now I thought I would do something else. Fortunately, I found Affiliate Marketing on Amazon. Admittedly, my English has never been good so I found it much harder to sell product rather than personal product. However, my effort was paid back after few successful conversion. I got money and I hired a writer for the promotional post with some skill in On-page/Off-page sale which really boosted my conversion rate. Every month, I re-invested the profit by at least 50% to either building a new affiliate selling site or Private Blog Nerwork site or hiring new content for the current affiliate sites.
    After 4 years, my income is about 50,000$/month just by selling others’ products from several affiliate network and ads network on PBN.
    Today, I came across your eBook of 4 years ago and I was like “WTH”. I put it in Cloud service and totally forgot about it. Now I come to your website and write this comment to say Thanks to you. You was the mentor leading me through the darkest time.
    Thank you, John

    I am also starting a new blog to write about how I can make money online to spread your influence to everybody, especially young men like me of 4 years ago

  4. Rudy says:

    Time needed for your website to become popular

    1. Thank you. I have just started writing it since last week so there are very few articles.
      I will sort my time out to write more about Affiliate marketing, traffic, niche and conversion (basically is about how to boost sale).
      Video tutorial costs me quite a lot of time.

    2. kksilvery says:

      Hi Rudy,
      Consistent work and patience is key to success. Failure shouldn’t stop you. Keep going on what you believe in.

  5. Well I understand that John and that sales funnel is definitely important or else the traffic won’t convert regardless if the quality.

    But honestly most people trying to make money online dont know where to get the right traffic from?! So they rarely get to test or if they do test different things to increase conversions those test results don’t matter due to the poor type of traffic..

  6. faisal says:

    Both aren’t easy to crack

  7. jasa says:

    Thanks John,
    Your article is Very Inspiring

  8. Mike Pilcher says:

    Love it! So very true!!! Thank you for taking the time to post these videos. Very helpful. 🙂

  9. Rich says:

    Probably like most i had accumulated / Horded so many training ttorials programs shiny objects etc and recently decided to really look at why I was financially broke

    Like Tony robbins once went through a bad time it took a friend to say you know all this stuff why’s your life not working. and I have just hit that sometimes we Know a Lot More than we Realise!!

    Where the problem is is in what are you Doing. Knowing is one thing Doing is where you SEE

    I hope this helps people because what I have decided to DO is See what I can CREATE each day

    create Blogs, Create Adverts Create Capture Pages Start Creating a List then TALK to that list as friends and one of the Major important things is
    Create Blogs and Content on your OWN WEBSITES/Blogs NOT on Facebook Twitter Google etc
    BUILD Your Own Assets FIRST
    then when responding to your email list send them to the Video or article to Your Website !!

    `THANKS John your doing an awesome job
    Kind regards

  10. Rita Pickering says:

    I love you.

  11. David Moorthy says:

    hey john this is an valuable info on conversion of traffic..whats the effective conversion method currently used by top internet marketeer???

  12. mark says:

    very true Mr chow traffic is everywhere you’re not the only marketer who said this
    Anthony morrison said the same as you john.

  13. Brad says:

    This makes good sense, we first need traffic, and a good conversion rate is absolutely needed when there is good traffic source.

  14. Moshe says:

    Do you have any advice on converting traffic to opt-in for my newsletter?

    1. Kenny LeOng says:

      Bribe your audience with good quality free report or ebooks. Everybody loves free stuffs.

  15. Jr R Nahan says:

    I agree John!

    Traffic = No Money
    Traffic + Conversion = Money

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. pulsanya says:

      traffic+conversion = everything 🙂
      dont forget conversion, thats something keep your business alive

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