Make Money Online with Adaloo Ad Network

There are many advertising networks on the Internet and one of the newest on the block is Adaloo. Even though the PPC-based ad network only launched on November 20, it already boasts a network of websites that reach 20 million visitors.

As we make our way through today’s review, we’ll take a look at what Adaloo has to offer and how it is different from the other ad networks you may encounter on the web.

Connecting with the Right Websites

Adaloo is an ad network that appears to specialize in display advertising. They support a number of different banner sizes, matching up the appropriate advertisers with the right audiences on the right websites in its network.


It is somewhat difficult to discern the basic information about Adaloo through its main website. While it says that it offers a “powerful way to advertise products, services and website content,” it doesn’t really say how it does that. From the perspective of publishers, it’s also difficult to see the payment scheme and how the advertising is implemented and deployed.

The main website appears to be powered by WordPress, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not being masked in any way. In fact, nearly every page still has the comment form on the bottom, which doesn’t make too much sense. It would help if more information was available through the about page, for example, telling both publishers and advertisers how Adaloo works. It could probably use a FAQ page too.

Into the Unified Dashboard

Unlike many other ad networks where you need to have a separate account as a publisher and as an advertiser, that’s not the case with Adaloo. You get a single unified account and you get approval immediately after you verify your e-mail address.


This is the main dashboard, which I personally think looks better than the main Adaloo website. You get access to the main areas via the navigation buttons at the top, letting you manage your ad campaigns, ad space, payments, settings and so on. It is also on this page that we learn more about MaxCPM.

Even though the Adaloo Ad Network works with its advertisers on a PPC and CPA basis, the payment to the publisher is optimized for the effective CPM. There is a “sophisticated intelligence algorithm” that “assigns performance scores to every element of each campaign.” Advertisers maximize their returns and publishers maximize their earnings.

Setting Up Your Ad Zones

From the perspective of the publisher, you need to set up your different “ad zones” the same way you would with a network like Google AdSense, except you have to specify the domain where the ad will appear.


Adaloo goes further, though, allowing you to target this ad zone based on a few different criteria. First, you can choose the appropriate market vertical, like work-at-home, real estate, music & video, social media, family & parenting, and even marital supplements. From there, you can target gender and age too. You also select the banner size, like a standard 728×90 leaderboard.


You name each of these ad zones so that you can track them accordingly from the “Publisher Zones” part of the dashboard. This tracks your monthly views, clicks, click-thru rate, estimated PPC, and estimated CPA bonus. Again, while it is technically calculated based on CPC and CPA, the MaxCPM algorithm aims to maximize your earnings as a publisher on an eCPM basis.

The payment information isn’t quite as clear, so as mentioned above, an appropriate FAQ page outlining thresholds and payment options would be much appreciated.

Working as an Advertiser

When establishing an ad campaign as an advertiser, the experience is similar to the publisher, but simply from the other side of the equation. You still target based on vertical, age and gender, but you can also select countries and keywords. Then, you upload the appropriate banner size and define the landing page URL.

You also put in your bid for PPC and CPA, as well as your daily budget. The PPC bid must be at least $0.10 with a minimum daily budget of $10. The CPA bid and daily budget are optional, but recommended.

A Promising Proposition

Considering that Adaloo has only been around for a little over two months, it’s showing a lot of promise as a young ad network. If the MaxCPM algorithm really does what they claim it can do, this will save precious time on the advertiser side in terms of optimizing keywords and the campaign. Similarly, publishers can get generate the most revenue possible based on what is available on the network.

What Adaloo needs is a lot more documentation, as many of the important details are still left quite unclear. I’d also consider reworking the main website so that it looks less like a generic WordPress blog and more like a professional ad network.


36 thoughts on “Make Money Online with Adaloo Ad Network”

  1. Whitney says:

    Looks good might have to check this out.

    1. Albert says:

      Guys, Check this out: . 11 days ago, this ad network website listed for sale on Flippa! But now the bidding has been ended.

      I hope everyone confused now. What to do now? Solution: Better stick to Google Adsense only. or Wait for the Adsense Competitor.

      1. Jaymee says:

        Hey Albert,

        This is Jaymee from Adaloo. Sorry for the confusion, I did list the network on Flippa& I did end the bidding, I’ve added more info on the Adaloo to make things easier. any questions feel free to e-mail me!


        1. Albert says:

          That is great Jaymee.

          1. Albert says:

            I placed this network ad code my blog. So for it is going good. eCPM and CPC rates are ok. Let’s wait and see the full performance.

    2. Bris Truong says:

      i thing so it is a good way to make money by my blog

  2. Eric says:

    This is avery solid review and I would agree that the dashboard looks very sharp, simple, and easy to navigate! As a whole Adaloo looks to be simple and quick to use. The screen shots really helps give you a window view in this ad network called Adaloo. I will be doing checking into this one.

  3. adam fastino says:

    This looks very promising John!!! I am very interesting in this. It could be a topic to review on my blog!!!
    I will link back to you because you told me about:)
    much love no hate!!!

  4. Edgar says:

    I have been noticing ad networks dropping like flies and new ones coming in.

  5. Greta Boris says:

    So, if you’re just getting starting with an affiliate program, what would you recommend putting on your site? I was thinking about Amazon’s program. Any wisdom from the master?

    1. mr tung says:

      this is right, when you start to do affiliate

    2. Hotdogman says:

      Amazon, while it may not pay out as high as other affiliate programs, converts well (over 6%) for me. The reason: people TRUST Amazon and feel confident purchasing products there. A newbie would be well served with a mix of Adsense and affiliate links. You can find products in a variety of affiliate networks. My “big 3” are Amazon, Commission Junction, and Share-a-sale. Some businesses run their own programs too, so I am affiliated with some of those.

  6. Never heard of Adaloo. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to check them out myself.

  7. Vikas says:

    Adaloo. Thanks for sharing this. I will check this out.

  8. Michael Sato says:

    I’ll try this one out. Let’s see how it goes for new bloggers.

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    Adaloo is new to me. Thanks for the heads-up. Have added it to the other resources on my website Business Opportunities Digest

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    Quite a few new ad networks coming around

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    Great post very helpful

  14. Henry says:

    Even if it’s a new network, I might give it a try. But the missing payout information makes it a bit suspicous, or not?

  15. Jesse Reed says:

    Does anybody know why yahoo or bing can’t create an ad network that can at least stand up as a somewhat decent alternative to adsense?

    Yahoo has Kontera, but come on, Adsense is totally monopolizing the CPC space.

    Heck even Baidu would be great if they could create a true adsense alternative.

    1. Hotdogman says:

      Yahoo and Bing have a combined ad network, but they have traffic thresholds most small operators can’t meet.

  16. Robert James says:

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  18. Tim Miller says:

    Thanks Michael for your ad network recommendation.

    I think making money with this type of ad program can only be suitable for specific blogs. But i also think that the interesting part from Adaloo ad network is the control to choose what ads that will suitable to display for our blogs, including the gender and age options, unlike Google Adsense.

  19. Cool stuff John, as always you have the things I can never find myself. I wonder how big their network really is. Cool dashboard by the way. You know I found POF (plenty of fish) very effective in the past. Anyone used it in the past besides me? POF also has demographic targeting and so forth. Pretty powerful. I did some CPM last time. But at the moment I am no using it. I spent too much money 🙂 it is better I calm down. I wonder if Adaloo is any good for publishers as well.
    Thanks for the article John, ciao from Roma (Italy).

    1. I love POF traffic and have a few case studies on it 🙂

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    Know you are a busy guy but pls find time to respond.

    Do not get furious for getting to you through here..I did because I didn’t get response to the mail and thought they might have been spammed.

  21. seems like a really good affiliate company, which has thought a little more than the other affiliate companies.

  22. Thanks for updating about this. It is looking as a good adsense alternative.

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  24. Mrinal says:

    Glad to know about Adaloo Ad Network.

  25. Thank you again for another good resource! I will definitely be trying this new ad network. I hope to get a good ROI it looks promising I like the ad zones and unified dashboard features. More success to everyone!

  26. Jam says:

    Hi. Can I ran this with Google Adsense? Thank you.

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