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My quest to increase my affiliate income (it was my second biggest moneymaker last month) has lead me to rediscover AzoogleAds. AzoogleAds is one of the largest performance-based online advertising networks in the world.

AzoogleAds offers some of the best and highest paying affiliate deals in the industry. No matter what topic your blog covers, you can find a deal that matches your site. When the offer matches the readership, affiliate deals can make you more money than any other forms of advertising.

The Power of Affiliate Marketing

Four days ago, I posted an AzoogleAds deals for 250 free business cards to promote your blog. The reader gets 250 business card for free (they pay for shipping), which is a very good deal. However, as the AzoogleAds publisher offering the deal, I make money when someone orders up the free business cards. So far, the affiliate deal has made me $64.10. Not bad for one blog post. Once that page gets spidered by the search engines, it could make money for months/years to come.

The business card deal is just one of the thousands of affiliate offers you will find when you sign up for AzoogleAds. The sign up process is a bit long because they ask a lot of questions.

Meet Your Personal Affiliate Manager

Publisher relations seems very good with this network. Every publisher is assigned their own personal affiliate manager. My manager’s name is Audrey and not only do I have her email address in case I need to contact her, but I also get her phone number and AIM contact information.

The affiliate manager’s job is to help you select offers to run on your site. With thousands of deals available it can be overwhelming. Audrey has prepare of list of offers that she think would work well with my blog – instead of looking at thousands of deal, the list has been narrowed down to 20 or so.

They Try To Monetize Everything

Many of the deals are geotargeted. For example, the 250 business card deal was good for US, UK and Canada only. Readers clicking on the links from outside of those countries were greeted by a big smiley download ad. I didn’t like that at all and have requested that feature be turned off. While I can appreciate AzoogleAds trying to monetize every click for the publisher, readers have a right to get the page they think they’re getting when they click on a link.

Aside from that one negative point, I highly recommend you give AzoogleAds a try. I will be adding them to my recommended money makers page. I will post more on how to maximize income from AzoogleAds (and affiliate marketing in general) in a future post.

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56 thoughts on “Make Money Online With AzoogleAds”

  1. TextAdSearch says:

    I was recently looking at Azoogle but didn’t sign up, can’t remember why. Suppose I better take a look again.

    1. Cash Quests says:

      I find it quite humorous how so many people envy John Chow’s success and the money that he has earned yet they are not prepared to take any action towards achieving their own success.

      Not to criticize, but if you go to the Azoogle site it clearly explains the benefits of joining and how it has the highest payouts. If you’re interested in making money online, why wouldn’t you have joined when you initially went to the site?

      The attitude of “I’ll do it one day” and “maybe I’ll take another look” is the reason that 99% of people are *not* making money online. Those who decide to take actions towards their own success are the ones who achieve success and are the envy of others.

      You can’t earn a single penny by “maybe” joining an affiliate program!

      1. Matthew says:

        Although you laid the smack down pretty hard there I completly agree with what you said about the “maybe” type attitudes. Friends always come to me for advice and I just tell them to do it and quit thinking about it.

      2. Mubin says:

        Now that was definatly a bit bit harsh.

        1. Not harsh, just true, that’s all. 🙂

      3. Rhys says:

        Bit harsh! He was only stating something!

        Are you a member of Azoogle?

      4. What kind of affiliate conversion rate do you get on Cash Quests?


      5. Dan says:

        Checking out a site and not finding it to be a good match for your site is certainly not the same as putting off visiting the site until later or not checking it out at all. There is certainly a difference between “maybe someday” and “this isn’t right for me.”

        Lots of sites are full of hype on their web page. Of course they are going to tell you why they’re the best thing out there and why you should sign up with them! That doesn’t mean it will be a good fit for your own site, or a good match for your goals and skills.

        TAS: Definitely check things out. Sign up and give it a try if it seems like something that might work out for your site. But don’t let anybody put you down for deciding something isn’t right for you.

        You’re not going to make good money in the long term if you sign up with every program out there without any regard with how it meshes with your site, skills and goals.

      6. I don’t have ads on my blog and I don’t have a “maybe” attitude. The reason I haven’t signed up is because I’m not ready nor want ads at this point.

        However, I think your point is more general. People who complain and never do anything about it never succeed because they never put their feet in the water.

        Makes Perfect Sense!


      7. mason says:

        I also have to agree. I will not be where I am today if I didn’t take charge and just go for it. 😎

    2. I think I had the same problem. I was there and didnt signup…

      1. I was just going through emails and found out that My site was declined because I had there some links leading to adult materials… Yes I have there adult affiliate programs… So not good for me. Strange think is that I want just referral program and not tu put their ads up.

  2. Justin says:

    I think it would be a good idea for me.
    Hope it works.

  3. bob says:

    Must we have a high traffic blog to monetize with Azoogle?

    1. No, with CPA ads even a small amount of (highly targeted) visitors can make you a lot of money.

    2. ms danielle says:

      yes, the good thing about azoogle is that they have a lot of cpa programs – cost per action. they pay you when a visitor from your site (or email blast) completes the designated action.

  4. InvestMe says:

    thank you john for that interesting topic! 😎

    1. i like this post, as john said, don’t put all your eggs in one money making basket
      it certainly gives us more options on how to monetize our blogs

  5. April says:

    It seems I have to fill in a form and post it all the way to Canada. I think I’ll leave it for a while!

    1. Mubin says:

      they do make you jump through some hoops, but the payouts are really really good.

    2. Normally you should be able to handle everything by e-mail. I didn’t have any problems when I signed up with Azoogle about a year ago.

  6. Ajibxx says:

    John..Have put the ads here.??

  7. Azoogle is a good group to work with. I’m starting to use PPA ads on my sites more than the PPC advertsing such as Adsense.

    Some of those PPA ads can pay as much as $50 per action (some even pay more than that)

    If you’re going to give your visitor something that takes them away from your site, isn’t it worth more than 10 or 20 cents?

    ➡ Don

  8. Mybloggo says:

    Try it out AzoogleAds. 😀

  9. AruntheACE says:

    Thanks John. I’ll try AzoogleAds…. & why is that name Azoogle? It remembers me Google 😐 …

  10. mymytri says:

    What a great site with great stuff.Jhon Chow is rocking with his professional work. 😀

  11. Matthew says:

    I like to use geotargetting when displaying ads for specific countries. This way, if an affiliate deal is not available then the client see’s a different ad, or gets sent to a similar service available in another country.

  12. Softsled says:

    I went through the looooooong signup process with them awhile back. They never sent me a return email saying I was accepted or denied. I emailed them and they said I needed to go through the signup process again 👿 . I’ve been too lazy to go through the signup process again. One of these days I’ll get around to it.

    John, I recently setup openads to rotate some ads. Have you thought of rotating your google ads placements and azoogle ads?

  13. I have signed up for and used many PPA, PPC, and contextual ad networks. I currently use adsense, Kontera, amazon, and Commission Junction. I have tried MaxBounty and did not care for them.

    In regards to Azoogleads, I first heard of them through ShoeMoney’s blog. I attempted to setup an account via the web first. My application was rejected for a high traffic blog, they said because of objectionable content? I didn’t have anything objectionable on my site, so I called them over the phone and left a message. Someone called me back and I told them of the online app, they asked for some ownership verification of my sites, and I was given an email to send the confirmation too.

    The person I first talked to was Winnie, and each time I sent email it was returned to me as undeliverable. I called, spoke to another gentleman who verified that I had typed the email accurately, and gave me a second email address to try, and even that kept coming back as undeliverable.

    I called a third time, and explained everything that went on to a third gentleman. He took my name, number, and email. I haven’t personally received any response at all from azoogleads either by phone or email.

    I did receive about a week later another “rejection letter” (which I believe was from the online submission), and I also received 2 weeks later an ironic “approval letter” via email saying I’d been accepted as a publisher.

    My personal interaction with azoogleads has been trying to say the least. The people I talked with seemed aloof and to not know their jobs, messages were lost, no one seemed aware of what anyone else was doing, and the company (at that time) didn’t seem professional so I didn’t pursue it any further. This was all within the last 6 months.

    I’m sure John Chow had no problem with them, maybe he was treated more professionally because of who he is. My personal interactions with that company were not that good.

    1. Rhys says:

      I agree, I’ve had some problems setting up an account and gave up in the end.

      I’ll stick with Adsense, not hugely into monetization, but looking all the same 🙂

  14. Sounds good, and my excuse is valid.. I never had heard of them before. *=)

  15. Tony says:

    I signed up for them too and never heard anything back. Poor, poor customer service.

    1. Spud Oregon says:

      I’ve been waiting 16 days so far…and counting.

    2. Softsled says:

      Anyone seeing a pattern here 😕 ?

  16. simon says:

    Sounds great ❗ Thank John for the info.

  17. bob cobb says:

    For people who signed up and never heard anything, you’re better of contacting them. With most of these affiliate companies they get so many applications I think they tend to read through them very quick. The easiest way to get approved is to actually call them and talk to someone.

  18. James says:

    What I like about Azoogle is the offers usually last a bit longer than some of the other CPA affiliates. Still, it can be a pain having to go back to a post 4 months old and change the ads.
    That is where Adsense has the advantage.

    1. Softsled says:

      Check out openads. You paste the code from openads once, then any changes you need to make can be made from within the openads server. It’s nice for rotating ads as well as the other many features.

  19. I’m going to have go ahead and disagree with the part about “No matter what topic your blog covers, you can find a deal that matches your site.” My observation is that they have a good selection of top money makers, like ringtones, video rentals or similar, but their selection in other niches is slim to none. Other than that, I’ve found them to be pretty decent on the sites where I could use their offerings.

  20. Thanks for the insight on Azoogle. I have never been a huge fan, but it may be something to consider in the future…

  21. chickenhole says:

    Like many CPA networks, AZ gets thousands of applications a month – 90% of which get rejected.

    Why? Because they can. They have a very hands on approach and it takes manpower to manage these publishers. As a result, they only approve the BEST of the applications. So, if you want to get approved, talk your shit up!

    Also check out many of the smaller CPA networks who have 95% of the same offers, often more.

    The best of course is:

    but in the interest of fairness, you may also want to check out:
    and about 100 others…

    disclosure – I may be biased as I am an owner of

    1. Softsled says:

      nice shirt 😎 !

  22. Well I think I have signed up with them some time ago but I am not sure why I dont use them.

  23. says:

    We’ve have used AzoogleAds CPA offers on more than one site, and most of the offers we’ve tested unfortunately have not done well at all. i.e. 737 clicks (not impressions) this last 4 weeks and 0 conversions.

    Even when pairing ringtone ads with very targeted content pages for example about cell phones how-to’s, ringtones specifically on cell phones, etc the traffic hasn’t been converting.

    BTW, they seem to experience network issues more often than you’d think, plus you REALLY need to test each ad since I’ve personally seen a couple of ads that don’t link properly to the offer advertised in the actual ad creative or the link is dead, etc.

  24. Azoogle ads looks like it would be worth a is too short to sit on the sidelines and watch other people make money!

  25. .. unless you are the type that likes to watch, of course.. and, I’m referring to watching people make money! What do you think I was talking about?

  26. I wanted to let you know that this post inspired me to sign up with AzoogleAds! Thanks for the info. I guess all I needed was a bit of a push…

  27. mason says:

    Azoogle is one of my favorite affiliate networks. Copeac comes at a close second for me.

  28. Angel says:

    I think kumiko is right when she talks about general blogger attitudes, but I’m not sure that I agree with pouncing on an inoffensive, small post and unleashing into a tirade against the whole blogging community. If people have something to say it should be relevant and not said just for the sake of it.

    I went to Azoogleads and like every service I come across I signed up with out of curiosity and will try it to see what happens.

    Calm down Kumiko!

  29. I recently joined and hope that I can make this program work in more than one way. Thanks for the tips.

  30. I’m actauly trying them out right now..setup a some post on my site as well as some PPC ads

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