Make Money Online with DirectCPV

What Is CPV?

CPV stands for Cost Per View (it also goes by the name PPV – Pay Per View) and is one of the fastest growing advertising channels for affiliate marketers. Unlike the CPC model pioneered by Google, which charges you per ad click, the CPV model charges you every time someone views your site or landing page. For affiliate marketers, the CPV advertising model has been a gold mind and a well kept secret.

I discovered Cost Per View traffic about two years ago when I was on the Top Affiliate Challenge reality show. Johnathon Van Clute, the winner of the challenge, was using CPV traffic to generate over $4,000 per day of income from affiliate offers. Since then, I’ve been using CPV traffic to promote affiliate offers.

One of the CPV networks I deal with is DirectCPV. They’re a local company with offices in downtown Vancouver. DirectCPV is unique in that they allow advertisers with smaller budgets. You can set up an account with only a $100 deposit. Other CPV networks want you to spend at least $10,000 a month before they even talk to you. It’s because of this high deposit limit and highly selective nature of the networks that have kept CPV traffic as a secret society. DirectCPV is hoping to change all that.

Advantage of CPV Over CPC

The biggest advantage of CPV over CPC is cost. CPV is a lot less expensive. While the minimum bid on Google AdWords is 5 cents (and good luck getting that), you can start a CPV campaign for a low as 1 cent for targeted and only 0.4 cent for a run of network (RON). If you were running an email submit offer that pays $2, you would need to get 1 in 40 submitting their email in order to break even with a 5 cents CPC Google ads. However, with DirectCPV, you would only need 1 person out of 200 submitting in order to break even. If you’re using RON traffic, the number increases to 1 in 500!

Another advantage of CPV is there’s no need to worry about a quality score and you can direct link to the offer page in most cases. Your landing page will also be the first thing viewed because it pop up over anything else. This video explains how it all works.

Use Code JCH30 For $30 Bonus

Unlike other CPV networks, DirectCVP requires only a $100 deposit to start a campaign. However, if you enter JCH30 when you make your deposit, they’ll credit your account with an extra $30. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for DirectCPV but you must deposit at least $100 before you can use the service. This is a very inexpensive way to test a new traffic source and you’ll get a $30 bonus to boot.

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39 thoughts on “Make Money Online with DirectCPV”

  1. Elijah says:

    You read my mind Johnny Boy!

    I was looking for a CPV network that was Canadian, and one that has a more “reasonable” deposit amount.

    I’m anxious to test a few video landing pages I’m working on – and I think CPV would be a cost-effective solution!

    1. It sure is gratifying to have other alternatives to PPC! Adwords can be a right royal pain in the rear, and let’s face it, you can not argue with Google!

      1. Googel won’t be in the top position forever with the way they treat affiliates and many other advertisers.

  2. I have actually just started working with PPV. So far I find it hard to convert, but thats more likely be my fault, then bad traffic.

    Will write some posts about my progress, and my campaigns:)

    1. Looking forward to reading your results! I don’t do much affiliate marketing like this, but interesting to see some case studies!

      1. Ditto here, Tom! I’m au fait with Adwords, but haven’t had any real opportunity to explore CPV, and hence I’m vewry interested to see case studies myself. It really does look promising, and with the financial barrier to entry coming down to affordable levels it is bound to start taking off, big time!

    2. I’m finding converstion are few as well with PPV, but I’m still plugging away at it.

    3. Diabetis says:

      I am thinking of building my own landing page but I guess that it have to wait since I don’t have the money to pay for ppc yet.

      1. Some people have great luck direct linking and some build landing pages. I’d start out direct linking.

  3. Hello John!
    Yesterday I watched Russell Brunson and Joel Peterson’s great webinar replay ‘Secrets of a pay per click millionaire’ about cheap PPV and PPC Traffic.
    Joel Peterson presented the multi-million strategy, the formula in which he emphasis content network, because it is less competitive than search network.
    His secret consists of three steps:
    Targeted keyword research/Analytics +
    lots of keyword targeted ads+
    keyword targeted banner ads =
    massive cheap traffic.

    1. Do you have a url for that webinar?

      1. chester says:

        Yeah, I’d like to know what URL that is as well. I haven’t been able to find it on Google.

  4. I was just starting to consider exploring this model but my question remains. How targeted is the traffic?

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s very targeted but it depends more on the keywords you use. The more targeted your keywords, the more targeted your traffic.

      1. Diabetis says:

        The same old thign.

  5. thanks for the breakdown on how this works

  6. Will write some posts about my progress, and my campaigns:)

  7. I have been interested in this advertizing model for a long time but never could find a network that was affordable to get started on.
    You’ll definitely be getting some kickback for my signup 🙂
    I always thought the charge was per 1000 times a ad was displayed, not per 1000 times the landing page was shown. I guess I was confused.

    1. Danny says:

      Wouldn’t the ad be the actual landing page?

  8. I think i need to learn about it before try it. I still do not have full understanding about how CPV work.

  9. I’ve tried this network out for the last 2 months with a little results to be honest. Your capture pages also have to be very targeted and have a high opt in rate to make it worth whiled.

  10. Danny says:

    John how is this different from CPM?

    1. John Chow says:

      CPM is used to refer to the price for 1000 ad views. CPV doesn’t show ads really, it pops the full landing page. You pay each time your page is viewed.

      1. Danny says:

        Ahhh ok that’s what I thought as well… Got confused when someone was asking the Ctr or something for such ads…

  11. Paul B says:

    John, how much money have you made using this?

    1. John Chow says:

      Net $2K per month from DirectCPV but I’m still ramping up. I use other CPV sources as well.

  12. Diabetis says:

    Does it accept Asian traffic?

    1. John Chow says:

      They accept worldwide traffic.

  13. This looks cheap! I will try getting some nice landing pages put together to try this out!

  14. fas says:

    Looks like there are many unique ways of bidding.

  15. Divena says:

    Thank you very much for this Post, John, this is exactly what I am looking for.

    I will definitly try out DirectCPV for my next project.

    I´ve searched and searched for a good CPV service and I really hope that this one will work out for me!

    Greetings from Lima,

  16. chester says:

    Any one have firsthand experience with this outfit? Looks promising.

    1. Diabetis says:

      Try asking JOhn?

  17. Amit says:

    What about the fact that the traffic is delivered through AdWare. And 99% of the cases AdWares get installed on a user’s computer deceptively.
    And there is a chance you affiliate account may get banned because of yor CPV usage. Plus there are FTC regulations to worry about.
    You may be okay with CPA networks, in fact some CPA networks are associated with the CPV networks.
    So tread carefully. If you are using traditional affiliate networks like CJ/GAN/SAS, you may get banned.

    To get a different view about PPV/CPV and Adwares I find these helpful.

    So tread

  18. affiliate says:

    Really great article on making money, sounds a really interesting way, i’m currently trying to make money as an online affiliate marketer, proving quite hard… So thanks for the great info 🙂

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