Make Money Online with GuardianAds Affiliate Network

What are some of the most important factors when considering an affiliate network to join? You want to have the right kinds of offers to promote, of course, but you also want to make sure that you’re making the most amount of money as possible. And having faster cash flow is certainly appreciated as well.

Taking these kinds of considerations into account is GuardianAds, a network that says they have a “selected team” that will provide you with “superior results.” Let’s get started with today’s review and see what GuardianAds has to offer for the “best affiliates.”

How Is GuardianAds Different?

In looking through GuardianAds, there are several highlight points worth mentioning.


First, they claim to offer huge payouts and higher conversion rates compared to the many other networks that are out there on the Internet. As an online entrepreneur seeking to make money on the web, this is naturally one of the biggest priorities that you’re going to have. More money is a good thing.

To help you achieve those goals, GuardianAds has over 500 direct-only, 100% unbrokered offers, including rare international offers that you can use to capitalize on the different types of traffic you are able to generate. They say they have “exclusive offers you can’t find” and that if you find anyone else that is offering a better payout, they’ll beat it. That sounds pretty great.

Enjoy Your Weekly Payment

In general, you will find that most affiliate networks operate on a net-30 payment schedule. Some even go as far as net-45 or net-60, meaning that you have to wait a long time before you finally have your earnings in your hands.

GuardianAds is different. They provide weekly payments by default, again helping to improve your cash flow and, thus, helping you be more effective as an online marketer. Weekly payouts are oftentimes only offered to top affiliates upon request, so to have this option activated by default is a definite plus.

A Look at the Dashboard

As can be expected, there aren’t too many surprises when it comes to the affiliate dashboard used by GuardianAds. After logging into the system, you’ll see the main navigation along the header: home, my account, APNs, recent offers, my offers and reports.


Along the right side, you’ll find the contact information for your specific affiliate manager, including his/her Skype and e-mail. GuardianAds boasts that it has experienced affiliate managers that are keen to help you succeed. If you have any special requests, you know where to go.

In the main portion of the dashboard are your top campaigns, as well as some basic stats about your commissions, impressions, clicks, and conversions.

What About the Offers?

With some affiliate networks, you have access to the entire library of offers right off the bat. With others, you have to apply for each one individually. GuardianAds falls into the latter category.


The criteria will presumably vary from offer to offer. When I tried one of the random biz op offers, it was approved instantaneously. Of course, your mileage will vary. It appears that a great number of GuardianAds offers are related to dating or gambling, but they have other categories as well. And as you can see in the screenshot above, the payouts have the potential of being quite high. There are several offers with over $100 CPA.


After you have been approved for an offer, you will then gain access to the offer page, like the one shown here. You’ll see the expiration data, the payout, a description, a preview link, the allowed traffic and any available creatives. In this particular case, there is only a text link to the landing page.

Affiliating with the Guardian

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you’re typically not all that interested in bells and whistles. Instead, it makes a lot more sense to focus on networks and systems that just work. You want to make more money and the philosophy of GuardianAds is in line with that. They have good payouts, a weekly payment schedule, exclusive offers and experienced affiliate managers. There are even loyalty programs and contests.

GuardianAds may not have the largest number of offers, but the hope is that you will have at least a few quality offers that are both up your alley and potentially very lucrative.


19 thoughts on “Make Money Online with GuardianAds Affiliate Network”

  1. GuardianAds says:

    Thanks for the great review! If you have any questions or are interested in joining, contact [email protected]!

  2. Stefanie says:

    I really hope new affiliates won’t read this and think they should go run a bunch of traffic here. The AffPlaybook blog did a fantastic job of investigating Guardian Ads, and while it’s always possible that they could do ok in the long-run, brand new networks should never be blindly praised like this until they’ve been around a while (more than 2-3 months) and they’ve proven themselves. That’s especially true when they look as potentially shady as Guardian Ads.

    1. Jason says:

      This is so true stefanie I will check out guardian ads see what they all about but one have to be carefull and not just jump on the bag wagon until they prove them self

  3. Bhanupriya says:

    Heard first time about Guardianads. Thanks for the review. Surely I’ll give a try.

  4. lonelyplanet says:

    Hey John,

    Wow, what a great review. I’d like a review like that. How much are you charging for a positive review?

    I just bought the expired domain of a recently defunct cpa network and relaunched it with the old name, old site, and also the old business model. Here it is:

    We are also offering “weekly payouts” and have some of the hottest AMs in the business.

    1. I. C. Daniel says:

      Relaunch an old CPA network. Good luck but if that network have some bad reviews on internet will decrease the number of possible affiliates.

      Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  5. Edson Hale says:

    On what points it is better than the several high repute affiliates like clickbank and amazon; secondly how is the range of its products; is it limited to a few niche or several; for example there is acute shortage of green products on affiliates networks

  6. Andrew says:

    Firstly I want to say that the following rant is not aimed at Guardian Ads, but the reviewer and the website that hosts the review.

    Actually this isn’t a review anyway. I don’t consider applying for one offer and getting accepted as really testing a network.

    It’s a bit like reviewing a car by sitting in the driver’s seat and playing a Barry Manilow CD – this doesn’t really tell me much about important qualities of the car does it?

    Surely a proper review would test claims like ‘huge payouts and higher conversion rates’. The former can be checked in 5 minutes, the latter would take time but would make for a great review.

    And wouldn’t a good reviewer highlight the dangers of a CPA company that promises weekly payouts? When this is included as a key reason to work with a company, shouldn’t there be mention of how they are financed? How they deal with fraud? Whether they run traffic internally?

    You see the rest of the world gets by fine on NET30 or NET60 – what makes this industry different? Maybe making the business side a little tougher would make people treat it like a business and not like a game of Gangsta Monopoly.

    I think websites like this one should be the Delorean that carries this industry from the Wild West to a bright new future. That thought leadership is hopelessly lacking here.

    Finally I would say that this does seem to be a paid-for post – the network is just too new to be reviewed yet. I think clarifying the relationship between the network and this website may go a long way to explaining the lack of critique in this article.

  7. faisal says:

    So many ad networks still coming today.

  8. Sunday says:

    The content of this post is valuable and for this reason it has been “kingged” in the IM social site – More so, the comment below was shared in the 4-in-1 social site:

    The number of offers may not matter, but quality counts, and I am sure many intending affiliates will love to stick with an affiliate program that offers quality service.

    Nevertheless, after going through this article, I have come to the conclusion that the GuardianAds affiliates is worth trying. I have been attracted to the high payouts and faster cashflow it offers.

    I guess, I am going to read more reviews about this affiliate network before taking out the offer!

    Sunday – contributor

  9. Well, with a new network it is always a bit of a risk; But I think that the reviewer did a decent job in bringing this to our attention. It is up to everyone else to use their due diligence to decide to associate themselves with this network or not.

    Thank you for bringing this network to our attention. Will be taking a look to decide on it.

  10. Roger Rodrz. says:

    Nice article on way to make money online Michael, I commend you for showing other ways to make a real way to make a profit online. I know how hard it is to find yourself unemployed.
    But at the same time in is very easy to get scam by false rich quick schemes.

  11. William luke says:

    Thanks Michael for this inform me another great affiliation network, however i connect with click bank , but list down some other useful like that.

  12. I’ve never heard of this before. Is anybody else using it and what kind of results are you generating?

  13. Gregg says:

    I will look into this.sounds legit and profitable.

  14. Tony Nguyen says:

    Hi Michale,

    It’s great to know a new Advertising network that we can work with. So would you mind sharing some of your positive results with us as readers? How do you compare GuardianAds with I use AdClickmedia before and got some good result, I would like to learn more information about the GuardianAds before moving this network, Thanks

  15. Umairiqbal says:

    A very use full info about Guardian affiliate program. One thing i want to ask you, i ‘m using Clickbank since 2012 september and i m earning 110-130 dollars per month. what do you suggest me for either Guardian will be best for me or Clickbank ?

  16. William Moreno says:

    Great blog ! I’ve been trying to make money online for a while now, tried a couple of things but none really got me any cash incoming, this seems promising, independent affliliate programs like this look better than those through clickbank.

  17. Carlos S says:

    I’ve been working with them since this article was posted and paid on time every time – no problems at all. Not sure why you think every network that’s launched new is owned by him but these guys are operating a very good network. They even lowered the weekly threshold for us to $250 to prove that they were legit and they surely are.

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