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InLink is a new service from the parent company of Text Link Ads. In a nutshell, InLinks takes your blog posts and turns certain keywords into links. Unlike Kontera, InLinks doesn’t pop up an ad when you hover over it. Instead, InLinks links directly to the advertiser’s page. From a reader’s standpoint, Inlinks looks just like a normal blog link.

InLinks for Bloggers

The biggest appeal of InLinks for blogger is it doesn’t take up any space and it’s completely non-intrusive. You have full control over which advertisers are buying InLinks so if you stick to companies that are related to your blog, readers wouldn’t even notice it, and neither should Google.

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As long as you keep the advertisers related to your blog, you shouldn’t have any problems with Google over InLinks. The key is to keep thing relevant. Ask yourself if you would have linked to that company in the blog post anyway if you knew about them at the time. If the answer is yes, then you should be golden. There is no way for Google to detect if the InLinks link is a regular link or a paid link.

InLinks offers plugins for WordPress, Movable Type and Durpal so installation is a no brainer. Just upload the plugin, activate and start making money. I will be adding InLinks to my recommended money makers.

InLinks for Advertisers

InLinks’ biggest selling point for advertisers is it allows them to purchase links within the content area of a blog post and those links are more likely to be clicked on. Advertiser search for instances of their top keywords and replace those static keywords with a hyperlink back to their website. The links are full follow links so they carry SEO benefits as well.

Link prices start at $10 per month. To encourage advertisers to test out the new service, InLink is offering $100 in InLinks links for only $1.00. Just enter 100free in the coupon code at checkout.

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53 thoughts on “Make Money Online with InLinks”

  1. I just signed up for it an am looking to see how it does (im not an advertiser) I was looking at the reviews about linking to unrelated subjects. I don’t know why you would do this. It ruins the conversation to just bring up new topics every time someone starts a conversation….aka search.

    1. Yeah, well hopefully Google does not catch it like they have been banning a lot of people from their index pages. I don’t know, I still think that Google can find a way if you are being paid for links. I’ll have to check it out to see.

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        It is google, of course they can find a way…
        But whether they will spend the money and bother to find a way is the question.

        1. Tom Forrest says:

          People over estimate how good Google is. They make a lot of mistakes, e.g. penalize innocent sites, do not penalize evil sites.

          I have seen hundreds of mistakes Google has made and many people hire me to contact Google to have these mistakes corrected. If you know who to contact Google will fix their mistakes, sadly most webmasters do not know who to contact and the general support type email addresses at Google can be like trying to ask a tree in your yard to help fix the Google mistakes.

    2. Study Babes says:

      people would do it because they want their links on high pr/traffic sites, im assuming they’re dofollow and thats what they’re for rather than just ridiculous unrelated ads (ie. kontera)

    3. Got the EMAIL: “Congratulations on becoming a publisher.”

      Scratch that…..I just got the email.

      “Unfortunately, at this time we feel that your site, does not meet our internal requirements to be accepted into the InLinks publishing program”

      1. Study Babes says:

        i have a 15mbps connection and after 30 seconds your site still hadn’t finished loading, im guessing thats why

        1. thanks for looking …. I have noticed that for today…I thought it was just my mobile connection….thanks

      2. Yea, getting the same slow load here as well. Maybe you should reapply when you get your hosting fixed.

    4. Tom Forrest says:


      I am sorry I do not understand what you are talking about, InLinks just makes words in your blog articles hyperlinks.

      Another good and powerful Link Building program is:

      Very few people know about it and is one of the best options for Publishers and Advertisers.

  2. Patrick says:

    Good idea. However, I hate Kontera as it is. It is a little too overwhelming. Good luck with it though, TLA.

  3. LayupDrill says:

    I saw this yesterday on problogger. I dunno about this one. For some reason I think Google wont like it, or the sites running it.

  4. Pheak.T says:

    hopefully google doesnt ding you for this since in a way it is sort of similiar to text links ads minus the ad popping up when you hover your mouse on top of it but im not a guru so i cant really say.

  5. Taris J says:

    Thanks for the useful tip!! Hopefully this will be another good way of generating ad revenue presuming that it won’t be looked down upon by google!

  6. Looks good, I have some new websites I’m going to launch soon so I’ll give them a go and see whether I can earn anything from them on my blogs.

    Good stuff!

  7. I have the feeling Google will catch on & do the same thing they did with TLA. They’re definitely not stupid.

  8. Hey John do any of these things work on Blogger platform?

  9. I have used inlinks before. They did not work to great for me but it might have been the company I used. I just want my visitors to use my information and not distract them.

  10. John, do they allow you to pay for links via PayPal?

  11. blackysky says:

    google will target the plugin script or simply sign up as an advertiser and target every websites loool…it won’t be hard to find in a long run… people still think they can hide stuff … i mean ….you cannot hide yourself .. internet = big brother and google is the cameraman !!!!

    have fun and make pennies when you can simply do millions with a real strong business…..

  12. BusinessX says:

    I have adopted a Screw Google Mentality (see shoemoney’s post of the same name). I figure with everything it takes to be SERP 1 for the best keywords, you have some serious building to do. If/when you get there, Google would almost have to follow you. Besides once you get there you can play nice with Google because your size and momentum will be secured.

    I love using John Chow as my favorite example. Google has PR3 and buried in the SERP’s. Yet, he has Alexa Rank 28,174 and 13,276. He has busted past 40K RSS subscribers and 218,396 unique visitors last month. So, why does everyone bow knee to Google?

    If you take that mentality, then paid links is a question of traffic (you no longer worry about PR). Will InLinks bring you $10 worth of monthly traffic? You also have the side benefit of not violating Google Webmaster Guidelines because you are not buying them to improve Page Rank. You don’t care about Page Rank! How Google determines people’s motivation I don’t know.

    1. I have to agree with the screw Google mentality. They are way too powerful, but there’s a lot you can do to be out from their evil influence.

  13. i really like the fact that it doesnt have the pop up ad on the link really well hidden

  14. David hobson says:

    I signed up to them earlier and installed the plugin. Now i just gotta sit back and wait to see what happens.

  15. Rics says:

    This is a great tool. Unfortunatly we don’t have anything similar to this here in Brazil. Actualy the options to make money with blogs here are very limited. I think the way is to learn english and start an “international” blog. Maybe one day…

    1. Eric says:

      Or you can be a shrewed entreneur and START a company that will allow ppl in Brazil to blog and earn money.

      Its always the ppl who get in first at the ground floor that make out like bandits. So don’t get put down by the fact that there’s no monitization plan like in Brazil. Think outside the blog and start one yourself!

  16. jhaylogs says:

    can i use inlink on my blog even it has a kontera?

    1. Joe says:

      Check the terms of service I was selected to be a beta tester of inlinks and I’m pretty sure that is said that you could not.

  17. I think link prices at $10 per month is costly as you can get this type of permanent links easily at $10 to $15.

  18. Li Weng says:

    It does look like a good tool. Best part is that it’s non-intrusive, so it doesn’t distract.

  19. Lee says:

    I’m glad the InLinks ads are not like Kontera. I find it really annoying hovering over a word and ad pops up!

  20. I don’t know why so many just look at what google has to say or may do. There are tousands of ways to get traffic not only from google.

    I defenitly will ad InLinks to some of my niche blogs and test it if it’s really worth…

    1. BusinessX says:

      Agreed, focus on getting traffic other than Google, and let Google be gravy. There are just too many ways to get slapped while pushing growth.

  21. Interesting concept, but I would wan’t to control the links I’m directing my readers to.

  22. looks like a cool deal
    I will grab the $99 offer 😀 yo!!

  23. andy says:

    This looks cool! I will need to check this out!

  24. John Lessnau says:

    It’s amazing no one hear has heard of, we have been selling links in content for nearly two years. inlinks is simply a copy of our idea with a few small look and feel differences. LinkXL allows webmasters to set their own pricing and also allows nofollow text ads in content if you want to sell google friendly ads.. Also, all types of websites can use our system, not just blogs.


  25. Ben Pei says:

    Sounds like another good money making program..$10 per month is a reasonable start..

    1. It’s too good price for those who are selling permanent links at this price

  26. cool idea..I’ll have to check that out…

  27. shun2u says:

    Wow! nice. New service to make money online.

  28. I think that whoever has enough visitors should just sell the links directly. Cut out the middleman.

  29. Killer Info. I Like It. Click on thespidersystem. I really think you guys will appreciate a system like this. Cause, you get to use everything you already know and make money doing it.

  30. Ben Pei says:

    So john.. are you going to have a how you broke 40k rss subscribers post?

  31. gendut says:

    great offering bos…..I will start with my earning with inlink,thanks

  32. Very interesting, thanks for sharing

  33. Ken says:

    I got the “Dear John” rejection email from Text Link Ads some time ago. Something about porn on my site ?? the only thing without clothes on were animals, so I don’t know what was considered “Adult Content”. Is there any chance I can re-apply or would I be wasting my time?

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