Make Money Online with Mighty Deals Affiliate Program

Yes, Black Friday has come and gone, but people are always shopping for the best deal. This is true for everything from dining out to fancy electronics, and it also applies to digital products that people buy online. And you can certainly make money from that phenomenon.

Today’s review is of Mighty Deals, a website that focuses on offering “amazing and exclusive deals for web professionals.” It’s free to use and you take advantage of their affiliate program to rake in your share of cash too.

What Is Mighty Deals?

The core idea behind Mighty Deals is that it is a daily deal site for a variety of digital products. These digital products are geared mostly toward web professionals, including designers, developers and coders.

Like every other daily deal website, the deals posted on Mighty Deals are only offered for a limited time. Some of these are for just a 24-hour period, though many stay on the site for a few days. In any case, customers can clearly see how much time they have left to take advantage of the deal. The actual savings will vary, but they say that customers can save as much as 90% off the regular price.

Typical Products for Sale

If you’re a web developer or designer, many of the products sold through Mighty Deals will be right up your alley. The types of deals are exclusively for digital products and many are graphical in nature.

If you go to the “all deals” page, you’ll find that there are fonts, graphics, icons, scripts, plugins, and themes, as well as software, courses, e-books and productivity tools. For example, there’s one package that provides you with 200 high quality stock images for $17. Considering that you’d pay at least a dollar or two each on a site like Shutterstock or iStockPhoto, that’s a pretty great deal.

Other examples of digital products sold through Mighty Deal include an HTML5 video converter, Anime Studio, SEOmoz PRO, WordPress e-books, courses on responsive web design, and more.

The Affiliate Program

So, while you could certainly save quite a bit of money by shopping for your digital needs through Mighty Deals, you can make a fair bit of cash by promoting these same products through their affiliate program. Registration is just a single page, but approval is not instant; a Mighty Deals representative will follow up with you.

After you’ve been approved, you can start promoting deals like this one for Windows 8 vector icons. As long as you use an appropriate affiliate link, you will be paid the standard commission of 25%. In this particular example, you’d earn about $4. This is because you get a 25% commission on the net sale price, which factors in the merchant fees that Mighty Deals has to pay on the transaction.

Commissions are paid on a net-30 basis via PayPal, assuming that you’ve met the minimum payment threshold of $50. You can promote these deals through your coupon or deal site, or you could do it just as easily through your blog, Twitter, or wherever else you do your affiliate marketing. Of course, you can’t use your own affiliate ID for your own purchases.

A Good Deal for Internet Marketers?

As long as there are websites on the Internet, there will be a need for icons, graphics, fonts and other digital products. Web designers and developers are really no different than the rest of the general shopping population; they still want to save money where they can, so you just have to figure out how to best market the Mighty Deals offers in their direction. The 25% commission is pretty good and the lower $50 payment threshold should make this affiliate program more accessible even to smaller publishers and Internet marketers.