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CPA Based Ad Network for Bloggers

PrimoFeed is a new advertising network trying to raise some buzz by ordering up a ReviewMe review. The PrimoFeed service displays ads from select 3rd party vendors through a widget based on the web site owner keyword/tag option, boolean query, or smart targets ads.

PrimoFeed ads are CPA (cost per action) based, which mean you make money when the customer buys the product or performs an action (like signing up for a newsletter). PrimoFeed claims they work directly with the vendors to get the best possible commission rates. However, all the ads that I have seen so far have came from It would appear that PrimoFeed is trying to be another AuctionAds. Where as AuctionAds repackages eBay ads, PrimoFeed repackages ads. This is not to say PrimoFeed won’t be adding other ad networks, or direct vendors, in the future.

How Does PrimoFeed Make Money

PrimoFeed’s takes a small cut of the revenues. The goal is to build the network as fast as possible thus makes it easy for anyone to join. The bigger the network becomes, the easier it is for us to negotiate better rates with 3rd party vendors. We also create incentives and reward our top publishers to keep the network healthy and prime.

Most ads receive 4-8% commission rate on every product sold. The more sites in the network, the more volume it does and that means higher commission payout than going it alone. Publishers who go it alone won’t get a better deal because the chances of hitting the higher commission rate when you’re small is very slim. If all works out, you would make more with PrimoFeed than doing it yourself.

The PrimoFeed Ad Widget

PrimoFeed’s ad widget can display up to 5 products at once and can learn the consumer’s viewing behavior to auto suggest and blend in other ads that may be of interest to them. The widget can also be customized by color to integrate into any web site.

PrimoFeed queries by tags that describe a product or by regular boolean query. When other people query products by tag, the database adds the tag onto every product matching result. This social networking of tag population enables products to be located faster and easier. Right now, the tag querying is limited, but will grow over time and search relevancy will be greatly enhanced.

Only One Ad Size, And It’s Not Standard

One of the problems I see with PrimoFeed is there is only one ad size and it’s not a fixed size. The widget will use whatever space is required to display the number of products selected. The width looks like it’s fixed to 160 pixel but the height changes depending on the amount of information and number of product offers shown.

This kind of set up pretty much limits PrimoFeed ads to a sidebar. There’s no option to fix the ad size or make the offers show horizontally or as a square. Hopefully, future editions of the widget will allow more flexibility in placement and ad size.

No Minimum Entrance Requirements

PrimoFeed has no minimum entrance requirements. If you have a blog, even if it’s brand new, you are welcome to join. PrimoFeed looks like a very crude version of BlogKits and suffers from the same short comings.

Many first time bloggers think all they need to do to make money online is to stick a few affiliate ads on their site and watch the money roll in. Using banners to promote CPA affiliate sales is the worst possible way to make money from affiliate marketing. Affiliate sales were my number one money maker last month but do you see a single affiliate banner on this blog? Affiliate marketing is all about the presell and banners ads don’t do any preselling.

If I were running PrimoFeed, I would use it as a default for those time when I have no other banners to run. However, since the ads from PrimoFeed are not a fixed size, they may look really strange because parts of the ads could be cut off. If you decide to run PrimoFeed on your blog, I would be interested to see how it does for you.

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  1. Ed Lau says:

    Hmmm…site’s down. John Chow effect, maybe?

    1. Haha, yeah, good timing. Glad to see I’m not the only one with the problem…though I’m sure PrimoFeed’s not glad about it. 😛

      1. They’re probably doing repairs/maintenance. Read John’s review and *swoosh* they’re already making it happen.

  2. Maybe they need some hosting?

  3. Thanks John – not sure if I’ll sign up for this one just quite yet but it’s an interesting company.

  4. Peter says:

    Good review. Site’s still down. Too bad.

  5. Alex says:

    Jaja, john chow review PrimoFeed and PrimoFeed got a lot of traffic and the host crash? xD

  6. Casey says:

    Very nice review. It’s too bad that the widget size isn’t fixed though.

  7. Site’s still down. Not very robust, eh?

  8. DerekBeau says:

    I can’t access the site either, but I already know I wouldn’t use them. It isn’t that hard to get in the 8% tier (631 sales) with Amazon’s affiliate program, and beyond that the increases are only marginal, so I don’t really see the point in running them through a third party.

  9. Nice site review there john chow. I may use this site in the future for my blog, just waiting for them to come back up to check em out.

    1. I hope they realize they probably lost a few potential clients when their site was down — right around the time John Chow review readers went flocking to it.

  10. TheLoopLife says:

    Rule #1 about advertising: If you’re going to buy traffic, make sure you can handle it. 😆

    1. They were probably just having a pretty bad day.

  11. John … look at what you did … took a whole advertising network down!

    You need to watch that Chow Effect … LOL


  12. Dean says:

    Looks interesting, will have to take a look when their website is back up. Anybody doing well with AuctionAds?

    1. HMTKSteve says:

      I am doing very well with AuctionAds.

      I never made any money with Amazon.

  13. MrGPT says:

    Darn, I’m not too fond of the one size… and the fact that their site is down makes it seem unprofessional.

  14. InvestMe says:

    i always read john’s post! very informative 😎

  15. simon says:

    Thanks John, I will try it.

  16. simon says:
    This site is down!!

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.

  17. Grant says:

    Looks like it’s back up. Good review and interesting concept. Will give it a try on my blog.

  18. 😀 Thanks from Italy!

  19. Can I try from Italy?

  20. Joel Badinas says:

    This will be another income stream for us bloggers.

  21. Jarle says:

    Thanks for this tip John. I will look into it.

  22. It can’t be much different than the other ones.

  23. sandossu says:

    it’s loading for me

  24. Bob says:

    i just found this site yesterday! lol. maybe new in blogging. more info and power rangers here.

  25. Manisha says:

    Thank you for giving a very good idea and another technique to make money.

  26. Manisha says:

    Thank you informing about this website. 🙂

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