Make Money Online with Product Review Blogs

If you’re completely new to the idea of earning money online and you aren’t sure what the topic should be please don’t start another make money online blog. Instead pick a product category that you’re interested in and start a product review blog. It’s entirely possible to make way more money off of a blog focused on a popular product or category of products than a blog that discusses how to make money online.

Product Review Blog Example – Netbook Reviews

Netbook Reviews is a blog I started to focus on – yes you guessed it – netbook reviews (read what is a netbook if you don’t know what a netbook is.) I built the site using a free WordPress theme that I modified and a product review plugin so the overall cost to start the blog was very low.

As you can see from the blog I only have some Adsense and Amazon ads on the blog, with most of the income coming from Amazon’s affiliate program. In fact, I’ve made over $200 in the first month since the blog launch and the only thing I’ve done is post 3 – 4 times per week about netbook news, deals and product reviews. Because netbooks are relatively inexpensive at around $400 each I’m not making a lot of money off of each item referred to Amazon, but this just goes to show that if you were able to run a successful product review blog on a more expensive product category you could stand to make even more money. Amazon’s affiliate program operates on a percentage of sale price (that moves up based on the items you drive through to their affiliate program).

The Best Ways to Make Money on a Product Review Blog

From experience, I’ve found the best way to make money on a product review blog is to write posts about sales / deals on products related to your blog and include an affiliate link to buy the product online (Yes, it’s really that simple). Almost every online retailer has an affiliate program so all you need to do is sign up for all of the relevant affiliate programs and insert links in your deal posts. Another great way to make money on a product review blog is to write posts about when an anticipated product finally becomes available for purchase online. The best part about these types of posts is that you’re providing a service your users actually want to read about. Who doesn’t want to know when a product finally goes on sale or becomes available to purchase?

Lastly, the most obvious way to make money off a product review blog is off of the actual product reviews. In the reviews you write simply include links on where to buy the products new and used (I use a plugin called PHPBay Pro to display eBay items on my product review pages).

Wrap Up

If you’re struggling to find a way to earn money online please don’t start another blog on how to make money online, instead start a blog focused on a specific product category. Besides, you’ll probably end up making more money and have more fun writing about products you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. Use John’s blog to find ways to help drive traffic to your blog and you should be on your way to success!

Chris Guthrie is a part time web entrepreneur with the ambitious goal to consistently earn enough money online to quit his day job. Subscribe to his RSS feed if you would like to see more related posts.

48 thoughts on “Make Money Online with Product Review Blogs”

  1. Indo Contest says:

    I never make money online with PTR/
    My english sucks!!

    1. fas says:

      Who said you need good english? Just a little bit of hard work and thats about it.

      1. Alexandru says:

        You cant possible say that.
        IF I need an article writer, who do you think I might chose ? A bad english writer, or a propper english one ?
        Its not about spelling the words right, its how you put them together in a sentence.

  2. Michael Zhao says:

    That’s what I’m talking about! More innovative ideas! Get money get money!!!

  3. Paula says:

    Yeah, I converted one of my websites into a product review blog about the best-selling Amazon products and stuff — and thank God stuff is selling.

    Now I just gotta calm down on the PPC Adwords advertising and balance out the advertising cost versus affiliate income to make a high profit margin.

    Good post.

  4. John says:

    Why don’t you use the WF review plugin which also supports mass data uploads from an XML file and tons of features.

    1. Rick says:

      Thanks a lot mate, picked up the script at a discounted pricing. Surely it has lot if features and XML upload thing is what really impressed me a lot.

    2. Yes this is an effective strategy. Just have good products, make sure you test them out and you will build your credibility. Cred is key but it is a long term thing and it realy pays off!

      BlogTipsForBeginners’s last blog post: Why YOU Should Start A Blog – The Top 10 Reasons And 26 More

  5. Mystery Man says:

    Heh, I’ve got a netbook blog too, though I earn x20 what you’re earning. (no adsense, ugh)

    Tip though, When reviewing products, you have to be one of the first, OR you have to do a comparison with another product. That will encourage people to link to the review and give you more google juice.

    If you review a product when there’s already millions of people who’ve already reviewed it, then nobody cares, unless you’ve got a special spin on it.. like perhaps reviewing a product nekkid or something…

    1. Jake Stone says:

      One good spin is to throw the reviewed item into the air and really make it spin. When it drops down and breaks up, the remains are perfect source for looking into the future. This approach has a slight downside – it’s rather expensive.

    2. Hey Mystery Man, you’re right that’s a good tip. What I’m going to try and start working on is getting pre-release netbooks from the vendors themselves – however the problem is that for now I’m too small for them to bother working with me. The comparison review idea is good too thanks for the tip.

    3. What is the URL of your netbook review site?

  6. Mike says:

    Great post. I’m already in the planning stages of a review blog and this post gave some great ideas, specifically when it comes to
    “From experience, I’ve found the best way to make money on a product review blog is to write posts about sales / deals on products related to your blog and include an affiliate link to buy the product online (Yes, it’s really that simple).”

  7. Isee says:

    Product review blog is a way out from a dead end of blog without ad link

  8. Rick Vaughn says:

    I like the idea but how do you review all this products to make a accurate assessment? I have a hard time believing that a company would give away freebies for a review on a smaller blog.

    Maybe I’m thinking of the same products your speaking of?

  9. innovators make all the money while the imitators pick up the scraps along the way!

  10. Jake Stone says:

    Almost everybody who is looking for online information to base their buying decision on are also making the purchase online. If you provide that information then you also stand very good chance of facilitating the sale.

    Best products to focus on this kind of site are uniform products that can be bought without trial. Almost all consumer electronics falls into this category. Now, everybody go and start a blog on Flip Mino or iPod or something.

  11. Matt says:

    Tip, don’t start one on netbooks either (esp after many people read this), there are already so many netbook sites popping up, you won’t rank well at all.

    You always have to think of new niches.

    1. Good point, I hadn’t anticipated that people might consider starting a netbook site after reading this post.

      lol this is just an example of what you can do.

      I was able to get pretty lucky when I acquired the domain as it’s prefect for the niche I’m targeting. My point is that you can make pretty good money on product review blogs and I made over $200 in the first 30 days (yes somewhat in part due to the great domain)

      The important part is to pick a niche your passionate about and get to work!

      1. WP Themes says:

        It’s a pretty sweet domain name. When/Where did you get that? If so, can you reveal the price?


        1. I contacted the previous owner of the domain and offered to buy. I’d prefer not to reveal the price – besides it’s somewhat irrelevant as I have no intentions of selling it.

          All you should focus on doing is finding a niche you’re interested in and get to work. – Just don’t try netbooks lol 😀

      2. Yes, you have a great domain name for that particular niche. We have a bunch of tools at Domain Superstar that help people find domain names like this. We have found that if someone can get a domain name that is an exact match to a keyword phrase that is searched in Google then it can be much easier to get some organic search traffic to that domain.

  12. I never knew that you could earn money through product reviews. But again it depends on the niche of the product.

  13. Great post. I have a blog for money making and one on products reviews. I love posting to the latter! Now I just need more traffic. It is so easy to post about things you like. I’ll agree to that. And you do get a few freebies if you ask.

  14. Debo Hobo says:

    Does Michael Kwan still write your blog posts? I really liked reading his reviews.

  15. Mogul says:

    I’m keen on exploring this idea in the near-to-medium term future. It just seems like such a great idea long-tail search-wise. I’ll post back here and let you know how I go once it’s kicked off.

  16. Great message for new bloggers interested in making money.

  17. Damilik says:

    Doing a product review site is the same as doing a make money online site. People don’t make money from their make money blog because no one reads it.

    If you want to make money from your blog, you need traffic.

    Chris, I would prefer you to write about how you SEO your product review blog rather than making money with a product review blog.

    1. Hey Damilik,

      Well to be honest right now I’m just focusing on content creation and natural linking. I’m also reaching out to other netbook webmasters to link back.

      I’m just taking my time and building the site up as best as I can. I’m taking the approach of trying to build something that as a visitor I would like to see and if I’m successful at that the financial success will follow.

  18. Bibokz says:

    Not going far from paid post… Google will nuked your blog. They hate paid post. 🙁

  19. Mega Champ says:

    Nice post Chris, i hope people just don’t jump into starting numerous netbooks blogs by seeing this. Have to see the bottom line 🙂

  20. Silvia says:

    The idea of a product reviewi blog is really more efficient in the time of being .And there are many interesting products waiting for reviewing.

  21. joe gelb says:

    Who wrote the article? I need him to make me a website.

  22. Great article, I think you are doing a right thing

  23. Melody says:

    How do you become a guest blogger?

  24. Nice thinking. I think that’s specially true to me as i haven’t found the perfect niche for me. for now, it’s a blog about stuff as i tackle almost anything. i’m thinking of trying one more blog. thanks for the info!


  25. Alexandru says:

    Money can allways be produced from reviews / blogs.
    One just gotta learn some propper english, find some attractive words to promote products, some success here and there so the word spreads out regarding your blog and reviews, and there you have it . Some decent income from reviews.
    Who knows, the next best thing that can happen to you is you start chargeing 500 USD like John here 😛

  26. Dean Saliba says:

    Very good article.

    I’m about to launch a comedy review blog and I hope it will be a success like your netbook review blog. 🙂

  27. Well there is no scarcity of niches on this planet … you just have to pick the right one and perfect marketing will make that one a hit.

    As review is the most searched text on internet.

  28. Well it just shows there is no limit to what you can do to make money online. Just be innovative, creative and find the lowest competitive niche with lots of demand.

    Peter Lee

  29. John Karmen says:

    I bought the product review plugin from the link and it’s good, it had two themes, so I already have my site started. Thanks Chris

  30. Hi Chris, another way to make money out of this is:
    now that you said you are making 200 per month then you only need to build more targeted blog reviews about some other stuffs like maybe cell phones, etc.
    Why stopping with 2 or 3 sites, you may build 30 making 200 each and then thats a very nice 6000 dlls per month, but you can still building more and increasing your income, there is no limit.

  31. Andrew says:

    I think starting a review blog is an extremely viable idea. There are so many niches to focus on and I’m sure we all have plenty of interests and experience in a variety of niches. The great thing about a review blog is that you don’t have to blog daily and can really line up a bunch of posts ahead of time. Thanks for the information.

    Andrew’s last blog post: What is the Kicklight Revolution?

  32. Jeff West says:

    A review blog is a great idea but you still need the traffic to earn sales. Here is a ‘tight’ product to monetize your review blog with multiple affiliate networks and your own products if you choose.

    Jeff West’s last blog post: Tip For Converting an Authority Website to a Blog

  33. 老红 says:

    i way to here

    老红’s last blog post: 免费获取拥有SSH权限的帐号和密码

  34. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to do some reviews, but I’m not starting a new blog for it. I’ll be incorporating it into this one.

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

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