Make Money Online With ReviewMe

Whenever a new ReviewMe review gets posted on this blog there are always comments asking if people actually read them. The answer should be obvious. I wouldn’t be getting new ReviewMe orders if the advertisers weren’t making money on them. What may surprise you is how much money advertisers make off these reviews. Here are four ReviewMe case studies to show how advertisers make money online with ReviewMe reviews. If you’ve ordered a review from this blog, and would like to be featured in a future case study, then send me the results of your ReviewMe experience.

Interspire SendStudio NX

My guest blogger, Mitch Harper, recently ordered a ReviewMe review for his SendStudio NX software. He wrote a post on how well the review did.

I got home at 1am on Saturday night and saw John had posted the review. Now, for $250 that review has been read over 7,000 times. That equates to 3 cents per reader. It’d be fair to say that at least 70% of John Chow’s readers would be savvy to Internet marketing and would therefore find a review on SendStudio NX useful (based on the comments under the review, everyone loved it).

That’s incredible value and readership for $250. I can’t report on the conversion rate from the post on his blog but within 2 hours of the review going live we had received 50+ pre-sales emails about SendStudio. I’m confident at least 25% of them will convert, so that will be a return of at least $2,868 (12 x $239 – the price of SendStudio). Not bad right?

Mitch is so impressed with ReviewMe that he plans to spend $10,000 to buy more reviews over the next three months. That’s a pretty serious commitment but it’s also an endorsement on the power of ReviewMe for both the advertiser and the publisher.

Auction Ads Network

My review of Auction Ads started out as a regular post. Shortly after posting the article, I received a ReviewMe order from them. Now, some would say Auction Ads got ripped off because if they hadn’t made the order, they would have got the post for free. However, let’s look at the number.

Auction Ads signed up 73 new publishers from their review. That works out to $3.42 per sign up. If Auction Ads cannot make back the $250 with 73 new publishers, then they deserve to go under.

I Help You Blog

Philip Liu of I Help You Blog ordered his ReviewMe review during last month’s 50% sale and got his review for only $125.00. Here’s what he had to say about it.

I bought a ReviewMe review for I Help You Blog from John Chow who gave me an awesome review and gave me some constructive criticism. That brought a flood of visitors as well (around 700 over two days). A large number of those visitors subscribed to my blog (around 85).

As a result of that John Chow review, many people gave me their comments on my posts and participated in the discussions. I was thrilled! It was the best $125 I spent! was another company that tested ReviewMe during the 50% sale. They had 699 cards on the day their review was posted. Within 24 hours of the review going live, founder, Tim Bromhead made this post on the blog.

The review was awesome. Very thorough, accurate and honest. The results have also been very good, with 67 new cards added as a result so far. The review cost $125 thanks to a half price special at It didn’t take long to pay for itself. sold enough cards to fully recover their cost, and more, in less than 48 hours. now has 1,021 cards on their site. I noticed that 31 cards have joined the John Chow Network category.

Going Mainstream

I believe sponsored reviews are going to hit mainstream this year. You can expect more review networks to pop up and more publishers offering reviews. The advantages to the advertisers cannot be ignore – permanent backlinks for SEO, traffic, exposure to a targeted audience on both the blog and RSS feed, sales, etc. The extra online income sponsored reviews offer publishers are hard to ignore as well. PayPerPost is the Most Profitable Ad Network For A Low Traffic Blog.

ReviewMe has become a big part of this blog’s income source. However, I plan to use ReviewMe as a source of promotion as well. I have ordered two reviews already and plan to do more in the future. Whether I’m an publisher or an advertiser, ReviewMe will help me make money online.