Make Money Online with Success University

Personal development and web-based education (“webucation”) make up a $64 billion a year industry. You might recognize the names of motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, and these are the exact kind of people who rake in the dough, convincing you to feel better about yourself, teaching you ways to strive toward success (and happiness).

Bachar Settha of Success University ordered a ReviewMe to help promote the programs that this “university” offers. You don’t walk away with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in anything… so, what do you get?

The Universal Language of Wealth Principles

It’s a bit of a misnomer to call this organization “Success University”, because it is not a university in the traditional sense. There are no physical classrooms, no degrees, and no women burning bras. Instead, they offer a “life-enhancing curriculum”, as they call it, that is designed to “raise the level of success in every area of a person’s life.” Because it is largely web-based, the lessons learned aren’t supposed to be specific to any particular geographical region; they’re based in “the universal language of wealth principles.”


Before I dug any further into the website and what they offered, I listened to a pre-recorded opportunity tele-seminar. They also host these “seminars” live every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8:00PM CST. What I was expecting was a deeper understanding of what exactly I would learn and what Success University was all about. Instead, what I got was a prolonged sales pitch about how this is “the greatest opportunity on the face of the earth today.”

Is This Trump University?

Not exactly, but I can see that they drew a certain level of inspiration from the guy who likes to fire people. After more digging around, I found that the program would largely include streaming audio and video to teach you those valuable “time tested laws of success.” There are also achievement courses, interactive online environments, and help from professional speakers and trainers. Your “student” package also comes with a lot of supplementary material.

How Does This Make Me Money?

Ay, there’s the rub.

How does this translate to actually making any money? You could just embark into the world and discover what these learnings can do for you, but that takes hard work and it can be mighty difficult to start up a profitable business. Don’t worry, though, because Success University steps right in to help you earn while you learn.

Getting back to that conference call I mentioned earlier, I said that it sounded like one big sales pitch. It reminded me a lot of the Primerica “presentation” that I attended a couple of years back, because 95% of the time was spent talking about how great the program was — including “income and life-changing testimonies” — and only 5% was spent on what you’d actually be doing. And the “doing” is comprised of selling other people on the program.

Is This a Pyramid Scheme?

This information was literally buried deep within the website. I eventually found this at the bottom of the FAQ. When you sign up for Success University, you pay $149.95 up front for your “Premium Product Package.” This includes your first month of tuition as well as “over $800 in Free Bonuses [sic] Courses just for trying us out.” After that, you pay $49.95 each month to remain active.


Why would you want to stay on, though? Well, that’s the only way that you can make money through their referral program. You get up to $40 for every new student you enroll (Weekly Fast-Start Bonuses). There is also the “Weekly Dual Team Infinity Bonuses” for up to $10,000 a week. Again, this is a reward for “growing your team” and enrolling new students.

Is this is a pyramid or MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme? Let’s just say that it sounds an awful lot like Primerica to me, except it’s based in webucation rather than insurance sales.

The One Time Offer

Forking over $150 up front sounds like a lot of money, but near the end of that almost half-hour sales presentation conference call, Success University came out with a one-time offer. You can get a 14-day trial for two bucks instead of $150. What a deal.

Bachar Settha is one of the people who enrolled in Success University and he’s hoping to grow his “team” through this review. In his ReviewMe request, he specifically requested that we link to rather than directly to That’s because “details” is his referral ID. If you go to the main site and click to sign up, you get this page which asks who referred you. Sneaky.