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One of the companies I’m looking forward to meeting at the Affiliate Summit East next month is Tatto Media. In a very short time, Tatto has managed to come out of nowhere and become the third largest ad network on the Internet. Tatto has achieved this through creating technologies that no other network have. What’s more, they don’t rest on their laurels.

I wrote about Tatto back in May and since then, they’ve added so many new features to their network that I need to write about them again. If you’re already a Tatto Media affiliate, then you’re already taking advantage of the new features. If you’re not an affiliate yet, here’s a breakdown on all the new stuff.

New Design for Reporting and Statistics – Reports and Statistics is even faster and more efficient than before. Data view pages can easily be searched and sorted accurately even with multiple pages of data.

Conversion Tracking Report – This report provides specific lead/sale information, including sub id, tracking info, transaction id, IP address, and payout, allowing you to quickly run sub id reports. While “info” in current tracking links will continue to work, it has been replaced with “aff_sub”.

Updated Tracking Links – Updated tracking links that are easy to understand. Sub ID tracking has been updated as well as Source name added. Specify a Source name in the tracking url to easily drill-down and analyze performance in reports.

Offer Tiny URLs –You can shorten your tracking links with our own TinyURL. This is great for sending offers to your Twitter followers.

Browser Targeting – The Tatto Affiliate Network now can target offers to users based on their browser. This will redirect users to receive offers designed for mobile devices including iPhones and thus increase your conversion rates.

Creative Manager – A valuable feature that quickly generates tracking code with creatives, making it simple for you to include the creative you prefer with the offer-specific tracking url. Also new features to browse and preview creatives.

Suppression List – Updated suppression lists to better support email marketers.

Refer a Friend – Enhanced Refer a Friend feature to reward you for introducing friends into our network.

Improved Stats API – Updated functions and documentation to make working with our stats API even easier.

Live Support that AIMs affiliate’s Manager

More offer Categories for navigational ease

Support tab with help and glossary.

All the previous features that made Tatto such a great affiliate network, like the Proprietary Tracking Technology and Self Serve Interface that allows you to place your own cookie and tracking pixel are still there. These new features just put the icing on the cake.

The number of affiliate offers has increased significantly since May and they’re still all 100% in-house deals with payouts among the highest in the industry. Speaking of payouts, Tatto pays their publishers weekly. Tatto Media welcomes affiliates and publishers from all over the world – you don’t need to live in the USA to apply.

Tatto Media Affiliate Network

30 thoughts on “Make Money Online with Tatto Affiliate Network”

  1. Does Tatoo Media have any good financial/banking offers? I’m looking for good affiliate product relating to banking/trading.

    Currently using flexoffers and they have decent amount of banking offers. Always..looking for more.

    1. John Chow says:

      Their finance offers range from $1.6 to $96 per conversion. Best thing to do is sign up and check it out.

  2. Wess Stewart says:

    I joined them a while back…at least I think I did. I really don’t remember getting an acceptance email.

    I need to check on that…

  3. “Live support is offline” 🙂

    There is no harm in testing all these new affiliate networks which are popping up in affiliate marketing world every other day. Every Network has few really good exclusive offers, so i guess i will sign up with Tatto today.

    1. After a while it can get bothersome keeping up with a large number of affiliate networks though. I can’t even keep track of how many different networks I’m a member of anymore.

      1. Paul B says:

        I just use Affiliate Alert to keep try of what I’m earning on each network 😉

        1. Cool idea Paul. Saves you a lot of time I’m sure. I try not to check my stats too often.

          1. Paul B says:

            You’re obviously far more disciplined than me?! I think for me it’s as much about the reassurance of seeing that I’ve made my money for the day and can relax with my feet up.

      2. Yes , sometime its really hard to keep track of all your networks.

        1. yes right.specially when you have to manage your tracks for more than one site. its too hard. but some of online tools make us ease to keep your tracks on regular basis.

      3. Isn’t one of the advantages of an affiliate network that I, as a blogger/publisher only have to join one to get started?

        1. Paul B says:

          It starts with one, but then like Pokemon you’ve just got to collect them all! Before you know it you can’t remember what offers you are running on what network. It’s loadsa fun really.

  4. Zombie_Plan says:

    I’ll have a look at signing up with them 🙂 Being a personal blogger, affiliate marketting hasn’t proved very effective, but I plan to keep trying in hopes.

  5. hospitalera says:

    I will have a look at them. But on the other hand, there are already so many around, so perhaps not? Seems I am a bit indecisive these days 😉 SY

  6. Recently I was so excited to try affiliate game because I have no experience in making money with affiliate program, I only made money from Adsense, selling banner ads and other small advertisements. Anyway, I’m going to look more into it and give it a try

  7. Is Tattoo better than the other Affiliates?

  8. Thanks for the introduction and infomation, John.

    I just join with your links, hope it can bring profits both you and i.


  9. Earningstep says:

    great. i remembered you review their site on your blog before ..

  10. Mental note: check out tatto media’s offers and create new site able to take full advantage of the offer(s) I choose. Thanks John.

    1. Appears I was too quick on my comment, I can’t find a list of their offers anywhere without signing up. I’m loyal to my existing partners on my current sites, looks like i’m out of luck on cherry picking the best of the best at tatto?

  11. Appears I was too quick on my comment, I can’t find a list of their offers anywhere without signing up. I’m loyal to my existing partners on my current sites, looks like i’m out of luck on cherry picking the best of the best at tatto?
    BTW I love your blog!

  12. What kind of subaffiliate revenue percentage do they offer? I’m sure you wouldn’t feature them again unless you get a decent cut from referring new affiliates John.

  13. I will join it immediately. But i don’t have any traffic. Have to increase traffic first. Cheers.

  14. Ghostwriter says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. Going to check out it now.

  15. I just hope their offers are better than the usual rebill diet junk and make money with Google crap that’s so prevalent with CPA companies today.

  16. fas says:

    They seem quite promising. I really like their offers and interface.

  17. Eric Tan says:

    Gotta check out their offers.

  18. Toni says:

    I think for me it’s as much about the reassurance of seeing that I’ve made my money for the day and can relax with my feet up.

  19. EarningStep says:

    i have join them , i wonder how many i can make with them

  20. videostar says:

    Interesting to read and get to know about this .I am going to explore.

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