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While the rest of economy struggles under the weight of a world wide recession, affiliate marketing is partying like it’s 1999. If you were at the recent Ad:Tech show in San Fransisco, then you saw how completely packed it was. I’m not surprised by all this. During bad times, people are looking for other ways to make money because they fear they might lose their jobs. And one of the best way to make a little, or a lot, of extra cash is with affiliate marketing.

Tatto Media is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks. Currently ranked the 23rd largest ad network by reach, Tatto Media achieved their high level growth by offering affiliate services and technologies that cannot be had with any other affiliate networks.

Proprietary Tracking Technology

Tatto Media is one of the very few affiliate networks to invest the money to create their own offer and tracking system. Most affiliate networks make use of DirectTrack to save money. It takes a major financial commitment to create your own system.

The tracking system Tatto Media created is state of the art. The system is the only one that gives you an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your performance allowing you to optimize any element in real time. There’s no need to wait a day or more to find out if your offer is making any money. You can see it happening right on the screen. If you’re using a third party tracking service like Tracking 202 or Stats Junkie, Tatto Media’s SOAP interface will integrate live reporting in any application.

Self Serve Interface

This is my favorite feature of Tatto Media’s affiliate interface. The self serve system allows you to place your own cookies and tracking pixels on the conversion page without having to call your affiliate manager. This is a huge time saver. Add in the real time reporting mention above and you’ll see instantly if the stats/conversions are off between what Tatto media is showing and what your tracker is showing.



100% In-House Offers

All the offers on Tatto Media are 100% in-house and exclusive. With no middle man in the way, Tatto Media can offer you some of the highest payout in the industry. Offers are divided into dating, health, finance, insurance, mobile and email submits. Tatto Media has a few offers that will pay you as high as $2 for a single email submit.


Weekly Commission Payments

Why wait for up to two months to get paid when you can get it next week? Tatto Media has a long term reputation for paying its affiliates the fastest in the industry. Affiliate commissions are paid out every week. Affiliates can select from a range of flexible payment terms paid via check, PayPal or wire.

Tatto Media welcomes affiliates and publishers from all over the world – you don’t need to live in the USA to apply. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to test a few of those $2 email submit offers.

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