Make Money Online with The Bevo Ad Exchange

Bevo Media has recently launched the Bevo Ad Exchange, a platform that allows advertisers and product owners to bid on affiliate traffic as a traffic source!

How It Works

After logging in to the Bevo Ad Exchange, advertisers can view affiliates running traffic in their specific vertical and see the range of historical metrics for each affiliate ID. Advertisers can then bid on that specific affiliates traffic click by click, and gauge their bidding on their CPA goals. Advertisers have the ability to bid a CPC or a CPA for each affiliate. Once the bid is accepted, the advertisers link will rotate directly into the affiliates campaign. No more guesswork involved, advertisers can know exactly what to expect out of their ad budget, and market to a proven affiliate’s quality traffic instantly!

What The Bevo Ad Exchange Solves

Traditionally, advertisers would have to bring their offers to an affiliate networks, but this does not mean there will be affiliates willing to promote your offer. This is because in order for most top affiliates to promote your offer, the offer needs proven, high converting metrics. However, in order to get these metrics, advertisers need affiliates to test their offers in the first place. This is a broken system that only the top 5% of advertisers can get significant traffic from.

Bevo Media has created a self served platform where advertisers can have their offer rotate into affiliate campaigns instantly, allowing advertisers to easily gain high converting exposure from top affiliates, while giving the affiliates the top dollar for their traffic.

Need Extra Attention?

Bevo Media also offers a fully managed service where their team of experienced marketers will completely manage the entire process of the advertisers offer. This includes recruiting affiliates, creating the front end design, managing back end sales funnel, CRM integration and more. Whether you just need help improving your offer or creating an offer from complete scratch, the Bevo team knows exactly what it takes to get your offer to be one of the most popular offers in the industry.bevoxlogo

How To Get Started

To get started, you can create an advertiser account at

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