Make Money Online with The Million Dollar Wiki

Well, that didn’t take long at all. As part of my review of the Million Dollar Wiki, I purchased the page for Make Money Online. The rational for this was simple: $100 for a guaranteed minimum of 15 years equals peanuts. If I can’t make money with that deal, I need to resign my Dot Com Mogul status. Well, I’m happy to report that not only have the page made me the $100 back, it has now turned a profit!

My page on The Million Dollar Wiki has only been up for ten days and already have received 4,638 views – nearly 500 per day. This has so far translated into six Text Link Ads sign ups. There were also sign ups for some of the other programs but TLA pays an instant $25 once the sign up has been approved. The other programs will require the new sign ups to make some money before I get paid. Still, $150 in the first ten days is pretty good for a single page. I’ve fully recovered my cost for the page and everything is pure profit from here on out!

The person who owns the Wiki page for Money is using it to track income generated by owners of Million Dollar Wiki pages. So far, only five page owners have submitted results. Hopefully, more page owners will add themselves to the list.

Affiliate Deals + Million Dollar Wiki = Money

The best way to make money with The Million Dollar Wiki is set up pages to presell affiliate deals. I could put Google ads on my page but at less than 500 views per day, it won’t be making that much and may take away from the affiliate sign ups. Need some ideas on what to promote? Check out some of the deals at AzoogleAds or Millnic Media. There are deals that pay as much as $200 per sign up. One sign up and you can double your money.

You may ask, why not just do your own page instead of putting it on The Million Dollar Wiki? While you can certainly do that, my question to you would be where are you going to get the traffic? Putting up a page is not enough, you have to get a traffic to it. The Million Dollar Wiki is starting to get good traffic and it will only increase as news spreads about it.

Get a Page for $90 and You May Win a 24″ LCD

Right now I am doing a promotion with The Million Dollar Wiki. You can buy a page for $90 if you enter the coupon code JohnChow at checkout. Buying a page will also enter you into a draw to win a LG 24″ wide screen LCD monitor and a signed copy of The 4-Hour Workweek. Read the John Chow dot Com Million Dollar Wiki blog contest for full details.

70 thoughts on “Make Money Online with The Million Dollar Wiki”

  1. KingJacob says:

    Good to see the wiki works, what would be really awesome is to some how get your affiliate links into wikepedia. 😈

    1. Oh well i do not know about Wikipedia, but with this post John definitively convinced (and taught me) to buy a page from Million dollar wiki. The idea to pre sell affiliate links within the content works definitively.

    2. Shaun Carter says:

      Anyone who can get affiliate links into wikipedia would have to have some major connections. They were just talking in the news that the CIA got caught altering wiki entries! If they can catch the CIA, they could catch nearly anyone.

      1. Sounds like an interesting read (even tho i did not understood quiet well what you meant). Could you find a online news on that and post me the URL? (even tho won’t be around the net until Tuesday).

        1. Shaun Carter says:

          Here’s a link to one story about the Wikipedia editing:

          1. Geedos says:

            That’s scary stuff!

            Wikipedia is the new big brother – they’re watching everything!

    3. Getting links into wikipedia isn’t difficult, it’s keeping them there that’s tough 😉

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        Good point… when you do find the secret to keeping them there, don’t tell a soul!

        1. KingJacob says:

          You have to get it past the wikinazis which is pretty much impossible because they are the type of people who spend hours making sure everything is cited properly and there are too many of them to bribe. 🙁

          1. but it’s not impossible, trust me :mrgreen:

          2. Ooooo, interesting, you’re my new best friend 😈

    4. Yup……Will make a lot money if you put your affiliate links into the page

  2. Shaun Carter says:

    Congrats John! It’s too bad they are only now offering an affiliate program. You could have made a bundle from all the signups you sent them from your original post.

    1. I’m pretty sure he’s making plenty from people entering his coupon.

      1. Geedos says:

        Yeah I agree but just to make sure he made this post to re-make his point and ensure anybody who missed the original article is now aware.

        Good evil stuff! 😈

  3. Michael says:

    Great work. I think the hard part is picking a page that will generate enough daily visits.

    1. Tru dat. It’s also getting harder and harder now because there is more competition. It helps that you have a readership like to boost “views” so your page is in the top 25 pages viewed.

      Nobody is looking at the the newly created ones unless it is marketed on the outside to help. I shouldn’t say nobody, but just less.

      1. Yeah, not to mention a lot of the good pages are gone already. I was shooting for make money blogging but it was purchase a long time ago.

        1. Yeah that’s why I wouldn’t bother, kind of a waste in my opinion. Besides, the pages are kind of ugly, especially that million dollar wiki banner.

  4. John:

    Aren’t a lot of those views from you advertising the page on this blog?

    1. John Chow says:

      I believe I sent my page about a thousand from this blog, all done on the first two days of the review. Since then, the traffic has been coming from the wiki itself.

      1. John, how are you tracking page views on your wiki page, I’ve looked but must be missing something? I couldn’t install and JS tracking.

        1. I’m pretty sure there’s a counter that tells you how many views right? I know there is at least for the most viewed pages (which John’s is) but I would hope there would be some method to see that info for each page. I’ll let you know once I get mine set up. (paid for it last night)

  5. Very Nice … Good use of the Space!


  6. Sunny says:

    So many opportunities, thank you for gives us these great ideas. Really helps to start to get the ball rolling.

  7. Sergio says:

    *thinks really hard* I may have an idea.

  8. Click Input says:

    Dang John… gonna have to look into this now!

  9. hmmm this is interesting… I’m offering two free MillionDollarWiki pages in my Complete Blogging Package if of course the goal is met 😈

    1. Geedos says:

      I like the plug! 😈

  10. Good stuff, time to get my wiki page!

  11. Thomas C. says:

    I really think your blog has just changed my life John… can’t tell you yet why, but if it has soon you will know!!!

  12. ziggy says:

    why would any real person visit such a spammy reseller site as that wiki? The only people going there are more resellers looking for ways to resell crap. sort of like this site.

    1. John Chow says:

      And this site makes how much a month? You just don’t get it. 😈

      1. KingJacob says:

        I dont understand, Money is Evil. So by creating site s to part people from their Evil Money, webmasters are doing a good deed 😉

        1. Geedos says:

          Hehe! I like the conclusion!

          How evil became good – nice! 😆

  13. Je says:

    I like the get a page for $90 and have the chance to win a 24″ LCD. :mrgreen:

  14. am new here …but liked your blog … and i started blogging… ths blog inspired me a lot … good work john

  15. Matthew says:

    The most popular list isn’t the only way to get seen.

    If you want to get your page noticed… go on the MDW forum and place it in the Updates section – if its good it has a great chance to get on the main page. (the day I posted about my design page it made it up there for like a week.)

    1. Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely give it a shot. Anything special you need to say or just mention that it’s been updated?

  16. karpolan says:

    TLA rejected my page

    How did you sell links? Do you use external page from your site?

    1. John Chow says:

      I didn’t sell TLA links. I used the page to sign up new TLA publishers. TLA has an affiliate program that pays $25 per sign up.

  17. That’s great results! Thanks for sharing it.

  18. mason says:

    Not surprised at all. looks like a win win for everyone. million dollar wiki will get to a million without a prob.

    1. $33,000 is still a long way from a million but I’m sure he’s happy with the success. It will need to get picked up by national media to make it to a million I’m guessing.

      1. Neil says:

        And highly likely this will happen very shortly ….

        1. I hope so. More exposure for him is more exposure for us with pages.

  19. Eli says:

    Very impressive, John. Good job. I just don’t have that kind of money to spend on buying things at the moment. I’ll climb my way to the top though… slowly 😎

  20. Alan says:

    I agree with Eli. Once I start bringing in more profit with my site, I would be much more likely to spend $100 on a page. Right now, $100 is about how much i earn in an average two weeks on my site, so that would be spending two weeks of my sites income on a page. Whenever that $100 is earned in less time, I would feel better about spending it on a page like that. 🙂

    1. Depends what you do with your page, if you use it to make more money it might be worth while.

  21. Wow.. I can’t believe that dude is STILL getting free plugs here! Conspiracy? Hmm…

    1. John’s site is about making money. He’s made more than $150 bucks off his page. Why wouldn’t he mention it? Oh yeah, and John has an affiliate relationship with the site so he makes money every time someone from here signs up. So why wouldn’t you expect to see it promoted? 🙄

      1. Geedos says:

        Spot on. And it’s exactly for that reason that we can expect to see it featured heavily on this blog for some time to come.

        1. damn, I’m not so into the whole wiki experience so I’d rather John move on, but like you say, he’s making money so he’s happy.

  22. I really got to hand it to this guy at Million Dollar Wiki. Great idea. And, now that he has John Chow on his side, he is bound to make some serious, serious dough before it is all over. :mrgreen:

    1. He’s at like 341 pages sold. That’s some serious dough already.

  23. So sad no credit card to purchase…..

  24. I’d use Millnic, but nothing has converted with them 🙁

  25. John Bennett says:

    Is he just selling 10,000 pages then stopping?

    1. That’s all he needs to make his million (Don’t you just hate the word “all”?) I imagine if he sells 10,000 he’d have to be stupid to stop.

  26. sandossu says:

    This wiki seems to be one of the best ideas of 2007, sincerely, without being too web 2.0.

  27. Neil says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this John. I fail to see how this can’t work? ! At the end of the day 15yrs minimum is a long time to make your money back. I don’t understand why this hasn’t sold out already ! I’ll be monitoring it closely and as it starts to gain momentum i’m happy to drop some serious coin and pick up a quite a few more pages.


  28. I have already bought my page there…

  29. Is anyone really going to cintune to visit this wiki after all the pages are sold? For those that haven’t made their money back yet, they mgiht find it kinda worthless :/

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