Make Money Online with TheMakeMoneyOnline?

If you want to be a great basketball player, it would be ideal if you could learn from Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson. By the same accord, if you want to know how to make money online, it would be ideal if you could learn from some of the best Internet entrepreneurs and marketers. That’s probably why you’re here reading John Chow dot Com.

Another self-proclaimed money-making guru is some guy named Paul Barlow. He shares his expertise over at Paul’s Money Making Schemes, the blog that serves as the subject of today’s review. Should you be paying attention to what Paul has to say? Let’s find out.

What is TheMakeMoneyOnline?

Paul’s Money Making Schemes is located at and it is a blog that is focused on all aspects of how to make money online. That much makes sense, but the domain doesn’t really make any real grammatical sense. What the heck is the make money online?


On this site, you’ll find a variety of content related to how you can make money with and without a website. Paul describes his experience with different advertising networks, describes his preferred search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, and so on.

Some of the posts that caught my eye include the following:

You can tell that Paul takes a very casual approach to this blog, as evidenced by some posts that some people may find distasteful in scope. This could be Paul’s attempt at being unique, but he could be turning away some readers as a result too.

Additional Features and Resources

In addition to the blog posts, which are published almost every day, Paul also offers a series of MMO-related resources. You can check out his preferred ad networks, for instance, as well as over 1200 link directories that accept free submissions.


Branding is Key, But…

The overall layout for Paul’s Money Making Schemes is pretty standard, offering basic navigational links at the top and tossing a series of 125 ad boxes in the sidebar. It’s good to the RSS feed featured prominently near the top. It’s also good to see that Paul included a photo of himself, so we can put a face to his name.

That’s all well and good, but perhaps the biggest issue with this blog is that it looks like every other blog out there. There’s no attempt at differentiating this blog from the pack, no attempt at personal branding. Paul did not invest in a unique blog design, a unique header image, or anything of that sort.

Part of the reason why folks like Darren Rowse and Shoemoney are so well-known and respected is because they have done a wonderful job at branding themselves. Paul Barlow has not done this.


The lack of branding also permeates his Twitter account. He has an avatar, but he has not uploaded a custom background image. Without reading much more into it, there’s no way that a casual passer-by would know that Paul is supposed to be some sort of MMO guru.

This is easily my biggest suggestion to Paul. Develop your brand and promote it. By Paul’s own admission, is “just your normal MMO blog.” If you see yourself as normal, how can you expect anyone else to think otherwise?

Unlocking the Money Shot

When you sign up for the free John Chow dot Com newsletter, you are provided with a free copy of John’s e-book. Paul has taken a similar approach, telling how he makes $100+ a day with AdSense. In order to access that report, you need to sign up for his email updates. Aside from that, it’s completely free.


In the password-protected post, you learn that Google Trends is part of the secret. He also explains, step by step, how he was able to make $132 from AdSense alone. Paul discusses content, monetization, traffic, optimization, and so forth.

Just Another MMO Blog

At this point, it’s really hard for me to recommend Paul Barlow over the numerous other so-called MMO experts on the Internet. Feel free to add his feed to your preferred RSS aggregator and gauge for yourself whether his content is worthwhile.

Just don’t be surprised if you glaze past his content without even noticing it.

53 thoughts on “Make Money Online with TheMakeMoneyOnline?”

  1. Jonk says:

    Surprised he managed to get 200 RSS readers to be honest; the blog is mediocre.

    Jonk’s last blog post: Make Money Online – Part 4

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Mediocrity is a blessing in disguise, study it and do the opposite or take it a notch higher and you are some other place, which is not mediocrity.

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: Finnish army to buy Nintendo Wii game stations

    2. almir says:

      You make a good point there but his blog is not half bad

      almir’s last blog post: Review Of The Email Messenger “Mostly Known” As AWEBER

    3. almir says:

      Honestly to tell you the truth his blog is not mediocre at all maybe it needs some work but it’s not quite that bad its really good his posts are the only thing is does wrong is make several misspellings

      almir’s last blog post: Review Of The Email Messenger “Mostly Known” As AWEBER

  2. game-girl says:

    I am about exploring the blog to see the best of it.

    game-girl’s last blog post: Призраки в Коннектикуте скачать фильм онлайн

    1. fas says:

      Was this a review or opposite of that?

      fas’s last blog post: Online Marketing Is The Way Of The Future

  3. Caden Grant says:

    At least you were honest, John :p I agree with what you said about branding. He needs to make his blog unique and brand better. Nice review.

    Caden Grant’s last blog post: 7 Things Successful Bloggers Do

    1. almir says:

      I did read a couple of his blog posts but their were really good and although many people don’t necessarily agree I disagree with the others

      almir’s last blog post: Review Of The Email Messenger “Mostly Known” As AWEBER

  4. That was a great review John. checking out the site for some info and tips and interested in reading that ebook for the adsense tip. Good, honest review.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Win a 40″ Samsung LCD HDTV!!

  5. Hi John,

    That was an honest review from an expert.
    I also appreciate your words in saying -feel free to add his feeds. Thanks for the information.

    Vic-BusinessAccent’s last blog post: How to Get More Customers and Increase Your Sales

  6. I can’t belive he paid for a review with such a shitty site. The money he spent could have gone to a decent design, or some grammar and spelling lessons!

    The Poker Jerk’s last blog post: Getting Ready to Give Away Some Money

    1. iPhone says:

      I completely agree.

      Looks like just a basic web template taken off a free site.

      1. Rachel says:

        Definitely a free template, one from dailyblogtips. I am surprised that he paid so much for a review though. I’m sure the traffic John sends is high, but really, Paul could have concentrated on commenting on John’s blog and establishing a relationship with this community and probably gained the same amount over time.

        Rachel’s last blog post: Optimize Your Press Release As Part of Your Link Building Strategy

        1. Cam Birch says:

          I totally agree, traffic can be important to a blog but branding and quality are far more important. The cost of this review is the same or close to the cost of a full custom theme.

          Cam Birch’s last blog post: Has The Recession Ended?

  7. PV Reymond says:

    Hi John,

    Great review and overall honest.

    I think that Paul shouldn’t get depressed reading this review, instead he should learn from it, he could improve his blog based on it.

    This is what successful people do, they listen to others, they consider other peoples’ ideas and points of view and try to improve what they are doing.

    ^PV Reymond

    1. Jake Stone says:

      You are absolutely right Raymond. I have a feeling that Paul is one of those people who will listen and then improve. However, even people like this fall into so many different categories that we just have to wait it out and see what Paul does. That is if anyone is interested to follow Paul’s progress…

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: Finnish army to buy Nintendo Wii game stations

  8. Melody says:

    I hate the name of that is a simple case of a “guru” trying to take advantage of the terms “make money online” way to literally. If he was an expert, he would’ve realized the importance of branding, and not limiting the site’s potential with such a bland and overused name.

    And the grammatical error–yea, that’s the first impression you want to make for new readers–come to my blog even though it won’t make any sense.

    rofl..what a wasted review–for him at least..

    1. I really don’t get why he didn’t even try to brand his site much. That’s just mind-boggling.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  9. Ekey says:

    It looks like Just another MMO Blog … I would like to see some proof..

    1. tung desem says:

      I will check the website.

  10. Greg Ellison says:

    Most of the big time bloggers have grammer errors on their posts and pages. You over looked his Word Press plugins. His site is about makeing money online why not have a domain about making money in it.

    Greg Ellison

    Greg Ellison’s last blog post: Thesis Theme – A Very Easy WordPress Theme

  11. Luke says:

    Seriously terrible domain name. No power or brandability at all behind it. My guess is he went to and typed in “” and when he found out it had already been taken (no shit, right?) he just chose “themakemoneyonline” from the GoDaddy recommendations below and still had to opt for the .net. He’ll get nowhere with that domain.

    Seriously guy, put some more thought into it. Brandability and a memorable domain name is damn near half the battle in making a name for yourself online.

  12. checking it out, may be there is something i haven’r explore yet.

    Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post: Learn How Daniel Scocco Launched $10,000 A Month Membership Site

  13. Kent says:

    Note that the review was written by Michael Kwan, not John Chow but the style looks pretty much the same to me. And it’s a great, honest review.

    Ready up this guy’s post re Text-Link-Ads, and considering John has it put on the top of page as one of the nice recommended ads network, John and/or Michael, what’s your take about the Text-Link-Ads? Is that true that using them will get Google’s penalty in result?

    Thanks, Kent

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      Thanks for noticing the byline. I think one of the distinct differences between my posts and John’s is that I tend to have far fewer spelling and grammar mistakes. 🙂

      Regarding TLA, yes, it does seem to hurt your Google PageRank, but… it does not appear to hurt your ranking for individual posts. As far as I can tell, anyway.

      Michael Kwan’s last blog post: If Microsoft Ruled the Cow World…

      1. Kent says:

        Thanks Michael. Then I think my style is more like John’

        I agree that I should be more cautious having them on my site. I guess, as long as the links are relevant to the content I provided on the site, it should be ok.

        Hope my guess makes sense. 🙂

      2. I just never understand why some people don’t even bother to check & see who the post is by. It’s not hard.

        TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  14. Definitely a TERRIBLE choice in a domain name if he wants to do any branding. Also, I went to his favorite ways to make money and he says that Paid Surveys are a great way to make money online. That knocks him down a step on the credibility ladder for me. I think he is just trying to make some affiliate commissions and really not trying to help readers.

    I do give him credit for spending the money and getting a review on however. I imagine he is getting himself a bunch of traffic this week.

  15. Patrick says:

    I disagree about the template. If the content is good, who cares about the template. Sites like Google, Twitter, Graig’s List, among many other have very basic templates. No fancy stuff is OK. The domain name is a little goofy but again who cares. The one confusing thing is that the dates of the posts are at the bottom with no year. I like to see when a post was written and it should be next to the post title.

    His post title “You Can Only Piss With The Dick You’ve Got!” is definitely a turn off. I believe in always keeping things professional. That title may turn off your audience and advertisers.

    Paul does have some interesting posts, so I will sign up to his RSS.

    Patrick’s last blog post: AT&T to Offer Prepaid Unlimited Nationwide Calling for $3 per Day

    1. I guess you wanted to say craigslist.

      internetsalsa’s last blog post: Are you loyal to Twitter?

    2. Google & Twitter’s layouts are way better than his. And to say that design hardly matters is a lie.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  16. Paul B says:

    Thanks for the review Michael/John. Pretty much what I asked for 🙂

    I know a lot of people would wonder why in gods name would I pay for a review for that site? The answer is a fairly simple one I’m afraid – I’m constantly chucking my money where my mouth is in order to find out what does and doesn’t work. What is and isn’t worth the money? The review was a freebie for buying Yaro’s Blog Mastermind course, so I’ve had the chance to review Yaro’s course and John’s reviews for value.

    That is all.

    Paul B’s last blog post: Sponsor A Fool – Progress Report

    1. Cam Birch says:

      Paul, I’m curious what you are planning to do with the result of this review then. While I’m sure this review is directing quite some traffic to your site, do you intend to make some adjustments or was the review mostly for testing purposes?

      Cam Birch’s last blog post: Has The Recession Ended?

      1. Paul B says:

        Mainly testing, see what you get for $500. I do this sort of thing quite a lot (Pay for stuff to test and review for my readers). I actually thought the review was just about right, the only exception I’d take is the part about being a self proclaimed guru – don’t think I say that anywhere – at least I’d hope not. I make a point of letting people know that I’m not the fountain of all knowledge, I try lots of stuff, some work, some don’t.

        Paul B’s last blog post: Sponsor A Fool – Progress Report

        1. Cam Birch says:

          As far as the guru thing I think thats just due to the general expectation that people who tell other people what to do usually proclaim themselves as some type of guru. Just a suggestion but maybe having some community content would soften the general guru feeling (unless that’s something your already doing and I didn’t notice).

          Other topic.

          What value would you say this review was? Would you consider it worth $500 (if you had paid) or much more/less?

          1. Paul B says:

            Ah, I think that’s where the confusion is coming from. I don’t think there’s anywhere on my blog where I tell people what they should do. I only write about what I’m doing. What is and isn’t working for me? It’s about making money online but it’s very much about my own personal experiences.

            As for the value of the review, I’ll comment on that on my own blog in due course. You should subscribe to my RSS feed then you’ll not miss it! 😉

            Paul B’s last blog post: Midphase Affiliate Program – Easy Money

  17. Casual says:

    Pretty good blog. There’s some useful content on there.

    Don’t see what’s offensive about a post titled “You Can Only Piss With The Dick You’ve Got!”, unless you happen to not have one.

    And for those whining about branding, there are other ways of making money online beyond branding. Though I suppose it is important if you’re trying to market yourself.

    Casual’s last blog post: Double-Take

  18. This guy’s first mistake was to buy a review here on John Chow if he believes it is worth it for a blog.

    Reviews here on John Chow are better for new ideas.


  19. I think every blog has grammar errors or design flaws that could need improvement. Look at Johns site, some of his posts are filled with spelling mistakes but at the end, I could care less. Its the content I’m after. I do understand that in this day and age there are fail safe methods to focus on grammar and spelling, but unless people are going to blanket all bloggers who make mistakes, its unfair to single on person out.

    Some might be complaining at the fact he paid for a review, but at the end, he did and got some feedback and can work on his site.

    Unless I missed something, I dont think he paid, but took advantage of the promotions John was running this week where you got a membership and would be entitled to a review.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Win a 40″ Samsung LCD HDTV!!

  20. Michael Zhao says:

    Nice nice…

    Michael Zhao’s last blog post: Second Day of Training.

  21. V.C says:

    I’ve found some useful content on that blog.

    Though I suppose it is important if you’re trying to market yourself.

  22. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    I just read his post $132 in a day from Adsense, I’ve read few of his posts, very interesting article! Paul has a very nice and informative blog indeed! Thanks for sharing with us John!


    Lee Ka Hoong’s last blog post: Wanted Blog Contest – $345 Cash Prizes Giveaway

    1. Michael Zhao says:

      Indeed…I agree as well.

      Michael Zhao’s last blog post: Time…is not on any bodies side.

  23. abrablog says:

    another good of MMO blog. Hope my MMO blog also can get better next time.

    abrablog’s last blog post: Adsense Alternative Program: Make Money with

  24. He really should’ve done some branding first before ordering a review. Like some others have stated, it just looks like your typical make money online blog. That’s no good.

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  25. money-era says:

    A review like that is a great source of information regarding the development of the blog and advice how to take it to the next level. Great source of inspiration for myself, as well!

    money-era’s last blog post: Perseverance is a key factor in reaching your goal

  26. cool. Hope i also can make MMO blog like that. Looks like many people like that site.

    ohmelayu | melayuboleh’s last blog post: Bola Sepak Malaysia: Semangat Melayu Boleh kian pudar..

  27. As a newbie with matters regarding to blogging, I learned a lot from Paul’s posts. But maybe, if I’m someone who has done blogging for some time, I’ll probably find his posts mediocre.

    Ray Breakstone Webcomic’s last blog post: People Don’t Die Nowadays

  28. His site looks like any other I have seen, not much time used to build it, at least is what it seems.

    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post: How To Work Efficiently When You Are Your Own Boss

    1. Michael Zhao says:

      Hey…if it works…who can complain!?…sheeeeeet

      Michael Zhao’s last blog post: Time…is not on any bodies side.

  29. D'rifin says:

    As long as you post an informative stuff in your blog and honest to what your are doing I believe you will find your blog eventually successful. So called MMO expert is also important but just only for your guidelines.

    D’rifin’s last blog post: SEO friendly Blogger template

  30. Now this is called encouraging and motivating post with lots of details … really a great read.

    Thanks for that.

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