Make Money Online with TTZ Media Network

My ad network, TTZ Media is accepting a limited number of new affiliates. We’ve been working on a new ad engine that will allow us to accept affiliates with less than 250,000 page views per month.

TTZ Media provides product based ads that are trigger by keywords. The ads show products that are based on the keywords entered and a list of online stores where the products can be purchased. A reader clicking on the product will be taken to the store offering the product for sale. Money is generated with a CPC model. A reader need only click on the banner and visit the advertiser in order for the site to make money. The reader does not have to purchase the product from the advertiser. CPC rates are based on product categories and number of clicks the affiliate can generate. Our tech/review site based affiliates realize eCPM as high as $12.

Better Targeting & Customization

The advantage of TTZ Media over a service like WidgetBucks is we offer better targeting and customization. Instead of choosing from a category list like WidgetBucks, TTZ Media allows you to enter an exact keyword to better target your readers. For example, say you have an article on a Canon S5 digital camera. With WidgetBuck, the best targeting you can do is show a banner with different digital cameras in it. With TTZ Media, you can show this:

Not only are TTZ Media ads better targeted, we allow complete control over border, background and link colors. You can even control the hover color and font style so you can perfectly match TTZ Media ads to your site. While WidgetBuck offers only five different banner sizes, TTZ Media have 15 banner sizes to choose from. Installation of the ad code is a simple copy and paste.

TTZ Media Entrance Requirements

Unlike WidgetBuck, TTZ Media does have entrance requirements. We’re not looking to sign up the entire Internet. We are a small network that like to work with a limited number of affiliates so we can offer better service. Because of that, we do not accept every Tom, Dick and Harry site off the Net. To qualify for TTZ Media, your site or blog must meet all the following:

  • Your own domain name. No free hosted sites allowed.
  • Site must be English only.
  • High quality content.
  • Updated frequently.

All sites applying are reviewed by hand to make sure it meets our guidelines. Preference is given to review and product/shopping based sites and blogs because that is what TTZ Media works best with. While we no longer have a minimum traffic requirement, we recommend your site have at least 5,000 page views per month. Our minimum payout is $25, payable by PayPal. No PayPal fee is charged to the affiliate for receiving payments. If your site or blog meets the above requirements and you want to give TTZ Media a try, the feel free to apply.

Apply for TTZ Media Network

94 thoughts on “Make Money Online with TTZ Media Network”

  1. Gdog says:

    Sweet…we’ve all been waiting for this!! 🙂

    1. Turk Hit Box says:

      Same here. I hope the ppc rates are higher

    2. McBilly says:

      Wow! Great work John. I’m gonna try and apply if my blog gets approved. Thanks a lot fo this! :mrgreen:

    3. Me too! With only 24,000 a month my traffic doesn’t qualify me for their regular program. I just now received my approval so I’m pretty exited.

  2. max says:

    Hey! I’d be down, check out !

      1. Jack says:

        I wish you could pay us using direct check.
        or Wester Union? 😀

        1. Jeff Kee says:

          Wester Union is expensive, isn’t it?

        2. John Chow says:

          We can do check but the min payout is $100.

          1. Jack says:

            hey. it’s ok Sir 🙂

      2. max says:

        hehe…. yes i will! :mrgreen:

  3. Tut.Skd says:

    good, will look into it

    1. I had looked at it even before. But heck, my site is still too damn new and I haven’t dedicated enough time.

      John, for how long will this limited number be?

  4. simon says:

    Sounds great!! bug my blog is in Chinese 🙁

  5. Edward says:

    Cool! Just yesterday, i was reading about TTZ Media from your old posts. I will apply.

    Kindly check my site too: if you don’t mind.


  6. Great! I just applied. :mrgreen:

  7. NSpeaks says:

    Hey I just got approved. Thanks John. 🙂

  8. lyricsreg says:

    eCPM $12 ? Is this true ?

    1. John Chow says:

      We have a few affiliates who do eCPM in that range.

  9. Pottz says:

    Won’t let me sign up. 😐
    If you select Australia as the country it brings up a list of ‘provinces/states’ in cCanada so it then rejects my postal code, which is only 4 digits long..

    Any idea’s John?

    1. Jeff Kee says:

      For now it’s been programmed to receive applications from North America but we probably will change that. In the meantime just punch in a US or Canadian address and it will work. – the developer!

      1. Jeff Kee says:

        I completely misunderstood your question – that’s an error on my part. i’ll have to remove that limitation.. Right now the postal code is min 5 characters and I had no idea there are 4 digit postal codes! Yeah we don’t have province selections for other countries yet.. I’ll figure something out tonight.

    2. Jeff Kee says:

      FIXED! now the postal code has to be minimum of 2 characters.

      Also, it’s actually programmed to show a text field instead of a dropdown once you select a country other than the US or Canada – which browser were you using? And could you please try again? It worked fine for me.. when I chose Australia, it gave me a blank text field to pop in my province.

      1. Pottz says:

        Works fine – thanks!

  10. Out of curiosity, why did you stop running TTZ ads here John?

    1. Poker Sharks says:

      because they weren’t making enough money for the individual blog compared to other income sources.

      however, getting all you lot to advertise TTZ and then have john clean up on the commissions is a much better way for him to make money.

    2. John Chow says:

      TTZ Media works best on technology and product or shopping review sites. While it did make as much as $400 per month on John Chow dot Com, private advertisers offer more to take over the ad spot.

      1. That is good because my site is all about technology and gadgets… 😈 😈 😈

  11. Hyder says:

    Yeah you need to fix that zip code thing. I have a four digit zip code, had to include one more random number to let it take my application.

    Also, what OnlineCashFlow said above – why did you stop running TTZ ads here?

  12. Knuckles10 says:

    Ive been part of it for more than a year and im loving it. They have been working on the new GUI system which is AWSOME, better than any other GUI ive seen on any other network, including Google.

  13. sandossu says:

    I applied with a technology blog. I hope you’ll approve me.

  14. max says:

    I hope this is as good as you say John. I’ve been looking for something like this…

  15. boring bro says:

    Ha ha ha..
    I’m not qualified..
    ANd far away…

    1. lyricsreg says:

      How do you know ? they rejected you submission ?

  16. Applied with my technology blog ( – Hope I get accepted as usually technology related ads get much higer CTR than the normal waaaay of topic adsense ads!

  17. Matt Jones says:

    I would join up but I’m not sure Blogging Fingers has the right sort of readership.

  18. Wayne Liew says:

    If this service is compared with Chitika, which will be better?

    1. Good question. I will check this out for one of my sites though

      1. Jeff Kee says:

        It’s better in the sense that it has MUCH more flexibility to fit the design of your site! 🙂

  19. And how come you have Auction Ads running below the comments and not TTZ?

    1. The Foo says:

      the reason is probably this … if someone clicks on a ttz ad, John Chow would have to pay HIMSELF for the click as it comes out of his pocket (or company). Why would you want to do that? Also, for a non commissioned TTZ ad (that doesn’t earn him anything accept visibility) and TTZ has other areas they can target for that. John Chow would probably rather have an ad that would pay him something on this site.

      1. Poker Sharks says:

        right and wrong.

        john wouldn’t get the money for the clicked link, but he still gets the commission generated from any sales made from the clicks.

        but the way this blog has gone its more economical to use a Auction Adds and get the CPA and then use your blogs to advertise the TTZ to get the commissions that way.

        Evil, but money making.

  20. Neil Duckett says:

    Reckon i might look at this!

  21. This is worth looking into except that I need now to add additional work load. I need some time to think about the benefits vs the time spent and then I shall take action one way or the other.

  22. When I find the right niche, then I may want to try and hop on board.

  23. Derek says:

    This is the first time I’ve been denied access to an Advertising company because my main site receives more than 1million pageviews a month.

    Do you plan on letting in larger affiliates at some point?

    1. Matthew says:

      Was the subject in line with what TTZ offers? 1 Mil pageviews would get you in most places I would imagine.

    2. John Chow says:

      What site did you apply for? We have many affiliates who does over a million pageviews per month.

      1. Derek says:


        I thought it said in your post

        “We’ve been working on a new ad engine that will allow us to accept affiliates with less than 250,000 page views per month.”

        I’m going to shoot you an e-mail John.

        – Derek

  24. HMTKSteve says:

    Can we get paid in Canadian dollars? 🙂

    Once I get some more content on my new Tech News Site I will have to apply.

  25. Andrius says:

    Thanks… I trying it 😀

  26. Googlelady says:

    Chow I think now without any condition on pageviews you will receive many publisher. Good luck everyone!

  27. Hey John do you only provide tech site ads or could my fashion-entrepreneur site do good with your ads. We do well over 5,000 impressions a month and the top blog on fashion entrepreneurship.

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s mostly tech related product but we will be adding other items. You’re free to try us out.

  28. I signed up. One thing I noticed though is the “Primary Website” field on the application form is a little short. I had to cut out ‘http://’ just to fit my domain in.

    1. Jeff Kee says:

      That will be fixed tonight.

  29. iBt says:

    I signed up..once I got accept, can I use many of sites?

  30. Ritu says:

    “we do not accept every Tom, Dick and Harry site off the Net” I bet at one time you were the same John. Not every body has the resources like you do to be on the top and yes, most of the sites start this way and climb their way up, thought you would know that. Anyways, I still signed up for you affiliate thing but your comments made it certain that this is for an internet celebrity from an internet celebrity.

  31. I will apply and if turned down it wont be the first application that has been turned down. All part of the growing process. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

  32. Matej says:

    Hy John, do you pay via check? Some countries aren’t allowed to receive money via PayPal
    – like Croatia, we can only pay via PayPal.

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes but the min for check payment is $100.

  33. Frank C says:

    I signed up for my technology blog since it gets the requisite number of hits (500-1000 daily page views). I’m hoping to get something in there that outperforms Adsense. Shopzilla and WidgetBucks haven’t done it and affiliate offers have been feast or famine.

    I hope they don’t penalize my application since I used my catch-all MSN email address rather than my domain address. Everything ends up there anyway after it gets forwarded. Hopefully that won’t be a problem.

  34. James says:

    I have language translation on my sites, so I’m out. Otherwise, I’d give it a try.

  35. Emanuele says:

    (how to get a submission rejected)

    OMG John, I signed but your form has a “maxlength” that does not allow me to completely fill in my domain name. I removed the “http://” but… what a shame!

    1. John Chow says:

      I will have the coder increase the max number of letters for the URL field.

  36. Shawn Knight says:

    TTZ Media is great! I have been running it on my tech site since January and it has been (by far) my best performing ad campaign each month. The program really is very easy to use and being able to fully customize it is just as easy.

    Good luck to everyone who applies, I am sure you will love it!

  37. Alain says:

    I just applied.
    This seems like an interesting opportunity, and offers a greater financial incentive to other alternatives I’ve been looking into.
    Thanks John!

  38. Enkay Blog says:

    I applied and got accepted within an hour. I’m going to integrate the ads and see how it works out. It seems like a great ad program. Thanks John!

  39. Gary Lee says:

    Hey John . . . . I’ve been trying to email you since last week . . . I guess i’ll apply for the TTZ Network while i wait . . .

  40. Okay I have joined it and the ads are live on my blog . Do you have a referral program through which we can refer people to this program and earn some affiliate referral money ?

    1. John Chow says:

      That is next on the to-do list.

  41. David Savage says:

    I love TTZ already, the ads look great, much more customization than I thought would be available. Previewing the ad before I place it on my site is also a great feature, I hope to see some great results, my site gets over 100,000 page views per month. This might just be the adsense replacement.

    Great doing business with TTZ, John! Maybe we’ll do lunch 😉

  42. iBt says:

    I got in..great I am making million $$ 😛

  43. Aibek says:

    Niiice… I just got in as well, lets see how it goes.

  44. FrankC says:

    Thanks John. It’s up and running on my technology site in the header banner position on all my pages. Looks good, a lot cleaner than WidgetBucks did.

    One hint to everyone, if you’re using a tabbed browser to make the changes to your WP template in one tab and trying them out in another, use Ctrl-F5 to clear the cache for the page and not just a plain refresh. If you don’t, the page often won’t display correctly.

    1. Jeff Kee says:

      The only thing that can change the ad is the javascript variables set, similar to Google Adsense’s code. I don’t see how cache could be an issue unless you run Firefox and IE at the same time – thsoe two running together can cause some problems. I have that problem with all sites at times – cache freezing.

      1. FrankC says:

        You’re correct. I do usually have both up at the same time since I do web development.

        I’ve seen this problem happen from time to time since I upgraded to Firefox 2.0 and IE7. I’ve seen it in both programs. Sometimes these two don’t want to let go of the cache for some reason.

  45. [email protected] : *I got in..great I am making million $$ :P*

    Sounds great, might want to give it a try. When the affiliate start I think this is going to be big man. 👿

  46. Justin says:

    Just saw this.Time to make some extra loot. Looks like a good joinup! 💡

  47. Thanks John for accepting my application in your ad network. I tried WidgetBucks for a while but didn’t like the flash ads that it used. This will cause problems for people won don’t have or the right version of flash.

  48. Installed TTZ Media… I haven’t put it everywhere but I put it under comments on to see what the revenue would be over the next couple days. I hope it’s good… 🙂

  49. Wahlau.NET says:

    thanks for inviting…i will give it a try

  50. Yes, applied to TTZ after John reduced the requirement. Got accepted today and just done putting in the code 😈 .
    Here is what I thought:

    1. Any site where we can discuss about TTZ network ads, such as optimization tips, helps on ads placement, troubleshooting help? I remember seeing a forum before but cannot locate it now.

    2. In this article it says the minimum payout is $25, but in my TTZNetwork control panel, it says: Minimum payout threshold is currently $20.00.

    So which one is true? Or it is in different currency e.g. Canadian Dollar/USA Dollar?

    Anyway, thanks John for the acceptance. 😛

  51. Shams says:

    John, Thanks for the approve. I am very glad and excited. Hope it will be very successful. I have added the ad in my blog page. One more thing, in the account management page I could not change the country, I am in Austria but it always shows Canada. I could not change the password as well. It shows nothing. I hope your team will make this small problems corrected soon. The ads look very good. It’s a great advancement. Three Cheers for the Dot Com Mogul!!!

  52. Interesting post, good to see you opening the network up.
    Unfortunately none of my sites are in a suitable niche, or i’d be all over this!

  53. Mahesh Mohan says:

    Just applied.. Let me see how it works……

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