Make Money Online with Yee Shun Jian

The great thing about the Internet is that it has been able to demolish all sorts of barriers and boundaries for all sorts of people. John grew up in the poorest postal code in Canada, for example, but he now resides in the one of the richest.

Similarly, Yee Shun Jian of was quite shy as a child, but the Internet removed much of the social awkwardness of real world interactions while allowing him to network with people all around the world. And now, he’s being featured on John Chow dot Com in today’s review. That’s pretty good.

Who Is Yee Shun Jian?

And perhaps more importantly, why should I care what he has to say? Well, he has decided to ramp up his efforts on the Internet marketing blog by describing last year’s success.

Is it possible to make a full-time income as a work-from-home online entrepreneur? Absolutely. In fact, Yee Shun Jian made six figures in 2009 from his affiliate marketing exploits.

In the post, in addition to sharing pictures of some commission payments, he explains some of the basic strategies he employed. He worked on his mindset first, took massive action, got into niches he was passionate about, and he became an expert.

If you’ve read the book I wrote with John, then you’ll know that you’re better off blogging about your area of interest rather than one that is immediately shown as lucrative. That way, you’ll stick with it.

What Does He Like?

In addition to ReadyFireIM, Yee Shun Jian is also the blogger behind Rich Grad, a site about “personal development for the book smart.”

The layout of the two sites is very similar… and that’s not necessarily a good thing. With so many fantastic WordPress themes available on the web, it’s a shame that a self-professed Internet marketer is using one that is so amateur-ish in appearance. For a little more respectability, I suggest Yee get a new theme.

Writing Style and Content

Even though the blog isn’t updated nearly as often as John Chow dot Com or Beyond the Rhetoric, does offer some interesting content that is both entertaining and useful.

The blog posts are written in a casual, conversational tone, making them easy to digest and understand. ReadyFireIM currently only has two blog posts on it, but Yee Shun Jian promises that he’ll have more to follow up on his six-figure writeup.

On a side note, you may want to note that Yee earned over 100,000 Singapore Dollars. That works out to about US$72,000, based on today’s exchange rate. Still a very impressive figure.

Internet Marketing, Not Advertising

For a blog that focuses on Internet Marketing, ReadyFireIM doesn’t have much in terms of advertising. The same can be said about

While he will likely include some affiliate links in there at some point, the only other advertising consists of a couple 125×125 ad blocks in the sidebar. If you were to ask John, he’d tell you that if you’re going to have ads on your blog, then really have ads on your blog.

Looking at the Next Step

The more sources of good information you can get, the better. In addition to John’s advice, it might pay to see what Yee Shun Jian is doing too.

To this end, he’s opening up the floor to your Internet marketing questions. If you want to know something about making money online, he encourages you to pose your queries through the linked blog post.

All in all, I appreciate the easily approachable writing style of Yee Shun Jian and I look forward to see what kind of advice he’ll have to offer for novice online entrepreneurs. He’s quick to say that he’s just a regular guy, reminding us that luck has little to do with it. Your potential for success is in your hands.

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  1. Was this part of the 50 reviews from John’s camp? If not, I would have to say its refreshing to just hear a review of a blog and not a product.

    1. This review is not a part of the bonus reviews that will be given to those people lucky enough to have bought the Blog Profit Camp among the first 50 or those who upgraded during the small window of opportunity that was given.

      But selling things through a blog is not a bad thing is it?

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        I can’t imagine getting $500 back for a review about my blog. If I was marketing a product then yes, but otherwise…I think it is too expensive.

        You are right though, it is refreshing to see a review about a blog…not a product.

  2. Hey I really like his domain name:

    ReadyfireIM -> He made the idea of Ready Fire Aim to Ready Fire Internet Marketing. This is really novel and a catchy name!

    1. I didn’t even pick up on that, lol

      1. d3so says:

        It’s ready aim fire 😉

        1. No, it’s ready fire aim.

          1. iYingHang says:

            Well how can you fire before you aim? :S

        2. ibnujusup says:

          fire in the hole…. hahac ounterstrike..

    2. Haha Nabeel… you read my about page right? Or you figured it out yourself? =)

      Yeah actually the name was born when I conducted a 3 hour IM workshop for 8 newbies in April last year before I went about travelling around the world…

      I told them that many people got stuck because they followed the “ready aim fire” approach… A lot of the time, people who follow that approach went like this “ready… aim… aim… aim… aim…” and they never go about firing.

      So I told them about the “ready, fire, aim” approach… where you take action first then u refine along the way… that’s what I did for that workshop as well… A lot of people asked me to hold one and I thought “heck why not? I agreed and told them I will hold an IM workshop within a week…

      At that time, I didn’t have a location to hold it yet, there were many logistical matters to take care of (because that was the first workshop I ever held) and so on,,, but I just focused on the matter at hand,… I had already committed to it so I was going to get it done, one way or another.

      In the end, I had a lot of help from a lot of cool friends and we got everything set up… and I registered the domain… ReadyFireIM… and I told them that was exactly the approach I followed… even for the workshop itself… i took away the “a” in “aim” and made it IM to reflect internet marketing, like u correctly pointed out =)

      You can check out some of the testimonials from the workshop in youtube…

      1. I probably would have never gotten that…good one.

      2. Nigel Chua says:

        Wow, that brings you so much closer to home. In fact, in home itself. I stay in singapore too, and have been to the building where Adam Khoo runs his AKLTG with Stuart, and that all-together-familiar red sports car…this is close to home, and it is inspiring. Inspiring.

        Keep going strong, and keep shining ok! =)

  3. CJ says:

    It seems like there are more and more young “John Chows” in the making haha.

    Even though is only one ORIGINAL John Chow

    1. d3so says:

      lol I thought the same thing. He’s doing pretty good making $70,000+

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        Yeh he is doing very well! And he will only get better with time

      2. Bidet says:

        I agree its quite impressive, he can only get better and make more, the more experience he gets.

  4. Sounds like a great guy. Will check it out.

  5. So series of review post started … 😉

    1. No, this is not part of the reviews connected with John’s course.

      Assumptions, assumptions.

  6. Joshua Noerr says:

    I’ve read rich grad a few times, decent content over there. One thing I’ve always thought curious is the ethical bribe.

    I understand it completely, but for a personal development blog, I don’t think it is as necessary to get signups to the newsletter. I blog in the same niche, and haven’t yet launched my newsletter, so I guess I will find out when I do.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Joshua, I only launched my personal development newsletter like one year after my site got started and I kinda regretted not having one sooner! Otherwise instead of 6,300++ subscribers I would have 10,000 by now.

      The best time to build a list was yesterday. The next best time is now

      1. Hi Yee Shun Jian,

        I’m glad you are saying this because a lot of people still don’t get it.

      2. Bidet says:

        Wow that’s great that you have so many subscribers. Having your own newsletter increases your subscribers by a lot.

        1. @ Email

          Sooner or later people will realise the importance of this.

          All serious blogger know the importance of this.

  7. Jason says:

    You said, “He worked on his mindset first, took massive action, got into niches he was passionate about, and he became an expert.”

    That is exactly what is takes to succeed! First, he worked on developing his belief in himself and then decided on a subject that he wanted to develop specialized knowledge about and then took massive action to learn everything he could about the niche that he chose.

    This the success formula that all successful people take! Consistent Massive action is the key!

    1. d3so says:

      The key is he didn’t give up. 😉
      I think I’m headed down the same path.

      1. That’s good you are on the right path and we’ll see you at the top one day, hopefully in not too distant future.

  8. d3so says:

    It’s seems the reviews are rolling out now.
    I knew Michael would be the one doing them 😉

    1. Yeah am I the only one curious about that? What made Michael pick this particular blogger to review? Did he win some kind of contest or was it just luck of the draw?

      1. He joined the blog profit camp and hence as bonus his blog get the opportunity of review at

        1. Sorry guys but you are all wrong on this. Do you want to know why?

          The reviews connected with the course won’t start for a good two weeks yet if not after much longer time.

          And if you are as smart as you seem to be you can figure out why.

          In case you still can’t do it I’ll give you another hint but do try first to emply your capable brains.

          1. Wow our friend started a game show here …

            Any prize for the right answer ?

  9. Great review Michael! I think you gave him some good tips for improvement and highlighted the things he’s doing right. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Marek says:

    It looks like is using the Thesis theme, which in my opinion is a great start. A little bit of modification can go a long way to spice things up though. For instance, my blog is pretty much just thesis with a new navbar, a header image, and new colours.

    1. Yes this one is really easy to edit. Few clicks and your professional look website is ready to start.

      Here is great offer is going on –

  11. Yes Michael, thanks for the candid review =)

    To be honest, I edited the wordpress theme / graphics MYSELF when I first started out. Haha you can tell that I’m not really cut out to be a graphics designer (that’s not my forte) but I believe in getting things out first and refining…

    Guess I got lazy and left it as it is (why fix something that’s not broken right?) but you’re probably right… Maybe it’s time for a proper visual revamp… =)

    For the advertising part, since is still a very young site, I wanted to keep it simple and highlight only the bare essential tools for IM… I’ll probably add in more ads along the way… as I ramp up on my content. appeals to readers who are interested in self-improvement and I do get a lot of advertising and joint venture requests but I’m quite selective about the offers (eg. I’m not going to place a viagra ad on my page just because they pay well… and yes, they did approach me twice). A sponsor just bought a 3-word text link ad for $500 on my sidebar recently so I’m pretty contented.

    Now I spend a lot of time travelling and partying (so I’m guilty of infrequent updates =x) but that’s what the internet lifestyle is about right? (time, financial and location freedom) Luckily, my backend (autoresponder) takes care of alot of stuff for me so my readers won’t ever get bored.

    But I promise that if you guys ask me quality questions, I’ll respond with blog posts that elaborate on the specific IM queries you have, so ask away! (on my blog through the link provided in the review)

    Lastly, check out my facebook for party/travelling pics and feel free to add me as a friend =)

    1. Oops my fb link is
      (the link above goes to john’s page because of the plug-in he’s using)

      1. I’m adding you to my friend list and will check your blogs.

  12. Will have to put this site in my favorites for daily browsing now.

  13. Like I mentioned earlier, it will be Michael who is doing the bonus reviews for blog camp profit participants 😉 SY

    1. You were right SY about Michael being the one who’ll do the reviews connected with Blog Profit Camp.

      But this review doesn’t belong among those reviews because they aren’t on yet.

      Surely you can figure out why.

  14. Ryan Yu says:

    Wow it’s so inspiring and definitely will bookmark the sites for daily browsing.

    Thanks a lot for this review!

  15. 2 tumbs up for your success with affiliate marketing! It’s work to have success with it, but it worth it when you get there!

  16. That’s an interesting blog you have, I’ll check regulary ! Thanks and congrats for your success!

  17. Baker says:

    Impressive achievements here sir! Keep up the amazing work and helpful tips on your blog!

  18. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Heard first time about Shun Jian.BWN I like your domain name.

  19. Thu Nguyen says:

    Wow, Shun-Jian kind of reminds me of a young Ewen Chia. I love Ewen! Count me in to subscribe to see what else Shun has to say about making it in affiliate marketing.

  20. The big thing all the way he practised is not giving up.Be persistent.

    1. Haha actually I almost gave up during the 7th month that I wasn’t making any money at all… I’m glad I persisted… otherwise I would never have tasted this kind of success =P

  21. belts says:

    Very cool reading more about Yee Shun Jian and his success story.

  22. Having been an industrial chemist in an earlier life or until I became too expensive I have found it difficult to start things until they are as near perfect as i can get. I guess i have always known that was a big mistake but found it difficult to cast of my training as a scientist. However, I do now just start and tune things up later as recommended by Yee Shun Jian. It is certainly good advice.

    1. Hey I was just like that… a perfectionist… That’s something we have to overcome… but once you achieve the breakthrough… that’s it! Nike got it right with their slogan… to make it more effective add f in between…

      Just f-king do it!!!

  23. PPC Ian says:

    Sweet review! I’m looking forward to checking out Yee Shun’s blogs!

    1. Hi haha you can call me Shun-Jian… Yee is my family name =)

  24. Brilliant story, already bookmarked your site, definately one I’ll be keeping an eye on 🙂

    1. Welcome… hope to see you there more often =)

  25. Bidet says:

    Wow thats impressive that he made six figures from marketing in 1 year, Ill be sure to check out his blog, thanks for reviewing it.

    1. Do leave a question… I’ll be happy to help in anyway I can =)

  26. kumo says:

    I suppose anybody can make money online if they put enough effort, time and passion in it. This also prove that you don’t have to stay in US to make that much of money.

    1. The best part about internet marketing is that you can live anywhere in the world and as long as you have a laptop, an internet connection and enough motivation to want to make it work… you’re on your way!

      I love what John talks about when he defines the internet lifestyle… Time + Financial + LOCATION freedom

  27. Hey guys, feel free to leave questions on my blog… If I find them interesting I will elaborate on the answers through new blog posts! =)

  28. I have visited your blog and it looks quite interesting. Consider you bookmarkerd.

    1. Thanks! Feel free to leave questions you have related to internet marketing so I can help you out =)

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    And all you have to invite 5 persons to a life time chance! You spend $25 and you will earn 22,300 per month! This is totally awsome and if you think its a scam well sorry for you because it isnt! 12,700 members cant be wrong!
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    1. hi tindra, spamming isn’t gonna get you your desired outcome… it’s just gonna leave an impression in everyone’s mind that you’re a spammer. So I suggest you pick up some real internet marketing skills that you can implement.

  30. Hey guys! Thanks… I’ve already received some questions and have answered them on my blog. Do ask me more questions… I would love to help you guys out and at the same time add more content to my internet marketing blog

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