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As I’ve said in the past, there are countless strategies for money making online. I’ve covered things like affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and monetizing a blog, for example. One other way that you can make money from the comfort of your home is to complete surveys, play games, and fulfill offers. This review covers a website that calls itself “the ultimate online rewards program.” Does AdBux live up to this billing? Or does it fall flat on its face?

The Other Side of the Affiliate Deal

When most of us think about affiliate marketing, it’s from the perspective of a web publisher. We think about ways that we can drive targeted traffic to the advertiser. We think about conversion rates and all those other figures that translate into money in our respective pockets. With AdBux, the proverbial shoe is on the other foot. You are the person completing the affiliate deals and the people behind AdBux are the ones making the money. But they’ll give you a cut.


There is an extensive list of incentivized offers that you can fulfill and then AdBux forks out a few bucks in your direction. By and large, these offers don’t require any money from you up front to participate, but they do require you to register and/or complete some sort of application. These could relate to anything from dental plans to cell phone ringtones.

As you can probably expect, the actual payout for fulfilling the offer is higher than what AdBux points in your direction; they make the difference and that’s how AdBux is monetized. It’s actually quite a clever model, but they’re certainly not the first to do something like this. Offers range in value from about a penny to a little over $14.

Make Money Viewing Ads?

In addition to the affiliate offers described above, you can also get paid to view ads on AdBux. There is far less appeal here for both the advertiser and the user, and this is largely because of the very nature of getting paid to view ads. From the user’s point of view, they’re only visiting a website because they’re getting paid to do so. From the advertiser’s point of view, they’re getting a visitor who probably won’t convert anyways.

Worse yet, there are very few ads to view and they pay out three cents at most. This is an incredibly low CPC for some online advertising and the $0.03 ad guarantees that a visitor will stay on your site for at least 30 seconds (a 1.5 cent ad guarantees 10 seconds). Ultimately, this secondary way to make money is pointless. Who’s going to visit websites for pennies at a time?


You might also notice in the screenshot above that there is a large banner on the page. This banner ad is not incentivized, so users do not get paid for clicking on it. It’s noted as such, but it’s still a sneaky way for AdBux to potentially make some extra money.

Payment Methods

Checking out the FAQ, I noticed something interesting about the payout method on AdBux. While the payment schedule is pretty standard — payment goes out once a month assuming you reach the (low) $10 threshodl — the vehicle of payment is a little unusual. Some time before this review was ordered, AdBux made the decision to switch from PayPal to AlertPay.


I’ve never heard of AlertPay myself, so I feel a little uneasy that I have to sign up with them in addition to AdBux in order to get paid. It would be nice if they provided another alternative, like a check in the mail, for people who don’t want to sign up for AlertPay. It makes me feel even more uneasy when the rationale for the switch is that PayPal “decided that we were too much of a risk.”

If PayPal thinks that AdBux is a risk, how do you think that makes a potential member feel?

Chump Change on the Side

AdBux has a good design and the layout is relatively intuitive. The blue and green color scheme is pleasing to the eye and you have to admit that setting themselves up as “the ultimate online rewards program” is quite clever. After all, this could be one of the best ways to get people to complete offers and surveys for you.

That said, I don’t know if AdBux can be as lucrative for the person actually completing the offers. It may not cost them anything to fill out those registrations, but they are offering up personal information for a couple bucks at a time. I wouldn’t use AdBux as a way to make a livable income, but it could provide a little spending money on the side.


59 thoughts on “Make Money Viewing Online Advertising”

  1. Reed says:

    Can’t say I have ever had one of those services pay out, but I will say they make it look really easy for anyone to make some pocket change… which really isn’t saying much since most (if not all) money making programs do that.

    1. Eastwood says:

      I’ve tried AdBux before and I can tell you this: IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! They try to sign you up to “buy” referrals that are inactive, trick you into paying you all sorts of fees… and trust me, it takes bloody months to get a make a penny. SCAM!!!

      1. Jude Festus says:

        Yes, Eastwood. I agree with you. In my opinion, most of the PTC programs are scam.

        1. Some of them are scam but most I join I got paid :mrgreen:
          The best way not get scammed is don’t buy any ref or upgrade :mrgreen:

          Check my blog to see how much I earn from PTCs :mrgreen:

      2. Well after this my skepticism for such ways of making money is growing. Thanks for the “heads up”

      3. Well, I haven’t been paid by this PTC site but I’ve been paid by other PTCs. Check out my blog to see how much I earn 😉

  2. Hector says:

    I just went to their page and seems like the cost per click for advertisers is very cheap. Only $15 for 1,000 visits and they said it is guaranteed. I wonder if that traffic is of high quality, let me give it a try

    1. TheQuickBuck says:

      Please post results when your campaign is complete.

      1. Chetan says:

        Yes checking the stats and sharing with us would be great for us to make an estimate how to advertise wisely through it. 🙂

    2. MoneyNing says:

      Those are usually SCAMs too. You do get the visitors but most of them are open in pop-ups or inside frames etc so no one ever really reads your site with those.

  3. Azrael says:

    Currently I’m doing 8 ptc sites. I’m suprise because I wasn’t expecting that you will make such a review of ptc sites. Being that most of them are scams.

  4. About AlertPay, I wrote about them here:
    AlertPay: a PayPal alternative
    and here
    I Made $40 In A Few Minutes With AlertPay

    And I’m glad I did. Yes, it was new for me too in August 😀

  5. I have never used one of these, as I always thought they were scams as well. I remember in the early 2000’s some things like this starting popping up everything, and they were mostly for getting your information.

    However, this is the real deal, and if you’re still living at home and possibly in school, giving out your information may not be so bad…

    1. That’s true. Collect all the penny, it will become some dollars. :mrgreen:

  6. The Mad Ape says:

    Scam may be a tad harsh but with all of these types of money making schemes there will be winners and losers…more of the later I would predict.

    Anyway if you are hurting for some cash or just starting out with your web biz, signing up for a multitude of these types of programs is a way to make a some daily income. Problem is you could probably make a better wage as an inmate working in the prison kitchen.

    Also the payout thresholds tend to be high enough that you may reach retirement age before reaching the thresholds…unless of course you recruit others.

    In all seriousness if you have nothing better to do with your time you could dedicate a few hours a day to these types of sites with a goal of reaching a large collective payday at some far away future date.

    The Mad Ape

    1. Eastwood says:

      “scam” is not at all a tad harsh – it’s the right description for AdBux. They scam users into “investing” dead referrals. No wonder they switched away from PayPal – too many people filed disputes.

  7. Syed Balkhi says:

    i dont know if this sounds so good … last time a friend tried doing this got nothing but ended up wasted time. I dont know how this service is, but these types are definately shady.

    1. Chetan says:

      Similarly couple of threads in webmaster forums, i read about them scamming people, not sure upto what extent it is true..

  8. Agloco is name that tell me to stay away from pay to view offers 😉

    1. Mayank Rocks says:

      I tend to stay away from all paid to view kinds of offers. Firstly, hardly anyone offer much campaigns to Indians but mostly to US citizens. And then the pay is too less, scam is a lot more.

  9. I’ve done some research on the “get paid to surf” ads since I thought it might be a good way to earn a few extra dollars. Do the math and you’ll see that most don’t pay well. If you get 1.5 cents to visit a website that’s one thing, but if you have to stay at the site for 30 seconds, that’s a completely different thing. That means that you would earn 3 cents per minute, or $1.80 PER HOUR. You certainly won’t get rich doing it.

    1. Michael says:

      I’ve been paid by a couple of times. Say you join 10 or 20 of these knd of websites. If you do the math thats like $10 per hour. This is just a theory assuming that all pay $0.015 per 30 seconds. If you use tabbed browsers open up all the websites and start clicking away.

      Joining just one won’t get you anywhere. Every since I got paid buy AdBux and I’m not as skeptical as I use to be. I keep in mind that some of the websites that I join will not pay, but if you find one that keeps paying thats great.

  10. PTC sites are nice for those who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate/just looking for some extra change.

    1. That’s correct!!
      I’ve been paid over $200 by PTCs 😈

  11. It’s funny to me that anyone would sign up for these type things these days.
    You’d do better selling your plasma at the local clinic! 🙄

  12. ukion says:

    The only way to earn money with PTC programs is to assign more referrals under you and to be sure that your referrals every day click on the advertisers links. I have tried several PTC program like, titanclicks, advercash and I earn some money with very hard work (finding active referrals). Also, I was member of AdBux, but I don’t get nothing from them – only loosing a lot of time and effort for believing that this program is OK and asking my referral from other programs to sign in. This program is totally SCAM. They dont’t pay me as well after I catch the payment limit. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM… Also, I loose a lot of my valuable referrals. AdBux is SCAM.

    1. Eastwood says:

      Looks like AdBux is getting pretty desperate 🙄

  13. Terry Tay says:

    It may be a fun way for some to try and earn a few cents online, but there are a lot better ways to make money online.

    I’ve never heard of AlertPay either and the fact that PayPal used to be their payment processor, but said they are a risk, definately sets off alarm bells. At least AdBux is straight with everyone on the PayPal issue.


    1. Not so long ago, most PTC sites were drop by PayPal. That’s why many turned to AlertPay. Plus, AlertPay fees a less than PayPal so it’s a few more cents to the user. 😀

      I did not mentioned it before(see first few post), but AlertPay are Canadian(Montreal based). They were featured on CNN as a PayPal alternative. They are on many Countries not yet served by PayPal.

  14. Trevor says:

    I heard about this before. Never thought it would actually be published on John Chow’s blog. Thanks for the review!

    1. Chetan says:

      Lol pay for the review and you too will be in the blog 😉

  15. Tom Beaton says:

    This just sounds totally ridiculous to me. I dont see it as a good investment of anyones time.

  16. miami pals says:

    My wife tried this, and it resulted in a lot of aggravation and no money.

  17. I think these types of sites are on their last legs. Just look at how many are being sold on Sitepoint for pennies. A few are really making some serious cash (ie: Cash Crate, Fusion Cash, etc) but as a whole this “industry”, if you can call it that, is on the decline.

    1. Azrael says:

      why do you mean by on the decline? There are lot of site that are popping out of the internet nowadays.

  18. Yogesh Goel says:

    so u got it finally…
    how can they offer a review when the website does not even open…
    and what type of people they think will come to them…
    i have been a member for quite a long and i did receive 10$ but after that it seems all is like they want to make money for themselves….
    just pennies is what they try to give….lol…
    no one shud register as far as asked to me….
    stay away from them… it is a hoax….

  19. Robert says:

    It seems like you need A LOT of time on your hands to make money with this program. I’ll pass.

  20. Cajun Blog says:

    I’d rather flip hamburgers than watch ads for pennies for scammers.

  21. Mike Huang says:

    Michael, great review, but to tell you the truth, true business people DO NOT use Paypal anymore. Paypal rips people off and they do not care about their members. I may be wrong, but they only care about members that send thousands of dollars each month.

    Alertpay on the otherhand has been online for a while now. I’ve actually read good things about them and I’ve tried them, but AlertPay popped out when Autosurfs and HYIPs were still popular. One thing is for sure…they’re better than Stormpay.


    1. Mayank Rocks says:

      I kind of agree with you on the first part. Paypal does not offer much security. And it is actually extremely difficult also. You have millions of customers, how many can you take care off, but still a business is a business. The only time I’ve been ripped off paypal is credit card payments. Support between a dispute of 2 paypal accounts is fine, but when credit card payments, no support from paypal. If credit card company tries to sue paypal, they will take all the money from you to send them back immediately no matter you have sent the product already or not. Which is quite sad.

  22. Anuj Seth says:

    Well, AdBux is not one of the better PTC programs out there.

    I recently started an experiment to try, and have built a referral base of 550+ so far and guess what, without me wasting my own time, I earn over $35/day. That is close to $1000 a month without doing anything. Call that whatever you want, but that’s a cool way to make money online! 👿

    Click on my name above to read a post on that I wrote recently.

  23. MoneyNing says:

    With these things, most of the time every member makes a few cents which add up for the site.

  24. GPTKingdom says:

    Everybody has different experiences with Paypal or Alertpay but they are not the same in any way. You can’t make Alertpay payments with a credit card like you can with Paypal and Alertpay is located in Canada which has different rules for payment processors. As far as all these “GPT” programs being scams or selling dead leads, etc.. Any time you buy leads or referrals it’s not a guarantee that you are going to get an active referral.

    The best way to earn from these programs is to find one or two reliable programs and build a downline. If your downline people are getting paid, you can make a few extra dollars per day for doing nothing. but before you refer people, you should check the program out first and make sure it is paying and AdBux is a slow earner from my experience so I don’t recommend it.

  25. Nate says:

    I could use $10 about now.

  26. Googlelady says:

    Using paypal for those kind of programs (GPT) is against paypal terms and condition. And for Alertpay I have an account with them but is not really reliable.

  27. If you want to make money by PTCs, might not be the best choice. I haven’t been paid yet. They still pending my cashout for over 1 month. Check out my blog to see what is the paying PTCs and see how much I got paid already :mrgreen:

  28. EarnBlogger says:

    As most of the users said above, Adbux is not the right choice. And who wants to open a new account with an unreliable payment processor? AlertPay will drive away their prospects! 😆

    1. And PayPal is better? Ask Ades, he had trouble with PayPal a few months ago(PayPal Limited Account Access). Find me a payment processor that nobody had troubles with. AlertPay may had troubles at first like anyone else in that business. And recently on CNN, it was in the 5 alternatives to PayPal.

      It’s my backup to PayPal and I do accept AlertPay on 1 Cool File because some can’t have PayPal account in their country.

      1. Terry Tay says:

        That’s true, people sometimes have problems with the biggest and best companies in the world. When one person may never had any problems, there is always someone who has.

        I guess AlertPay hasn’t had any major exposure and is relatively unknown which causes people to hold back from using it.

        If they started appearing on the websites of major companies, maybe people would trust them more.

  29. Krsto says:

    I wouldn’t agree. “If you are green you are growing… If you are ripe – you rot!” Isn’t that right John??? ❓ :mrgreen:

  30. I don’t know about adbux but I figured Alertpay is a good Paypal alternative.

  31. This is good but I am thinking I will go for all these, maybe, after a month or two. By the way, John, your ebook is very helpful and I am trying to follow what you have had to say. Can I recommend to people to read this ebook, specially for the new ones, through an article written by me from my site? Please confirm. Thanks

  32. In order to see if this working out, you must try it out yourself. That’s the only way to know if a (new) concept works or not. Different people, different opinions.

  33. natespost says:

    I don’t think I would trust anyone that has been booted from Paypal…..from some of the sites I’ve seen using paypal, I would definately wonder about the guy that got canned.

    1. In this case, it’s a not about being a single site being “canned”. It’s a change of policy that affected many sites of this type. You must make a distinction.

      PayPal could change it’s policy so that a site must bring x amount of transaction each month. If they don’t, they can reject a site. How many blogs could be hurt with that? It does not mean their are bad either.

      It this case, they are dealing with cents. Using a less greedy cheaper payment processor may be better for their overall cost to them and their users.

  34. Saam says:

    In my opinion, if you are out on the internet for the sole purpose of making money, then just quit while you’re ahead. It’s easier to make money flipping burgers at McDonalds than clicking on ads and filling out surveys… Did I mention it is faster too… You just have to get up off your lazy ass!!!

  35. Chip says:

    It’s an old, old idea with new clothes. Forget it.

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