Make Money with Dirt Cheap Landing Pages

One of the ways for you to make money online is to create a webpage that will convert very well on an affiliate offer. The idea is that the overall cost to you for directing traffic to this page will be less than the payout that you will receive when someone follows through with the affiliate deal. Pay pennies to get traffic and get paid dollars when visitors convert.

While some people may populate these webpages with long sales letters, it can sometimes be much more effective to have a simple landing page. Instead of spending the time to make your own landing page, it might be more cost-effective to simply order one from Dirt Cheap Landing Pages, which serves as the subject of this review.

Professional Designs for Low Prices

There are two reasons why these landing pages are priced so low. First, the designs are good quality, but relatively simple. If you look at the Netflix landing page, for example, all you see is a guy on a computer (probably stock photography) and some basic text against a stylized red background. The text is fairly minimal, so it looks like your standard ad creative rather than a full-blown landing page.

The second reason why these landing pages are so cheap — typically $30 each — is that Dirt Cheap Landing Pages sells each creative a total of ten times. This means that for each design that they create, they earn $300. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about having the exact same ringtone landing page as everyone else, because each purchase is accompanied by the appropriate PhotoShop (PSD) file. This way, you can make changes as you see fit.

Custom Landing Pages Too

That’s all well and good, but you may not want to bother tweaking one of the premade landing pages to suit your needs. You’d rather have someone else create a completely original landing page for you. If that’s the case, Dirt Cheap Landing Pages also offers custom designs. These go for $100 and will not be sold to anyone else.

You probably shouldn’t expect your custom landing page to be 100% original, as it will likely bear some similarities to other landing pages. It should be unique enough, though, to stand out from the premade designs offered by Dirt Cheap Landing Pages.

Who Are You?

Before I make any purchase from an unfamiliar website, I usually take a gander at their About page to see who they are. I’ll also do a quick Google search to see if there are any reviews or customer experiences that are worth reading. That’s why I find it a little disconcerting that the Dirt Cheap About page is comprised of just two sentences.

It would be a good idea to have a more comprehensive About page, because customers want to know who they’re buying from. What are your credentials? What experience do you have in graphic and web design? Why should I buy from you and not the other guy down the street.

Furthermore, when you hit up any of the live demos for the landing pages, you’ll notice that there are several paragraphs below the main image. Most talk about getting credit reports. This shows up on every demo, like the Health Insurance landing page below. The GameFly demo has a different set of unrelated text.

I’m not sure what purpose this text is supposed to serve? Is it just to show that buyers can add their sales pitch after the fact?

Affiliate Program and Payouts

If you’re interested in landing pages and making money online, then there’s a good chance that you’d be interested in affiliate programs too. Thankfully, Dirt Cheap Landing Pages has one of those too. The affiliate program is handled through E-Junkie and you get 25% of all sales. Payment is sent via PayPal with 15 days of month end. In case your math is a little fuzzy, a $30 sale would then result in a $7.50 commission. A $100 custom design would result in $25 in your virtual pocket!

21 thoughts on “Make Money with Dirt Cheap Landing Pages”

  1. Geiger says:

    Very sweet. Most places don’t give you the PhotoShop files. You definitely need them to tweak things. People like me are pretty good at editing Photoshop files but horrible at making them from scratch.

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      I’m the same way with photoshop. Although I wish it was the other way around and that I was good making them from scratch.

  2. I’ve really never seen the point of these short landing pages that take a visitor to another landing page. Why not just direct link to the sign-up page in the first place? (Well, other than the one’s that you can’t direct link to…but I haven’t come across a large number of those)

    1. dcr says:

      With some advertising programs, you have to direct traffic to a root domain, and not a special page or directly to an affiliate link. So, if you use any of those programs, you need a shorting landing page to redirect the visitors to the actual sign-up page.

  3. Good landing pages do help the conversion rate, and customization is the key differentiator.

  4. Big G Killer says:

    A high quality landing page is a must so this is a great idea for a business. Graphical landing pages make a huge difference to conversions in my experience.

    1. With each IM product purchased, one learns incrementally. For instance, I think I got lucky, buying my domain name before you did. .

  5. Pretty cool, good idea. Although I’m not sure if I’m going to be putting thousands into a campaign if I want to go so cheap for a landing page, but good for starters I guess.

  6. charles says:


    I just dont get it since i have been using only google ads on my site and haven’t tried affiliate marketing. I would like to ask if you have an article comparing google adsense and affiliate marketing.

    Thank you
    Money Making and Blogging Tips

  7. Good concept…should do well if marketed well, conversions would need to be measured of the landing pages

  8. Jerry says:

    Doesn’t do sort of the same thing? It’s free.

  9. Rockstar Sid says:

    Buy website with small hosting…

    Have a local country product.. go with geotargetting traffic (spend 100$) and wait to see the boom…

    Add some thoughts on landing pages and hire a seo for keyword ranking 😉 wait and watch how u make 500% of those spent money in couple of weeks!!

  10. A good landing page is what attracts someone to read the content and maybe buy what you are trying to sell. As long as they look good to yourself that will probably look at the others also.

  11. fas says:

    This seems very interesting, however i didn’t like the designs much, really.

  12. Cool! I’m learning what Google does when it finds poorly-crafted landing pages…….This looks like a good way for a newbie like myself to get quality graphics and layouts while i learn WordPress and .php.
    Thank you for the excellent post! Now if I just can make the $100.00 to pay for it? Respectfully, Nicholas Chase

  13. Oh no! With landing pages this cheap, what am I gonna do with my Free Landing Page Fridays? 😆

    1. John Chow says:

      Time to shut up shop and go home! :mrgreen:

  14. Affiliate program has a decent payout; might have to check that one out!

  15. Germz says:

    Why cheap when you can get them free from me?

  16. In my opinion, landing pages are perfect for affiliate marketers. People either want the product or they don’t. Drive targeted traffic to a particular landing page and you have your formula for success.

  17. This really sounds great and very cheap, I hate those long sales letter landing page, simple is better, thanks for the link

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