Make Your Blog Something To Be Proud Of

This post was guest blogged by Greg Walker of New Poker Affiliate.

Having the title of ‘webmaster’ or ‘Internet marketer’ is something that is going to be of interest to a lot of people. Such is the case that as a webmaster, it’s not uncommon to find friends and family intrigued by your line of work and asking questions to find out more about what you are doing for money… everyone wants to know how to make more money these days. As these conservations progress, you will eventually bump into to question: “Can I take a look at your website(s)?”

Now lets imagine for a second that you are having a real life conversation with someone and you have just ran into this question… how does it make you feel? Are you chomping at the bit to find the nearest computer and show them your site? Or are you feeling a little sheepish and searching furiously through the ‘excuses’ folder in your head to try and avoid showing them your site? The reaction to this simple question will often highlight a lot about your focus as a webmaster.

In my opinion, making a website to be proud of should be the number one goal for any aspiring or current webmaster. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not driven to work hard to make more and more money each month, but I see the focus of making a website that I am proud of as an essential stepping stone on my way to increasing earnings from my online endeavours, and so should you.

The key point I am trying to put across in this article is that if you can make a website that you are proud of, the chances are your site is going to be successful.

If you are thrilled to show other people your work when asked, it shows that you have taken pride in what you have created, and this will be apparent in the final results of your endeavours. Web browsers love websites that are full of useful content and information, and so if you are making websites to the best of your ability there is little doubt that your visitors will appreciate your efforts, and your site will naturally become more popular (and more profitable if you know what to do with the traffic).

However, if your main focus is to just make money whichever way you can, you are like to be the person that cuts corners looking for the easy way to make money. It’s always easy to spot the people that create sites with the intention of making money before they create something resourceful, and they rarely amount to anything. The people that set out to try and make money with as little effort as possible are doomed to failure from the start.

On the other hand however, if you aspire to create a solid resource that visitors can benefit from, you will have a site that will stick around for a long time, making you money for months and even years to come.

As unfortunate as it is, it’s all too easy to forget about the fact that the content you write for your website today could be helping or entertaining someone tomorrow. It’s easy to just see your visitors as stats rather than real people, and not even realise that the work you have put into your site has proven to be beneficial in some way. But if you can constantly try and remind yourself that the content you are writing or the work you are doing on your site is building a resource that is accessible to people across the world, it makes it far easier to make a website to be proud of.

Each blog post, article, diagram, image, video, design, guide you create is a permanent resource that will help or entertain someone some day.

You can work incredibly hard writing useful content and developing great sites that attract thousands of visitors each month, yet never receive a simple “thank you” for your troubles. However, for those lucky few, that little “thank you for your website, it really helped” email from time to time never fails to put a smile on your face, and a drive to continue to better your site for the next thankful visitor.

Always look to make the best website you can so that you can make yourself feel proud of your achievements at the end of the day. Your profits and rewards may not be instant, but I can guarantee that you work will not be going unnoticed. Take pride in your work, and let your efforts show up in your earnings in months to come.

28 thoughts on “Make Your Blog Something To Be Proud Of”

  1. Stacey says:

    This is a timely post for me. I recently decided to focus 95% of my webmaster time on defining and establishing the right quality content for my blog to attract and keep traffic. I am proud of my little blog that is growing and impacting people each and every day.

  2. Brian says:

    I often run into this problem. Not because I’m not proud of my site, but mostly because of the subject matter. When I meet someone and they tell me that they blog, I say – So Do I. But I never want to tell them my URL because I don’t want them to think of me as some deadbeat. I also have several other niche sites, some I share some I don’t. Some times it’s good to have a little anonymity online and not share EVERYTHING. Just think of all the xxx webmasters out there. 😈

  3. Good article, really something to follow up! 😉

  4. This is a timely post for me. I recently decided to focus 95% of my webmaster time on defining and establishing the right quality content for my blog to attract and keep traffic. I am proud of my little blog that is growing and impacting people each and every day.

  5. David Schrader says:

    Great thought process! It’s true of anything one does whether it be a hobby or their business. If you’re not proud of what you do then get an attitude check or do something different.

  6. Roy Phay says:

    Hey! I’m definitely proud of my blog 😀

  7. Ronald Su says:

    Great advice. I believe if you are a somewhat successful blogger or “webmaster”, you are pretty much proud of what you do and your online efforts.

    1. MoneyNing says:

      Yeah I believe we are all like that. If we are good at something, we will in turn be proud 🙂

  8. Flimjo says:

    Pretty much have to agree with everything here. It all goes back to content. If your content is useful and informative, it’s something to be proud of. Anyone who looks at it will be intrigued.

  9. Nice post, I totally agree. Every time, well almost every time 😆 I start a new project I show it to all my friends and ask for their feedback.

    1. Thiago Prado says:

      that’s a really good idea to show to our friends, because from their feedback we can improve whatever they think isn’t good.

  10. MoneyNing says:

    Being proud definitely works well for blogging but goes with everything in life!

  11. senghooi says:

    I just publish my website yesterday. Yeah , I am proud of it. :mrgreen:
    already try my best to show to everyone I know. It make me so happy when people say “WOW” when they look at it.

  12. Syed Balkhi says:

    I take pride in my blog … My blog is a resource for my users and myself, so I know I like the best for myself and if others can use it also then It makes very proud

  13. Cronus says:

    I remember I was ashamed of my first sites. They were simple text rpg games and I was afraid my “cronies” would laugh at it. But, it made me decent profit and looking back I should have been more proud of my work that I was.

  14. Cutting corners and making money, unfortunately, that’s what a lot of the gurus on the internet teach, too bad it doesn’t work.

  15. Hello John.
    Nice post! I can most certainly relate to this article. I’m quite proud of my new website, This website basically features successful entrepreneurs by the normal American Joe.

    I am quite fascinated by what you’ve done and also those who work hard to make something happen. I do believe that it is one’s passion that makes things happen.

    As you are passionate about advising the Average Joe to make money, my site is also something that I’m quite passionate about.

    Keep up the great work!


  16. Bibokz says:

    I’m that i shared something i learned from my daily journey, I don’t care how much money I earned, as long a I loved my work… I’ll continue Blogging… 😉

  17. Edward says:

    This is why I’m not in black hat SEO 😛

    I know the feeling – I used to be really ashamed of my badly designed website – I mean – I earned money, but I seriously didn’t want to tell anyone that I actually *owned* it.

  18. kleninggan says:

    Very interesting and inspirational. Truly a post from an experienced internet marketer. You reminds us of the human aspect of a webmaster. Good pick me up!

  19. John the only problem I have with this post is the suppostion that somebody who makes a living on the internet has ONE blog. I don’t think you do right? And JUST today (May 15) I wrote a piece about how I now make a distinction from my personal blogs and my money blogs.

    I moved from $3 a month (Feb) to $100 a dollars a day (May) once I realized they are not the same thing. They can overlap, but they’re not the same.

  20. i fall into the thrilled to show others my website category since it’s my first baby and i’ve worked really hard on it, so i’m very proud of it, even though traffic and monetization is slow coming…that will come with time and experience im sure!

  21. Your blog is what you used to communicate and show your personal side of you, so you’ve just got to make it good. Preferably something that brands you that people can remember you with or associate with the business you promote. Also have new ideas or fresh approaches. I occasionally write posts not promoting my business but more as a service to my readers like pay day loans. I also put a cool animation at a certain page in my blog. My latest is a beer man that gives out …oops you’ll have to find out yourself. You can only use a blog for such communication with your readers and I’m proud of my blog. Well it looks like you will have to find out what my beer man is giving out too. Check it out in my blog post” How To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Blog

  22. Caleb says:

    that little thank you for your website, it really helped email from time to time never fails to put a smile on your face, and a drive to continue to better your site for the next thankful visitor

    I like getting reviews from some of the forums first…people there usually brutal,but it gives you extra drive.

  23. Many thanks! But I have to say that build a good blog and make money online with it is not an easy task. It is very difficult. Me for example, I don’t have made any dollar with adsense until now!

    But money is not everything!!

  24. I like the part that you said about seeing visitors as people rather than stats. That is true that we sometimes can confuse the two. If you make real visitors happy then they will make you happy 🙂

  25. Zak Show says:

    I am proud of my blog 😉 and i don’t mind telling all my friends about making money online and my blogging activity.

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